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Avatar f tn hey ladies im 21 and im woundering if you can have diarrhea in early pregnacy? if im pregnant il be 3 weeks... but ive had spotting. my last period ws nov.16 and ive tried to concieve dec. 2-6. then the 7th cramping and spotting, the 10th light bleeding but my periods always start the 18th. im confused. any advise would be so helpful. also when will be a good time to test? also a good pregnacy test? thank you so much.
Avatar f tn If the test comes out positive, he will be on very strong antibiotics for a ten day period, it is a must that he begin taking a Good "Probiotc" before the treatment begins, the strong antibiotic will kill the good stomache bacteria along with the bad, thus causing more digestive issues from the treatment.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have been suffering from diarrhea for like a year already, doctors dont seem to know what it is. I've taken the hiv test 3 times this year the last one done on spetember with four months after the previous sexual encounter with another male partner in which i was active (top) and wore a condom. I did insertive oral sex without condom, but still i hear its a low risk.
960001 tn?1279835193 Could you give me an idea of what she would eat in a 24 hour period, something is causing the diarrhea unless there is a virus going round and there have been many this year,you say she is having no milk what are you replacing it with ?
2008858 tn?1343847641 I'm 24 weeks pregnant and just had a bout of diarrhea come on sorry if tmi but its really heavy and watery. At what point should I worry.
634590 tn?1293777693 im facing diarrhea problem again for last 3 days. On 16.12.08 i ate much at night and got asleep. When i got up in the morning i felt indigestion and diarrhoea. I went to Doc and he said that it is not a problem to give any anti-biotic or any mdcn. he only advised me to take Inspaghol Husk+ curd. This killing dirrahoea is the main problem im facing since start of tx. Im much disturbed due to this. It is not frequent( 1-2 times in 24 hours). No cramps. But it is loose.
Avatar m tn How encouraging are my test results at this point? How often does this persistent diarrhea point to HIV? Does the diarrhea from HIV last for two months? I absolutely want to move on, as I do trust the advice I have been given, but some of these symptoms have me feeling like I am that 1 in 20,000 statistic.
Avatar n tn Hi, Im 31 and ALWAYS get bad diarrhea during the first 1-2 days of my period. I have read this is a normal response to a hormonal surge in the body. If you have never experienced this before it could be because, as you age, your body is just reponding differently to these hormones. I would make an appointment with your gynocologist - prehaps there is something that can be done to help alleviate your symptoms.
Avatar n tn Once I went off the Pill it appears I started having feelings of dizzyness and nausea with my periods. Within the last few months, I have had diarrhea before and during my period. I have missed work due to the nausea and dizzyness episodes and am very worried. I will be seeing my OBYGYN this month. Has anyone else exeperienced anything like this? Thus is affecting my work and personal life and I am scared.
1742525 tn?1311118686 Hi my name is Eryka and today i started my period, i had cold chills, very tired, green diarrhea, vomit, dry mouth, very bad cramps and bloating. It only happens on the light period flow. Can u tell me why?
Avatar f tn 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant, cramping on and off and feeling like my period is coming. What could this be?
1468158 tn?1363029895 Some people get headaches when they have food poisoning. Some people get diarrhea. Some people have diarrhea and throw up. I don't know where you live. In Canada, for example, they have a service called Telehealth where you can speak to a nurse over the phone and talk about what you're experiencing. If you live in the US, they might have a similiar service. It sounds to me like you ate some food which made you sick.
1366538 tn?1278014833 But it can also just be something you ate as well. You need to wait at least two weeks (or when your next period is due) and take a pregnancy test with first morning urine. I also highly recommend you start using birth control and condoms, since I imagine at 16 you're not trying for children.
Avatar f tn I started with 3 mile runs and worked up to 12 mile runs over a 6 month period. Suddenly, I began getting severe abdominal cramping during my run and would have bloody diarrhea. A few days following the bleeding, I would be constipated and my stomach would be bloated. It did not occur every time I ran and the food I ate did not seem to have any impact. My doctor had me stop running after the most severe attack and schedule me for a colonoscopie three weeks later.
