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11970398 tn?1443138202 I have a bad soda addiction , period . like need help with it My doctor suggested drinking two cups of water for every 16 ounce coke ...
Avatar f tn Hi there, Many people opt for juice fasting .It is important to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and nutrients during fasting. There is low sodium content of most fruits and vegetables so there may be salt deficiency. Salt deficiency can lead to weakness, headaches, lightheadedness etc.It is better to consult a healthcare professional before starting this juice fast. Do write to me again. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn Then drink ordinary yellow grapefruit juice a glass daily,and again start when period finishes until you ovulate.Another good thing to take is vitamin b6.All these taken together have helped me so much.I am on clomid and it can dry up CM in some women so i didnt want to take any chances.I also did research on it all.I have noticed my CM the past few months and i never did before so it really has made a big difference.
Avatar f tn I came across grapefruit juice today. Has anybody heard/tried this? I don't know what the medical reasons are for it to work, but supposedly it is supposed to increase your amount of EWCM. I don't have hardly any (except when I was on EPO).
Avatar f tn I need some advise when i have a period the pains are so painful ive tried taking everything but nothing helps can i have some advise on what to occure it please
Avatar n tn I have been introducing my 16 month daughter to apple juice by giving her 2 oz. of juice with 6.5 oz. of water to make an 8.5 oz. bottle. Within about a week and a half she went from drinking about 28 oz. of milk/formula to only drinking about 4 - 7 oz. a day. In place of previous milk, she now asks for apple juice. She is drinking about 4 -5 bottles a day, again it is diluted, so she only drinks really 8 - 10 oz. of juice and 26 - 32.5 oz. of water.
Avatar f tn I'm tired of going 70 almost 80 comments down on my other post so I will start this one.. UPDATE! Last night I did the half a cup 100% real orange juice and half a cup whole milk. ( Not very good tasting but not horrible, after taste is the disgusting part ) I chugged it to get it over with. And had a glass of water right after to get rid of the horrible taste. immediately After drinking it my stomach got hard and felt very full.
Avatar f tn This is some of the information that I have found: Drinking grapefruit juice while trying to conceive has long been recommended by mothers, doctors, and midwives to aide in the fertilization process. The grapefruit juice is said to help thin the cervical mucus so that the sperm can travel easily from the vagina, through the uterus and into the fallopian tubes to meet the egg.
Avatar n tn Last Sunday, I happened to take her bs 30 minutes after a breakfast of eggs,bacon, hashbrowns and orange juice. It was 67. It is a week later and the strange feelings have gradually gotten worse now with a tingling, numbing sensation in her extremities with the other symptoms as well...slight nausea I showed her how to do the monitor... This morning after breakkfast she felt really bad & so she did her reading. It was so low the monitor said LOW, and the instructions say call a doctor.
Avatar f tn I had a chemical burn from applying lemon juice on my face. After I applied the lemon juice on my face, it became inflammed. Then I applied Neosporin to prevent it from getting infection. Now it healed but there's a dark pigmentation on my do I get rid of it? Is there anything out there to make the dark pigmentation look paler or softer? It's really weird to have this dark pigmentation on my cheek. Please help! Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Goji juice is a good source of antioxidants but you can buy pomgranite juice at the grocery store for a fraction of the price. A good overall physical exam can be helpful, too.
Avatar n tn Take Iron Suppliments with orange juice a day before and during period. Iron goes down better with Vitamin C. Don't take Iron Suppliments before 30mins after eating. Unless pregnant, only take one iron suppliment a day.
Avatar n tn Hi Had my period last August 8 till about august 12 and now I haven't had my period prior to this is that I donated Blood to our Hospital and I was drinking Lemon juice because someone told me a friend said that lemon juice delays a period I don' t know if its true or not but I stop drinking just last week is there any effects to my period to what I am Doing or is it something else Thank you
Avatar n tn i have the 28 day cycle and couting from my AF my period is due the 25th of Sept, but counting from my withdrawal bleeding its due the 7th of oct, am not sure if i should count the withdrawal bleeding as my period, or expect my period on the 25th counting from my last AF IN August.
