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Avatar n tn I have taken it now for 3 years and have stopped about a month ago. Since then I have had my period every 2 weeks again. I was shocked that after 3 years i am still having the same problem. I have had some huge life changes in the past 2 months including moving half way across the world which could be the cause of it but i have my suspicions since this was a pattern a few years ago.
Avatar n tn ive gotten my period 3 times in the pst 6 weeks , ive lost 15 punds recently , my father died 2 months ago i ended my 7 year relationship as well , and i go to school full time , im 21 with no previous history of irrigular periods . i may get it a couple days late but not every 2 weeks . im a hypochondriach and im seeing my doctor soon but im worried , is this normal of something that is more serious like cancer ?
Avatar f tn well for the past 3-4 months my periods have been coming closer and closer and this past month 15 days. its like having my period every 2 weeks. at first it starts very light, not like staining, just very light and then a regular period for well over a week. then a week and a half off and then back all over again. i called my doc and i am waiting to talk with her tomorrow. i am thinking this isn't for me but i haven't been able to find any body with this problem on google (scary).
Avatar f tn I am about to be 19 years old and by now I thought my periods would have regulated but I guess not. I get my period approximately every 2 weeks then it will stop for about 40 days then will come back every two weeks. Usually each time it's a heavy flow, starts off by little spotting then will stop and then within the 3rd day it will become very heavy.
Avatar n tn I have been having my period every 2 weeks for at least 6 weeks now. Probably longer, I think it took me a couple times to clue in. It is a completely regular period. I have never had mensturation problems, always had a completely regular cycle. I am not on birth control. I can't take birth control, it gives me blood clots in my legs. It seems like ever since that happened, I just keep coming up with odd symptoms. I have also been diagnosed as having subclinical hyperthyroid for now.
Avatar n tn I think it is just your hormones adjusting still. I had a lot of spotting between my m/c and first period. About 3 weeks after my m/c I thought I had gotten my period too. I went to the doctors but he said it wasn't. 2 weeks later I got my real period.
1481358 tn?1288298691 I can say I still got away to go but I got 3 weeks and its a pretty good start. I still have bad cravings but those are getting better each and every day. Its the best decision Ive ever made and if youre reading and want to do it. Please come join me. Youll be so glad you did. Ive saved $800 dollars!!!! the past 21 days. Man what a fool Ive been just throwing my money away. I was really close to relapsing this weekend. To close. I didnt though and thats the important thing.
Avatar n tn My period is 3 weeks late. I took 2 hpt. The first one, i took a week after my missed period, the result didnt come up clear. The second one i took 2 weeks after my missed period & it was negative. I have literally every symptom possible for pregnancy. Should I take another test? What if its negative should i go to the doctor?
Avatar n tn Two months ago i had my shot a day after the lastest day i should have had it and last time when i had the shot was right on time but my period is 3 weeks late. One week before the last shot and the time my perion should have came i traveled to another continent so when the period started to be like one week late i was not worried cause it happens every time i travell but was never more that 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn lol, so why am I still getting it every 2 weeks??? Although it is not like the first period at all. The first one was extremely heavy, tons of cramps....nothing like that ever since. But now it's like heavy spotting red and brown blood...wth is going on???
Avatar f tn I have not been sick in over a month. But I am having my 3rd period in the last 6 weeks, they come about every 2 weeks. Can anyone give a little insight/help?
Avatar n tn hey, im nearly 3 weeks late for my period but im on the pill but no signs of a period keep getting cramps to suggust y period is coming but nothing help This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1088670'>Three Negative Pregnancy Test, No Menstrual Period</a>.
Avatar f tn So, i just went to the doctor because after my surgery, and new birth control, my period has lasted about 3 weeks and now has a horrible odor. She doesnt know what it is. I now have to wash 4+ times a day down there to keep it smelling clean. Plus, i have had a full on period for the past three weeks. She says that it may be the switch in birth control pills, it may be because of all the medication and i may have a bacterial infection because of the antibiodics used during surgery.
Avatar n tn hello, im 21 weeks pregnant and still have my period. is anyone with the same problem ?
Avatar n tn when a woman takes a month and 3 weeks without going on period what does that mean and all of a sudden she start going on period
Avatar f tn My period comes on the first of every month. I missed my period on Oct 1 and I didn't get a positive result until Halloween. We bought "the best" pregnancy tests, used my morning pee and I still had to wait that long.
Avatar n tn I have had my period irregular for the last 3 months last 3 weeks at a time is this normal? Or is something wrong with my body?
659471 tn?1229463290 My DD is 3 month 3 days old. She is exclusively breastfed. She was eating every 2 - 2,5 hours so far during the day. At night she wakes up also every 2-3 hours. But last several days she eats every hour during the day - exactly every hour. I can't make her wait even 2 hours. What's wrong with us?
Avatar f tn Every body is different, and its different each time you have a baby. I bf both mine and period returned at 8weeks and 10 weeks. But then I hear some other women not having one for months and bottle feeding.
Avatar f tn But this was 2 weeks before I was supposed to get my actual period. So does that mean that was my period? The symptoms I'm having are: headaches, light cramping, frequent urination, slight nausea, white discharge, bloating, brown areolas, and I'm finding I never seem full enough I alway wanna keep eating and i'm very suddenly cranky and sometimes very tired even when I've gotten alot of sleep. I'm not sure what to think considering I had sex over a month ago and still no period..