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6808710 tn?1384997339 Hi well I recognize your nic you have been battling this for a wile heroin is a bear to kick your probably not going to be up to movies just vedge on the t/v if you can the first few days are ruff but in a few more the sub will help please just dont trad one addiction for another sub was designed as a progam you need to work on the mental angle of addiction to get to the reason why you needed to numb yourself out in the first place wile on it put some form of aftercare in place I always su
Avatar f tn The weird thing is that I enjoy some violent movies. Not so much gratuitous violence like in Watchmen, but I thought the Baader-Meinhof Complex was a pretty good movie actually. So I am not sure what it is about. I seem to have a ridiculous reaction to aggression. I'm guessing that is an issue I will need to deal with with my shrink, but I was curious if anyone else has any other strange triggers/reactions like this?
588673 tn?1218645234 I have a lot to say and I don't even know where to begin. My menstrual period came in yesterday and it let me know it was coming with a light headache at first. I thought it was me reading to much or working when I was bored. So I let the headache continue till it became a migrain. By 2pm I had to take a nap, pain became nausea and later my vision blurry. So after two Aleve's I settled under the sheets. Probably rested for about 2hrs before I forced myself to get up.
Avatar f tn Hii I'm 16 and I also faint when i have my period.. I fainted at school many times at the movies and at a football game while cheering. I have been to soo many doctors and had so many tests done but everything comes back normal! I dont know why but I usually only get my period every 2-3 months! When I faint I get dizzy and almost delirious my hands get tingly my eyes get glossy and I fall to the floor!
Avatar n tn I know with our first child, my husband and I took him everywhere with us. Even to dinner and the movies. The first time we ever left him in the care of another person he was five years old and our youngest was 2 1/2 yrs old. And that was with my mother for only a couple of hours. We truly enjoyed being with our children and didn't want to miss anything! They are only young once. Since we had so many years together before we were ready for that committment to our children. 3.
Avatar f tn Since October i have had a heavier than normal period after coming off the injection then this months was lighter but still resonably heavy, but i have had extreme pregnancy symptoms for example: -Nausea (not throwing up, but enough that i ran to the toilet) -Dizzy spells -Frequent urination (during the day near enough every hour not so much at night) -Heavy boobs -Bigger nipples with bumps around areolas (nipples range in size through out the day) - Movement in abdomen near enough every
118884 tn?1270478379 I was told by my obgyn that I have pcos with out him doing a test or u/s to find out if I really have cysts on my overies I didn't have a period for a year in a half so I got really concerned and went and he put me on Yaz which I was on for 5 days because I was having major chest pains so I stopped taking it and started back up on Ortho-Tri Cyclen that got me regular having 28 day cycle well I stopped taking the b/c back in Jan and started having 37 day cycles well March I took a hpt which show
1319297 tn?1274798230 Always have a book to read, start planning a trip somewhere so you can research all about that place, get a bunch of dvds of tv shows that you haven't seen or movies and just try to occupy your mind in any way you can so the time passes. Each night before you go to bed, tell yourself that one more day has passed. I don't think trying to read symptoms will really tell you anything because they can all be read one way or the other. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I started my period on novemeber 25th it lasted just as it normally does through the 28th although in october i started on the 25th which was on sunday through wednesday instead of it being wednesday through sunday; well anyways it was decemeber 7th and i started to have some brown blood on my panties after my boyfriend and I had gotten home from the movies.
Avatar n tn Sorry if this grosses some people out. You period should resume as normal 28 days from you last period if you have been tracking them. I it does not resume, then I would call the DR and take a HPT. I got pregnant immediately. I lost it from an EP but that is another matter. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Wait and see if your period is late. By the sounds of's possible that your bleeding could have been from Ovulation.. Is your cycle usually 28 days? If so than that was CD13 and usually women ovulate around that time on a 28 day cycle.
Avatar f tn i experience shooting pain in my breast and have so soft nipples, headaches, the other day my hips was in pain, feeling so lonely, i want an attention always, always want to have something to eat but if the foods is there i don't want to eat. i always want to watch movies which in fact im not used to do that before..
796455 tn?1325861857 Well I was supposed to start my period on Saturday, but nothing. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for being one of those people who don't register until later in the pregnancy. Trying to decide how long to wait before I test. The last couple days I cry at the lil emotions scenes in the movies. Not totally abnormal for me but I was gushing. :) We'll see what happens. I was ready for period to start this month. Was ready to try again this month. We'll see what happens hubby i very excited.
