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Avatar f tn Keep an eye on it. It may be implantation bleeding. My girlfriend had a light period 3 months into her pregnancy. Try not to worry and do keep an eye on things. Congratulations!
Avatar f tn It was July 26th when I had the pars plana vitrectomy on the left eye in which the silicone oil was removed. The procedure was done due to a retinal detachment I had in February and March this year. With only little discomfort, I went back to work after the surgery week. However, there were episodes of excruciating pain while I was at work and until now still experiencing it. My doctor indicated the pain is coming from the sutures surrounded on the eye.
Avatar f tn Once again, I'm 14 and I had my period on march 27 and ended April 2. I just started bleeding again today (April 6) but it's not heavy and it's not light. It's in between. I told my mom and she said she sometimes has irregular periods so I should mark it on a calendar so we can keep an eye on it. My question is, should I be worried at all?
162069 tn?1224677411 i think i will make an appt with ob to get a blood test my biggest problem this week was irritability, and living with two teenagers and a hubby who has been laid off for 2 months is NOT helping hehe also, i have had this headache over my eye and it actually makes that eye twitch (was going to tell all in the house that if the eye is twitching get out of space!!
Avatar f tn Can you , can you have your period a regular flow and be pregnant anyone experience this??????
2020005 tn?1628125976 I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and today I've just started getting some period cramping, it's not really coming and going so I don't think it's contractions, it's in my back a lot, too. Anyone else have this now?! Hoping it goes away and is nothing!
Avatar n tn The facial palsy however has not improved. I still tape my eye closed at night, and use drops and Jel throughout the day I am 71 years old, what are the chances of complete recovery or even partial improvement ?
1876963 tn?1349952618 no this wont be your period, spotting is only considered a period when it lasts for 3 days, you maywell be pregnant again, try a hpt or if you can just wait and see how things go, it could be a number of things ranging from hormones to implantation spotting, have you been keeping an eye on your c/muccus? do you know if you have ovulated again?, sometimes you can have a spot of blood when you ovulate as well....
Avatar n tn Back in January I had intercourse for the first time. In February my period came , I had intercourse again in March . & I had my period again . Had a period in April , May and a light one in June . Now July I missed my period but I've been kinda down and stressed a lot from having to take a lot of ibuprofen from mouth pains .
Avatar f tn It is called conjunctivitas and is an eye infection will need an anti biotic cream. Put this Question up on the Doctor Forum they will tell you more.
Avatar f tn I have my period and it has been on for now 13 days, which it usually stays on 5days. I started a full body cleanser on my 5th day, which cleanser is for bladder, heart, respiratory, skin, blood, colon etc.. Do you think thats why my period staying on longer than usual?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I keep getting period like pains....I'm presuming its normal and I'm changing...
Avatar f tn If the situation only arises in class or at work, perhaps it may be related to your eyes not blinking for a prolonged period of time (if you're concentrating at the computer or the blackboard) and your eyes are drying out, although it sounds pretty extreme for the vision to go completely out in both eyes.
Avatar f tn In my left eye only, there is a spot of flashing light that will grow and move out across my eye over a period of about 10min. This happens about once or twice a week for about two months.
Avatar f tn I had a corneal abrasion in June had treatment at my local hospital, still having severe pain in eye, redness, sometimes puffiness, feels like I have something in the eye. Should I seek medical help? Or is this still the healing progress?
Avatar m tn It makes a big difference whether you end up with stitches or not (I did on one eye, not on the other, and the stitched eye is taking weeks longer to achieve what will be my final quality of distance vision). The stitches make certain kinds of accommodation uncomfortable, as well as directly affecting the shape of the eye (apparently). 2. Different doctors use different dilation/paralyzing drops, so ask your doctor when your eye will fully functional (from a physical standpoint).
Avatar m tn I work for 8 hrs in front of PC, I use anti-reflection specs and I have no eye-sight but sometimes I get water in my eyes and will get pain; What is the solution for this? Please suggest me!!
926591 tn?1244671691 Howdy my names Colby, I wore my contacts for too long and I know my eyes didn't get enough oxygen. I've now noticed that I have red veins growing in the Sclera or the white part of my eye around the iris. I was wondering how do you go about treating this? I know that each individual case is different, so I'm including photos of my left and right eye. I'm seeing a optometrist this Friday and I'll post a reply to this post on what she says. Thanks a lot for reading my post.
Avatar m tn I am in my period and when I pee there is a lot of blood with my pee.. is that normal? I never noticed my pee all red before. Could this be a period that happens before pregnancy? I am scared that I can be pregnant. Please tell me if you get period while you are pregnant? Someone answer..I have posted this before and I have not received any answers.
Avatar m tn If you lied about the eye problem likely yes. You need to discuss this with your insurance sales representative. You may be able to file an amendment.
Avatar n tn I began to get this when I started taking it and I stopped for a short period of time while I had pneumonia and the itchy and redness went away. Now I have been on it again for about 1 1/2 weeks and it has started up.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was told by a doctor that a twitcy eye is the sign of a blood vessel dying. Well for over a week now I have been experiencing a twitchy right eye, every day and a number of times. I know this can be caused by tiredness also and I have had a period of not enough sleep, over the last month and in saying this, I am somewhat concerned about it. For other informantion, Im prone to stress headaches and muscle tention. Hope you can help.
Avatar f tn I had retinal detachment surgery on March 9th and am still experiencing assorted problems with my eye. I still have a dark circle and swelling that is worse in the morning. I also have allergies and spring pollen in our area is very high. I would like to know how long it takes to fully recover and have a normal feeling in the eye after a scleral buckle procedure. My surgeon says I am healing nicely, but I am concerned about the feeling of heaviness in my eye and would like your opinion.
Avatar n tn My son, 3, and daughter, 2 in April, both have what I think is Pink Eye. We have not seen our Ped., since its Sunday, but they did call in an eye drop. My question is, how long is the gestation period, just so I can warn who we've been around. Also, whats the best car for the eyes. Should I leave the gunk on the eyes (since it's a fighting battle) or wash it all off. Should I take Lysol to everything?