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570004 tn?1226983796 Since I went hypo earlier this year, I have noticed that my period cycle is a week earlier each time now too. Used to be on the knocker of a particular day, could almost even tell you the time it would arrive! Now it is almost exactly 3 weeks to the day each one starts. So makes getting PMS a really big drag. When I was Hypo years ago the very same thing happened.
Avatar n tn I have trying for a baby for a while. However, we dont indulge in sex too often. I have normal periods lasting for 4-5 days & I get them every 31st day. For teh last 2 times, while my cycle has been normal .i.e. every 31st day - but, I have gotten periods for only 2 / 2 1/2 days or so. My pregnancy test (taken 5 days post my periods got over) was negative. Is everything ok with me?
Avatar n tn My specialists put me on clomid for 3 cycles and nothing (except for shortening my cycle). With the recent shortening of cycle, the doctor now thinks that clomid might not me the way to go. Clomid is a drug which stimulates the ovaries in effort to aid in ovulation... ie a jumpstart for the ovaries. I believe it is an over prescribed drug. It does help some individuals, but it is not the "cure" all fertility drug. Definitely do your research before taking.
Avatar n tn I read a research study online that showed some women taking antidepressents can experience a lengthening or shortening of their cycle while on the medications. Then when the medication is stopped, the cycle can return to "normal". I've been on antidepressents for 7 1/2 years and just stopped. Now my period is over a week late. Could it be a link between seratonin and hormones?
725941 tn?1297885809 Your follicular phase can vary from cycle to cycle. (time before o) If the Luteal phase is shortening(the time from o to af), there may be a problem commonly referred to as a Luetal phase defect. The Lp should be consistent every cycle. Do you know what part of your cycle has lengthened?
Avatar n tn i was just curious. if youre on birth control, can stress still cause your period to be delayed?
Avatar m tn My Husband and I are trying to conceive for 4 months. And I have the following symptoms Cramps as if I am having my period. Shortening in breath every time I move. and my breasts hurts a lot. Shall i take a pregnancy test, I am worried to take it and to be deceived. Looking for answersss.
Avatar f tn typically when a period becomes earlier and earlier, the follicular phase of the cycle is shortening. it is impossible to tell it that's happening with you over a forum, and your doctor will likely suggest testing. I'm not sure if this is much help, but if you are still worried i would try finding another doctor who can see you sooner. Good luck.
Avatar f tn As my phase Inbetween O day and visit from AF is 14 days (previously using standard ovulation tests) i am expecting AF to arrive in 14 days so around cycle day 35 which would be a significant shorter cycle than usual!! Has anybody else had success with reflexology shortening cycles?
Avatar f tn From what i no, the day you ovulate, determines when your cycle will start. Technically, if you are ovulating late in the cycle as you said, the average woman that does not have fertiltiy issues should have a 12-14 day L.Phase, so thats why you have a 35CD, if you ovulated on the 23, and got a period on day 28 you could not get preggo bcuz the L.Phase would b to short. Im normally get my cycle every 28 days.
Avatar f tn Ok so i am a diabetic who hs irregular periods well my doc put me on Metformin 2000mg a day and tht srted in may so i had two regular cycles to my surprise and was able to pinpoint how long a cycle i have turns out my cycles are 39days bc my period lasted for 12days but the doc told me tht i should go to 28dys well i hoped so well i had been havin sore breast, headaches everyday, lower back pains, very emotional i jus knew i was pregnant but i decided to wait to see if period would come on which
Avatar f tn I don't really vomit anymore maybe once every 2 weeks I will need to be sick though I feel quite nausea through out the day/night.. I'm not taking any medication for the PCOS. My period cycle length is shortening sometimes I wouldn't get my period for 4months then I would get it every 28 days for 2 months then back to 40 days apart now for the last few months my period has been 30-35 days apart so I'm hoping maybe my period is going to regulate.
Avatar f tn If you want to try shortening the 14 day time frame to about 12 1/2 days to account for a 25-day cycle, it comes out to January 10. But unfortunately, again, you simply can't tell from a 12-week ultrasound that specifically. DNA test is the way to go. Sorry again, but there is no way to tell when everything points to the same few days when both candidates were still possible.
Avatar n tn ) Be prepared for hot flashes and headaches though. Everyone is different, but those are the main two that I experienced. Funny thing was when I took 100mg, I didn't have as many side effects as with the 50mg.... Good Luck!!
Avatar n tn (1) Period: generally symptom free with some random waves of itching/burning (2) Strong smelling discharge that is green/yellow and cakes on the sides of my vagina, waves of itching/burning, the area is very irritated, pain when urinating and wiping the area (3) Clear egg white discharge mixes with the discharge described in (2) and makes the symptoms less severe (4) White discharge that burns/itches and irritates the area, redness, pain when wiping I have been working with a nurse practition
Avatar f tn It took to the third month to get my body back to having a period again... so this month I had a 2.5 day period, a moderate amount of bleeding, emotional distress, suicidal thoughts, rage, irritability, extreme psychomotor agitation, cramps, nausea, migraine etc... Based on this experience, I now suddenly meet the criteria for PMDD.