931504 tn?1244484807 I had some very light light spotting that lasted a day or two around the time of my period....I've been constipated,gassy,and been really moody lately...I cry over Disney movies happy or sad....I cry over something being dirty and I get angry over EVERYTHING.My poor boyfriend I know it's hell for him....I was calling neurologists thinking there might be something wrong with my brain but I'm way to young to have anything seriously wrong with me...unless it was cancer that would suck!
445583 tn?1220273652 Patty's day so I'm not gonna say it wasn't hard but I just rented some movies and relaxed with my family.
725941 tn?1297885809 Still have 1 sore boob and a bit of pinkish discharge. I wish my period would show up already. I have 1 more test which I'll just take on cycle day 3 before I start my Femara again. I just want to be 1000% sure I'm not pregnant before I take it again. No idea what we're going to do today. The weather is pretty cool out so looks like maybe we'll just bbq and watch movies.
973741 tn?1342346373 One thing my husband and I have in common is movies. We both LOVE movies and before kids, hit the theatre for anything that looked good. Now we search Netflix but it's still fun. :>) We are both foodies as well. We love a good meal and eating out, eating in, just eating good food period is something we enjoy doing together.
703821 tn?1231725695 I'm told that to hit your head and not remember a period of time and then to have some details come back is only seen in the movies and not in real life. What are the thoughts from all of you?
Avatar f tn im 17 iv been with my patner 3years now we have been trying for a baby for a year now no luck. i was due on my period the 1st ov june im now 2 weeks late i done a test the other day an it came back negative? what could this be could i still be pregnant if so how long before i should do another test? answers please ??
Avatar f tn So around Jun 19 was my last period Around 30-3 I had unprotected sex with my now ex boyfriend July 17 is suppose to be my next period but it hasn't came yet nd I'm worried dat I might be My symptoms started with a cold nd mood swings like crazy crying to anything mostly songs nd movies If I am I'd be four weeks in this week I had sore boobs nd mild cramps but Idk I could be over Thinking but can sumon please help
10630314 tn?1416012807 I'm 32+3 ftm for the past few days I have been having cramps low down on my stomach but tonight it seems to be more painful and getting more painful it's like a period like cramps but now it's as if there is a shooting like pain going from really down low to the bottom of my stomach, what Is this?
137922 tn?1348347636 ) I just am not sure where my cycle is at since the miscarriage we had at the beginning of June. My temps are staying up, been feeling extra emotional{tearing up during wedding shows and romance movies...I'm a sucker! haha :) } Still feeling bloated/gassy, nausea, I've been really tired, was having strange pains in my left breast that I've had before that I remember from my last preg; but I can't really tell if they're as tender as they were last time around.
Avatar f tn And you'll start your period around 6-8 weeks after birth unless breastfeeding then it could take months to start your period.
725941 tn?1297885809 I had a headache last night as well but we went to the movies and I always find it wayyyy too loud anyways. We were visiting friends in the afternoon and I actually winced a bit from a few stabbing pains....With any luck I ovulated! Well it's now about 8 hours since I wrote and i just went to the bathroom and I have some light pink discharge...I'm wondering if it could be implantation bleeding??????? I'm cycle day 16 so I guess I'll have to wait and see......
4548024 tn?1474842725 Im so worried about my transfer is this going to mess the transfer up like is something wrong with me thats causing my period to be so long and cramps just everything. I want everything to be perfect for the transfer and my last 3 cycles have been completely Regular. My last cycle though was very painful when i Ovulated. My IVF clinic has changed all there staff so everyone i knew there that i felt trust with is gone. I just feel a mess right now.
Avatar m tn it will only feed your anxiety while you are waiting to test. Stay off the internet...keep movies...get outside...go to the gym...
Avatar m tn I recently went to an establishment that runs porn movies in private rooms. I watched a movie (by myself). Upon leaving I wiped my hands off (I did not ejaculate) with a non-alcohol wipe. I proceded to wipe my figures that touched the buttons in the booth. I then wiped the top of my hand that had an scabbed over open wound. I am concurned that I may have infected myself with HIV. I this a rational fear? Thank you, Mike.
Avatar f tn i went through the same thing. i was sure i wasn't pregnant as my period comes every month.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy 5 days before my period and it was negative. I went to the movies and week ago and I had the strangest craving I dipped my cinnamon pretzel into my nacho cheese dip. I wasn't even thinking what I was doing I just did it. When I got home my stomach started doing flips and I got nauseated. I took a test two days later. And presto I'm pregnant.