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Avatar n tn But isn't that weird that we had sex on a Monday and then 2 days later, that wednesday i get my period and the period lasts 2-4 days. And the same exact thing happens again but in the beginning of the month instead of the middle, Monday we have sex, Wednesday i start my period.
Avatar f tn Taking medication to bring on a period is useless when it comes to having kids because it's artificially changed your hormones to cause one rather than a real period.
Avatar n tn I a 27 years old, healthy, and have been experiencing menstral problems for over 5 months. Over the summer I became quite malnurished, and at the same time stopped getting my period. The last time I menstrated was in June. I saw my personal physician about this, and she believed that it was because I was under weight and malnurished. So for the last three I have made a conscious effort to stay "nourished", but still have not received my period.
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old when ever my period is near say a day or 2 away my heart beat irregular why is this
Avatar f tn I was slightly irregular but I would still get a 10 cycles a year on average before my irregularity started now I maybe have 3 or 4 massive painful ones. Also now my blood is clotted severly. I have seen 7 different gynecologist and they all want me to take birth control, when the dose or brand does not work I get stronger brands and the painil side effects that come with each pill. Why is this happening to me? What do I do?
890829 tn?1241208172 I turned 50 last year and started noticing changes when i was 39 my monthly period became unpredictably heavy. Then when i turned 45 i started getting excruciatingly itchy hands and putting on weight and generally feeling very unhealthy and bloated. I have done everything within my power to minimize discomfort of these occurring changes from not drinking alcohol not smoking taking regular exercise watching what i eat( with in reason !! ).
Avatar m tn (although, sometimes we can have an off period but it IS still a period). so, check in with a doctor and have a pelvic.
Avatar f tn I am 22 years old and my period has almost always been regular, but i am now 2 weeks late for my menstruation, can it be because of the change in climate or food regime? cause I have moved to another city recently. what can I do? I am really nervous.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 24 and I've never really had a regular period. I've also been to the emergency room twice with menstrual pain. They've never done a sonogram and I don't believe in hormonal birth control. I just don't know where to start figuring this thing out.
Avatar f tn I am sixteen and had my first period at the age of thirteen. It never settled but it got worse. It use to just never come at the same time each month. Last year I started skipping months once it was three months at one time. Now for the last few months I have been getting two a month ten days apart from each other. The second one every month is long heavy and thick what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I'm 20 years old, have had my period since I was 11 years old. It was pretty reg. Lasting from 4-7 days. Then when I was about 14 I didnt get it for about 3-4 months during the summer..Then it was normal again. To the point where I knew the day it would come. THEN about the end of last year they started to last long...up to 20 days. Then stop for two weeks and again. Now I havn't had a period since May up until three days ago.
Avatar m tn Now that I'm not bulimic my periods are always early and irregular. What can I do to regulate my period and is it connected to my bulimia?
Avatar f tn No, changes in my breast. Although, around the time I should have a period it feels like I have lumps under my arms but goes away. Make any sense? Thank you all for your responses.
Avatar m tn It is so irregular that I could bleed any time of the month at any intensity for any period of time. This past one was so bad that I had to sleep with a heating pad nightly. What could this mean?
Avatar n tn the periods were regualr but not real and I had a brown period in the times when I would normally get a period. I came off the pill due to psycho-side effects 6 years ago. Since then-great:March,June,October,December and a few other times a year i get a period...sometimes red sometimes brown. This year however they have all(bar one?)been brown with a LITTLE red on the toilet tissue. This MONTH...since the beginning of it, I have been constantly discharging...
Avatar f tn Hi! I had a m/c d/c in Aug '09 after being 11 weeks along. Had bleeding issues from week 6. My OB kept telling me daily bleeding was ok as t/v ultrasound was normal. However, last one showed some bleeding into the placenta but heart beat was 160. Again he told me all was good, go home. Found out had miscarried few days after last scan. Didn't start to pass on its own until 2 wks later (how I found out it was ending) and had to have d/c to remove tissue.
Avatar m tn I was to started my period yesterday, I only saw a tiny blood on my pad yesterday and today. Did a PT test, it was negative. What might have caused this? Help!!! .
Avatar f tn Hello, First of all the cause of irregularity in periods needs to be found out. Irregular period are often caused by thyroid causes. It could be hypothyroidism, post pill amennorhea , polycystic ovarian syndrome or less frequently a pituitary tumor causing high prolactin levels or a hypothalamic disease. Diagnostic tests for PCOS are 2 hr GTT,serum androgen and testosterone levels,LH-FSH ratio,prolactin levels,TSH levels,17-hydroxyprogesterone levels and 3D ultrasound done.
Avatar m tn Hi there! I had a d&c middle of April, and my period just came last week 25/06. Until there is ok, but today 12/06 it is started again... Is it normal?? please anyone know about it? thanks!
Avatar m tn So I'm 13 and I haven't had my period for three months but I have had my period for 5 months. I'm not sexually active so what's going on?
Avatar f tn I had a period in october normal but didn't have a period in November but i just got my period on the 6th of december what coukd cause this???
Avatar f tn I had a period in october normal but didn't have a period in November but i just got my period on the 6th of december what coukd cause this???
Avatar f tn I had my period on the 11of January and end on the17of January, ,, now I have it on the 8 of February is it okay
Avatar n tn Most women are late from time to time and when you are young, there is great irregularity. I would not worry until you've missed a second period. And even then, it is often normal when you are young hon. Talk to your mom about it.