Avatar n tn I was wondering why on or own though not successfull I was able to become pregnant and doing with 3 clomid for 5 days and two inseminations each cycle what might be going wrong.. I don't know weather to do a fourth insemination or ask the doctor to try ivf at this point?? Im really confused and at this point don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn So, now every month this is what my cycle consists of- after my period ends, I worry it's going to come early or I am going to bleed at ovulation; if I don't bleed at ovulation, I just worry it will come early; if it comes on time, I am fine until the end of my period and then it starts all over again; if it doesn't come on time, then I worry it's not going to come. Every itch down below gets me worried. Every time I feel hot, it's a hot flash. And do you know why POF worries me?
Avatar n tn I started the sticks 12 days after the first day of my period. I finally had a line (not a dark one by the way) and I got pregnant. Good luck to you!
677634 tn?1226359807 Also, my periods used to last 7 to 9 days during a 28 days cycle. They reduced to 6 days and now 5 days with signs of even shortening to 4 days. (The 5th and final day of bleeding is now almost non existent, with relatively light bleeding to spotting in the morning hours.) My desire for sex has plummeted. As well lack of lubrication during. The only time I want it is what I like to call my ,” In heat time”, which is when I should be ovulating and it last for about 3 days.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear I am not alone. You would think that with this many women out there with similar problems, they could fix it. I have been changing BC pills for 4 years in hopes of a fix. In June of this year, things took a bad turn. I was at times soaking a Super Plus every ten minutes. I got an blood test (50 count), ultrasound, an OBGYN visit, a D&C to lose the fibroids and an IUD to "stop" my period. Now I don't know when my period is going to start or when its stopping.
Avatar f tn When the walls thicken there will be some rigidiity and the filling phase (diastolic) of the heartbeat cycle will be effected and less blood will be pumped into circulation with each stroke. It appears you have a mild condition that may limit the amount of blood pumped (systolic) with each heartbeat. The RAS maybe the underlying cause for the high blood pressure and the high blood pressure may be the underlying cause for the diastolic dysfunction.
Avatar f tn This is because they occur at an inappropriate time relative to the cardiac cycle wheras a pac conducts as a normal heartbeat. 3. PAC are actually probably less beningn. They are more likely to precipitate SVT and could be a sign of broader conduction disease. They are also ominous for AFIB remmission. Someone with a higher PAC burden then PVC burden would be suprising.
Avatar n tn Why, yes, usually they happen right around any hormonal fluctions - right before, during or after my period and sometimes during ovulation - I've been ovulation earlier in my cycle lately, also with a shortening of my cycle. Perimenopause already, maybe? Then there was the question of stress. Well, I'm a stay at home mom of six year old triplet boys. What day ISN'T stressful. However, times of more stress, less sleep at about that time of the motnth tend to be up there, too.
Avatar n tn Now the first day of last period was 8/8/07 my cycle is usually 29-30 days. I had unprotected relations on 8/24 & 8/25. I had some spotting only noticed when I wiped real like pink streaky like 8/27 & 8/28. I am either 8 days late or 9 days late. My lower back/pelvic has been hurting off and on since the last couple of days in August. Last week I thought maybe I was nauseous in the evenings. I have not had much of an appetite at all since the week after the relations.
Avatar m tn And from what I've heard anecdotally, the first part -- shortening treatment time -- was paramount on the minds of many involved with the study, i.e. to develop a shorter, kinder treatment. Therefore, not sure why someone would want to be in the 48 week group, as they just could have done 48 weeks of SOC, although the argument might be made that the odds of SVR might increase with the VX added to the mix.
Avatar n tn I realized after thinking about it more last night that moving the shot date 'back' from Friday to Sat to me means that the treatment period will be are extending the time of total treatment by an extra day. Conversely, moving forward from Fri. to Thurs. for example would shorten the treatment time by a day . This is why I made an earlier comment about the riba component.
Avatar n tn In a 6 month period for a cyst to grow to grape size is that considered to be growing fast or is that a normal speed for a complex cyst to grow? The doctor said to wait and see for 2 months.When I asked him if it will turn into cancer, he said yes, but that could takes years. April of 2005 I had a colonoscopy because my husband was having one done and he wanted me to also have it done. To our surprise they removed a hereditary cancer from my colon. The Dr. said it was the worst of it's kind.
Avatar n tn First I was given Flagyl for 7 days, took all the pills,saw some improvemnt for a few days while taking the pills, had my period and still felt the same. I went back and was given Flagyl for 10 days and Diflucan b/c she said she also saw some yeast again. I finished all meds, and for a few days I felt back to normal (it was GREAT), now I am just getting over my period and I feel this burning sensation again, I mean it's not painful just annoying and sometimes I notice it, and sometimes I don't.