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570004 tn?1226980196 Since I went hypo earlier this year, I have noticed that my period cycle is a week earlier each time now too. Used to be on the knocker of a particular day, could almost even tell you the time it would arrive! Now it is almost exactly 3 weeks to the day each one starts. So makes getting PMS a really big drag. When I was Hypo years ago the very same thing happened.
Avatar n tn I read a research study online that showed some women taking antidepressents can experience a lengthening or shortening of their cycle while on the medications. Then when the medication is stopped, the cycle can return to "normal". I've been on antidepressents for 7 1/2 years and just stopped. Now my period is over a week late. Could it be a link between seratonin and hormones?
725941 tn?1297882209 Your follicular phase can vary from cycle to cycle. (time before o) If the Luteal phase is shortening(the time from o to af), there may be a problem commonly referred to as a Luetal phase defect. The Lp should be consistent every cycle. Do you know what part of your cycle has lengthened?
Avatar f tn As my phase Inbetween O day and visit from AF is 14 days (previously using standard ovulation tests) i am expecting AF to arrive in 14 days so around cycle day 35 which would be a significant shorter cycle than usual!! Has anybody else had success with reflexology shortening cycles?
Avatar f tn typically when a period becomes earlier and earlier, the follicular phase of the cycle is shortening. it is impossible to tell it that's happening with you over a forum, and your doctor will likely suggest testing. I'm not sure if this is much help, but if you are still worried i would try finding another doctor who can see you sooner. Good luck.
Avatar f tn From what i no, the day you ovulate, determines when your cycle will start. Technically, if you are ovulating late in the cycle as you said, the average woman that does not have fertiltiy issues should have a 12-14 day L.Phase, so thats why you have a 35CD, if you ovulated on the 23, and got a period on day 28 you could not get preggo bcuz the L.Phase would b to short. Im normally get my cycle every 28 days.
Avatar m tn I can tell you what FS indicates. It is fractional shortening. It is a ratio of the dimension of the left ventrical at peak filling to end of the pumping cycle. Above 30% is considered normal, 26-30% represents mild decrease in ejection fraction (weaker heart contraction. I know this by memory. I don't know the other values. With every report I have received, the report provides the normal range. That is done because each lab may may have different parameters.
Avatar f tn HI! I am experiencing a great increase in my period cycle. From 29days-35days and now 40. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn M period isn't here yet when I usually have a 28-35 day cycle. Are 6 tests that are negative in a course of a month proof I'm not pregnant? I got my period Feburary 1st and the last test I took was on April 11th and it was negative like the other 5 i took before that date.
Avatar f tn june 14 ko mera period huwa tha bad may ab tak period nahi aya or and im 27 n 15days ko trip may bhi thi give a sugession
Avatar n tn I have irregular period cycle. Ave period length is 2 weeks, with 2-3 weeks "break" in between. It causes my calendar to mess up (we're trying to conceive). Is this menstrual cycle normal? Any advice re timing?
Avatar f tn They are now 42 days long which means I am getting less chances to get pregnant! I ovulate exactly 3 weeks into my cycle and then af comes exactly 3 weeks after that. I see info on here all the time about lengthening luteal phase length, but nothing about shortening it..
Avatar n tn my father has low ejection fraction and fractional shortening i.e. fractional shortening of 17% and ejection fraction of 34% it decreases suddenly during 2month in month of june it was normal is that dangeroues and in this condition tell me is fasting (during ramazan) dangerous.
Avatar f tn My last child I was more exhausted towards the end and when my cervix was shortening and dialating I felt pressure and period cramps- contractions and I felt sharp pains on my cervix
Avatar m tn The EF is not a static parameter and varies from heart cycle to heart cycle, and that with a margin of error of 10% provides acceptable difference. My experience with EF relates to an echo test and an angiogram. The results were 29% with echo and hours later with an angiogram 13%. I brought the matter to the attention of a tech, and it was stated 13% is incorrect as if I had 13% EF I wouldn't even be able to walk up a flight of stairs without serious shortness of breath.
Avatar f tn If you want to try shortening the 14 day time frame to about 12 1/2 days to account for a 25-day cycle, it comes out to January 10. But unfortunately, again, you simply can't tell from a 12-week ultrasound that specifically. DNA test is the way to go. Sorry again, but there is no way to tell when everything points to the same few days when both candidates were still possible.
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Avatar f tn My doctor wants to put me on clomid. . . She said something about it shortening my cycles. My question is this. . .I thought clomid was only given to women with ovulation issues? I ovulate though, so I'm not sure why she wants to give it to me. Granted, I ovulate late in my cycle. . . CD 23-25, with a 36-37 day cycle. I of course didn't think to ask her this until after the appointment. Any insight would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn The first day of your period until the day you ovulate can vary but women usually ovulate between 14-35 days after your period. You can track this by counting back 14 days from your last period. Because the time between ovulation and getting your period can only be 14 days. If your period is ever late. It's because you ovulated late.
Avatar n tn The pill has worked on lightening my period and shortening it. Any advice?
Avatar n tn I would possibly wait until your period is due based on the July 4th period date, and then take a pregnancy test.