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Avatar f tn I had laser eye surgery on yesterday for a torn retina repair and today I woke up with the big cloud still over my eye i know that they said that i would still have the floater for a short period but what about the cloud? Isnt that suppose to disapear?
Avatar f tn i know it was a samll quantity which entered my eye , also does wiping my eye with tissue has increased my risk . please answer .
Avatar f tn Anything that interferes with clear vision in either eye during the critical period (birth to 6 years of age) can cause amblyopia. Treatment involves glasses, drops,vision therapy, and/or patching. Amblyopia can often be reversed if it is detected and treated early. Recent medical research has proven that amblyopia is successfully treated up to the age of 17.
Avatar f tn Keep an eye on it. It may be implantation bleeding. My girlfriend had a light period 3 months into her pregnancy. Try not to worry and do keep an eye on things. Congratulations!
Avatar f tn i was suppose to start my period but on day i came on there was hardly anything there it was like that for 3 days then it stopped i didnt have a proper period wat does it mean??
Avatar f tn Once again, I'm 14 and I had my period on march 27 and ended April 2. I just started bleeding again today (April 6) but it's not heavy and it's not light. It's in between. I told my mom and she said she sometimes has irregular periods so I should mark it on a calendar so we can keep an eye on it. My question is, should I be worried at all?
Avatar n tn is it normal for ur period to stop and start again while menstrating? i got my period on monday and it stop last night with brown blood and what not, like usual, but then it just starting again like 5 min. ago with red clotty blood.
Avatar f tn It is called conjunctivitas and is an eye infection will need an anti biotic cream. Put this Question up on the Doctor Forum they will tell you more.
Avatar n tn This is my 9th day of period last 4 days iam feeling this sticky eye. Is this anyway conected with my periods. Kindly help please.
Avatar m tn It should be fine unless the eye stays dilated for an abnormal period of time. If you start experiencing any pain or pressure in your eyes, see an ophthalmologist.
Avatar f tn In my left eye only, there is a spot of flashing light that will grow and move out across my eye over a period of about 10min. This happens about once or twice a week for about two months.
Avatar n tn i undergo Lumboperitoneal shunting. it took about one month for my eye vision to return to normal. but since then i have problems to focus while reading .i also experience headache when i try to focus on something for a long period. i do not wear spectacles as my vision is good. do i need eye exercise?
Avatar n tn Hello, I've had a dry eye/ irritated eye problem for past few months, and as advised, I stopped wearing my contact lenses for trial period and see if it gets better. I'm not wearing them for a week and a half now, but I think dryness/irritation is even worse now, sometimes there's even burning sensation. Is it a sign of healing, or does it mean there's some other problem?
Avatar f tn I had a corneal abrasion in June had treatment at my local hospital, still having severe pain in eye, redness, sometimes puffiness, feels like I have something in the eye. Should I seek medical help? Or is this still the healing progress?
Avatar n tn I've been suffering with pain behind my left eye. My eye feels as though its bulging. Now the same eye has had silver flashing wobbly shapes and large black spots in the vision for a period of 30mins. The disturbance stopped me from being able to read or see anything clearly. It co-incided with a bp of 135/118. I have a family history of Glaucoma (not the pressure type) but my glaucoma levels have always been ok last checked a year ago.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your question. These flashes appear by improper stimulation of your retina or optic nerve which your brain interprets as light. If these vision symptoms repeat then you would need to see an ophthalmologist since you need to rule out a serious condition called as retinal detachment which can cause vision loss. However, other causes of flashes (and floaters) are more common than retinal detachment, such as vitreous complications due to aging, cataract etc.
Avatar n tn How long are eye warts contagious? How long can it take for them to fall off? What are precautions so that others don't get them? This discussion is related to <a href=''>HPV on eye lids</a>.
Avatar m tn Eye exercise may help for a short period of time. Changes in medical conditions would affect both eyes. Dr. O.
926591 tn?1244675291 Howdy my names Colby, I wore my contacts for too long and I know my eyes didn't get enough oxygen. I've now noticed that I have red veins growing in the Sclera or the white part of my eye around the iris. I was wondering how do you go about treating this? I know that each individual case is different, so I'm including photos of my left and right eye. I'm seeing a optometrist this Friday and I'll post a reply to this post on what she says. Thanks a lot for reading my post.
Avatar f tn What would cause a persons left eye to drift to the right, have headache mild, and sick once or twice a day?? Had MRI and eeg on head, found nothing. This has happened about 3 weeks ago and not much change.
Avatar m tn Is it safe to be pepper sprayed after an eye ulcer? My ulcer was back in sept and has healed with very minimal scarring. It's part of my mandatory training at the academy.
Avatar m tn I work for 8 hrs in front of PC, I use anti-reflection specs and I have no eye-sight but sometimes I get water in my eyes and will get pain; What is the solution for this? Please suggest me!!
Avatar n tn Hello all, I have been suffering with an eye infection for the last 6 months I think its Conjunctivitis I used to wear contact lenses and I am sure that's what triggered it off. In that time period I have noticed that I have been developing dark circles under my eyes, I am pretty self concious about them and would like to very much get rid of them.
Avatar n tn This is my 9th day of period last 4 days iam feeling this sticky eye. Is this anyway conected with my periods. Kindly help please.
Avatar f tn If the situation only arises in class or at work, perhaps it may be related to your eyes not blinking for a prolonged period of time (if you're concentrating at the computer or the blackboard) and your eyes are drying out, although it sounds pretty extreme for the vision to go completely out in both eyes.