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Avatar f tn Yeah you could be then, I've got terrible mood swings I've got my.
Avatar f tn Am i the only one that go through mood swings like every other hour ? Or am i Just crazy ?
741877 tn?1265950200 Is anyone else dealing with having mood swings and / or being grumpy??!? I find myself these days extremely sensitive & irritable!! I don't seem to have the patience I had before ... and at times feel as though I am crying for no reason.. Anyone else experiencing this?
Avatar f tn Hi.does anyone suffer from really bad mood swings eg anger/low self esteem before their period and if so how do you deal with it? Would going on the pill help?
867809 tn?1239581636 I'm 14 today and I started getting my periods in December 2008. So far the dates have been the following: Dec 6-12 None in January Feb 1-7 Mar 6-12 This past week I have been feeling like I was PMSing, but I still didn't get my period. I keep getting mood swings. Today, out of nowhere, I got really miserable. Today I have the worst mood swings all week. Plus, my ankles hurt badly. Is my period coming soon? Is my ankles hurting due to PMS?
Avatar f tn Is anyone here in perimenopause or have you been and had severe rapid mood swings?...Like 3 -4 times in a day? I am having this happen and don't know if that is what is causing it or if my meds aren't working right.?... I haven't felt like this since before I had children during my monthly cycle which was 14 yrs ago. I'm just wondering if it is hard having bipolar disorder and going thru menopause? Any advise or suggestions to help calm the moods down would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn who is having mood swings and how bad are they /.\ just want to hear others experience's .
Avatar f tn I feel bad cuz my mood swings r terrible, and the mood that is most prominent is poor hubby got his head bit off this morning along with my son and my friend from church....anyone else moody?
Avatar f tn Iv been having bad mood swings lately. My husband thinks im crazy i try to control it but its so hard. I get Mad at him for no reason then we make up the next min. tips to help control it.
Avatar f tn m 9w2d and was wondering if any other mummies to be are experiencing very high mood swings I seem to get very angry really quickly and I assume every remark said is stupid. How can I fix this problem? And btw it's only with my husband most of the time.
Avatar f tn Thanks I mean my fiance is undstanding to he trys to help but sometimes my mood swings make me just want to be by myself especially if I get mad at something I don't know it scares me cause I try to think happy thoughts that my daughter will be here in just 10 weeks and stuff like that...
Avatar f tn Yes. All of this is normal. My mood swings are random. I more so feel like I'm about to cry. When ppl have attitude or upset with me I just completely lose my patience.
Avatar n tn in only 6 weeks and I have mood swings like crazy?.. Is this normal because I feel like it's not?....
Avatar f tn With this being my 3rd pregnancy I'm fully aware of mood swings , but today I just want to punch my husband in the face! Everything he does is making me mad , I just don't want to be bothered with. He has talked to girls behind my back before and with being pregnant I'm flipping out 20x worse when his phone goes off! I just don't know what to do anymore.