Avatar n tn I'm getting these weird but painful period cramps.. I just got my period lastnight and I barely got any sleep I was in that much pain and I felt like spewing up but it just wouldn't come out ?? Is there anything that can help me with this ?!
Avatar f tn Even just a sip at times. Just now I have been drinking a cup of 7 up mixed with Orange Juice, the first pop I have had in probably a year, but half way through my drink and I litterally feel like I am going to pass out! Though it is worst with pop, it is beggining to happen with other drinks too. I can't drink Fruitopia anymore, it's progressing to just as bad as pop. And sometime even water. Now not often with water but sometimes it just seems anything I drink period makes me light headed.
162784 tn?1227299650 Actually it was just the store brand unsweetened regular. I don't like the ruby red, it's a little too sweet for me. Not sure if that would make a difference though. The bad part is I didn't drink as much water as I normally would during this time, mainly the juice. The green tea didn't seem to help so I stopped that this month. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Most days, for breakfast I have a green juice, plus a "seed shot" with 2-3 Brazil nuts or 3-5 walnuts. ...Pretty much everything is organic. My green juice takes about 15 minutes to make, and is made up of collard greens, kale, bok choy, cilantro, tomato, pineapple, papaya, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and sometimes an apple or a pear. The "seed shot" is raw pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds.
Avatar n tn Does lime juice totally and immediately inactivate the viruses? While rubbing the face with lime juice, i'm afraid it increased the chance for transmission, as the surface of pimples were damaged. iv. In short, what do you say about this exposure? how do you rate the risk level? testing recommended? Note that there's no contact with obvious blood at all. MD.HHH, I'm sorry for the lengthy mail, but I really think that more information will help the doctor analyse the risks better.
Avatar f tn And i constant have the its night or day.... I just dont no what else to do. I came across this Aloe vera juice It's not FDA approved is what the pharmicist told me at my local hospital, so she couldnt give me any information on it. I sent a message over to my doctor and im waiting on her to give me a call back should I try this? anyone no of aloe vera juice?
Avatar f tn I make a pineapple or mango smoothie and freeze them in popcicle molds...yum. Go to library...bookstore...even Dr. Oz has good juice drinks to make. My morning juice is a combo of apple, pineapple, banana, mango and kiwi. Bright green but very good. Good luck in your food/juice journey.
Avatar f tn on fatty liver, Gillberts disease and/or Xango juice would be appreciated! Love and Prayers to the people on this forum today!
Avatar f tn We didn't have any sort of penetrating sex at all and yet she complains of nausea, aversion to chicken, cravings for cranberry juice and her lower body pains very bad. She hasn't had any cramps or any spotting at all. It is mid summer and I thought maybe because of dehydration she feels nauseating. Please help us out.
Avatar f tn **Chronology History** I am a female of 31 years old, first period at age 13. I was born in 1986. I was newly married and also had a long distance marriage with my husband in this past year (2016-2017) for personal reasons we did not plan to have a baby yet that time. Through that year, We meet every 3 months and have condom-protected sex each time. At the first week of September 2016 when my husband visited we had unprotected sex but ejaculated outside of my body.
Avatar f tn You might want to look into that, because overloading your body with cranberry juice just around your period time will not work. Also, the cranberry juice has to be the real stuff not like ocean spray.
Avatar f tn hello, im 22..since after my last seen period, i've been experiencing abdomen hurts when i press it and it pains when i walk..
Avatar m tn My last period was June 8th...till now I don't hav any problem reg my menstruated cycle...but this month I started experiencing under abdomen pain from the date of 8 or 9....but still I dint get my period...pregnancy test also negative I tested with home pregnancy test...and I am sure I cannot be pregnant because we had a protected sex and also only twice in btw in this period.....I don't know wat to do...frequent urination also...please help me out...