Avatar f tn If you continue having diarrhea after a period of time, and you have tried to adjust your diet, you should definitely bring this up to your doctor as it might be a sign of something more serious.
Avatar n tn lately for nearly the entire summer i've had diarrhea. not like solid, but liquid. and i've been so uncomfortable, and cannot sleeep, and i have bloating, fatigue, and abdominal pains. i start school next week aug. 20 what can i do to make this diarrhea go away before i go to school. i couldn't bare the thought of having my explosive diarrhea in the school. which is very small with only one bathroom.
Avatar f tn Having diarrhea could mean many things.. You could have a slight tummy bug, the food you're eating may not agree with your stomach, or it's your body's way of preparing for labor. You can have diarrhea for up to a few weeks before labor starts. All that lovely build up has to come out at some time. Things are slowed down in there as your pregnancy progresses and you start to grow. However, I will say that when I was headed into early labor with my second baby, that's how my labor started.
Avatar n tn Read other posts here about various causes of diarrhea, and read books at health food stores about causes of diarrhea. Share this info with your docs, to help you solve this problem!
Avatar n tn Hello, (I'll be seeing my doctor in a few days) Basically, I've had nearly continuous diarrhea for years now...why didn't I see a doctor? Didn't really bother me that much...I was just used to it. Anyway, the symptoms I'm having are: (sorry for the details) Diarrhea: usually dark brown, no redness, can be a paler brown or very liquidy and yellow (burns a little too).
Avatar m tn This is all due to a fusion in my back. Every time I kick the pills i get diarrhea really bad and stomach pains. I was off for two weeks but still had that diarrhea. Has anyone took this combination and if they have or just took SOMAS can you help me or tell my if it gets better. My Doc said its fine but I think hes a quack.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to an incredible urge to use the bathroom. I was up all night until the early morning hours with explosive diarrhea. I would have to get up every 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. Since then I have had it every day, all day and all night. I might get a 4 to 5 hour break before it hits again. I'm drinking lots of water and am not experiencing dehydration yet, but I'm very tired which I think is due to lack of sleep.
757137 tn?1347200053 Is there anyone out there with type 2 diabetes who experiences spontaneous explosive diarrhea? If so, what medications are you taking and has it been linked to any particular medication? My husband developed this embarrassing and upsetting episodic condition only after being put on medication for diabetes. It affects him every three or four days. We are grateful for any help or suggestions.
Avatar n tn I had a temporary ileostomy for a six month period and this was reversed in April 06 and I had a 9 month remission of the cancer. In April 2007 I had a complete small bowel obstruction and had bowel bypass surgery. They bypassed a portion of my small bowel. The blockage was primarily due to scar tissue from radiotherapy as opposed to cancer. Since this surgery I have had chronic diarrhea, on average I have 30 loose bowl movements per day.
Avatar n tn Dear Drs, Last year around Nov I had a condom failure with a call girl. I noticed it immediately as I felt it pop and withdrew and took a shower immediately, washed myself clean. I freaked out and asked the girl to take an HIV test, which she did and I saw her negative results next day. It was ELISA test. Earlier last year in Sep I tested negative myself, and haven't had any unprotected sex since. I'm just hoping that girl wasn't in her "window period"...
Avatar f tn Recently, the past 5-7 days, I have been experiencing some uncomfortable cramps, soft of like heavy menstrual cramps accompanied by bad diarrhea. I am now 35 weeks pregnant, I was just curious if anyone else experienced this in the last few weeks of their pregnancy, if it is normal and pregnancy related or if I have just come down with a bug that is unrelated to the pregnancy.
Avatar m tn That same day, about an hour after we got home from the vet, Penny had a very bad episode of explosive diarrhea (inside, unfortunately), and this happened multiple times (6 or 7) throughout the course of the day. Each time was a very fast, very violent liquid defecation which was almost always followed up by her walking around and "squatting" as if she still had to go to the bathroom. This also happened twice during the night.