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Avatar f tn You can track this by counting back 14 days from your last period. Because the time between ovulation and getting your period can only be 14 days. If your period is ever late. It's because you ovulated late.
296027 tn?1287762643 The first day you bleed, even the tiniest bit, is day 1 of your cycle, and you count each day until day1 of your next period. That is the length of that month's cycle. If you start keeping track on a calendar, you will find that you can see a pattern.
Avatar f tn I was feeling fatigued, very sore breasts, feeling nauseous, and my period was late! Before I got a chance to take a pregnancy test I started my period. For the first four days the blood was dark (almost black) and large clots along with pretty bad cramping. Two weeks later I am still bleeding (now it's more normal; red but still with clots). But it's been two weeks and pretty heavy. I haven't had the time to go to the doctor but have been reading on the internet....
Avatar f tn Unfortunately this morning (day 9) I got my period, do I start to count my next period from today or will it be starting 9 days ago? I was to be sure we make love when I am more fertile. Please help.
Avatar f tn if my period startd on 13th April does that make my cycle 32 I'm trying to work out my fertile dates for ovulation I hope I'm making sence thank u
Avatar n tn I have been off if the pill since August2015. My last cycle was dec1st 2015. It's been 82 days since my last cycle which makes me 50 days since my first miser cycle. One more week make 3mo since I've had a cycle at all. I have taken three tests total over this period of time and they have all been (-). This wknd I will test again and if it's still negative I will be making an appt with my dr. I haven't noticed any body changes other than going to pee like every chance I get.
Avatar n tn Its been 7 weeks since Ive had my daughter and still no cycle. I cant use bc till I get it...My fiance and I have been using condoms for the most part but occasionally we have gotten carried away and started without them (then realized we forgot) Should I worry about being pregnant...AGAIN or is it normal to go this long without one while my boy regulates itself again.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome. Well, one of the questions you ask is easy and the other is not. The way to track cycle and know it's length is to start counting. Day one of your period is the first day of your cycle. You count from there and the last day of your cycle is the day before your period starts (you know this when you start your period. :>) ). most women ovulate mid cycle but it is really hard to precisely confirm when you exactly ovulate.
2168213 tn?1357066144 All of the websites I checked says I am 19weeks tomorrow. I don't understand as to when do you really start counting??? My hub and I had sex the last week of April and was the peak of my ovulation. But how come it is always based on the first day of your last menstruation? Would it be right if I should count from the week I had sex with and was my ovulation??
Avatar n tn my last period started dec 13..not on it now. im thinking my cycle might be 32 days?
1793094 tn?1315378236 I really don't know when should i start counting my menstrual cycle, should i start already from the beginning of my period or the last day of my period?
Avatar n tn Some women get their period just a couple weeks later, while some women do not get their period for three or more months. Your specific situation will be different than any other womans. So, when do I start counting from now until four weeks, you might ask? You should expect to get your period about four weeks after a D&C and you might expect to see your period around six weeks after a miscarriage that did not require a D&C.
1432912 tn?1309273518 and put a 2 on the next day and 3 on the third day and so on and so on, keep on counting the days on the calendar until your period starts AGAIN...on that day start over at number one and voila, you know how long your cycle is...if you mark 28 days on the calendar before you start another period, it's a 28 day cycle...if you want to know when your ovulating, thats a little trickier, it's usually around day 14 for a 28 day cycle, but thats not gospel...
Avatar n tn I NEVER, EVER missed a period in my life and I have a true 27 day cycle. My LMP was May 31, 2011 and I was due to start on June 27, which I did not. I am 5 days late and have failed the before and after period HPT's ): My darlin' and I were intimate on the 11, 12, and predicted ovulation day, the 13th. We also were intimate 2 days before my period. I feel pregnant, but i am stripped of the excitement with these negative HPTs.
317019 tn?1532969186 so don't go by the 27 days. How long are your cycles, normally? If you normally have a 28-day cycle, then your period *should start tomorrow. But, again, your cycles could messed up for a bit. Did you temp or track ovulation in any way?
790546 tn?1237053828 If your cycle is longer it will be 14 days before your next period starts.So you need to find out roughly how long your cycle is.For ex my cycle is 39 days long so i mark it out on my calendar and i also joined a website called my monthly cycles and put in dates of my last 2 cycles start dates and every month they email me 3 days before my ovulation is due to start.Im ttc so its very helpful to me.Good luck !!
Avatar n tn I believe you go by the baby's scanning age
Avatar n tn very heavy for me b/c i had not had a real period in over 6 years. so should i get my next af going on the 14 or start counting on the 18??? me and dh are suppose to wait till we had a af this month and then we can ttc again)(dr.says it will be ok)but we had condom problems on the week i think i was ovulating and i have lots of symptoms but maybe they are just pms. i have never had pms so i am not sure. i took one test on tues but it was neg but do you think it was too soon...
1226735 tn?1379106893 There are days that I feel like I would like to have that feeling that makes everything better(so thats what my mind tells me), but I know that going back to them will only start the vicious cycle over again and I am not going through any of that again. It is a life style change and with any change its hard, but in the end you will be so much better off. Stay strong and find something to keep you busy, anything. Your doing great and everyday will get better!!!
Avatar n tn i had a baby ten weeks ago,i havent got a period yet,i noticed i had pain in lower area 2 days ago similiar to period pains but still havent blood,also noticed a discharge it was a sticky substance,wat could this be and when wiill i get my first period after having a baby
349463 tn?1333575176 I don't have ANY pregnancy symptoms, but never have a late period. Should I be counting from the day my regular period stopped or when the unusual spotting stopped. I don't know it's kind of strange. Maybe I should just test and see. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Thanks!
Avatar f tn i had my last period which started last january 30 and ended like feb 2 or 3, had sex with my husband 3 consecutive days after my period, im a regular 28-day cycle. last feb 26, i had my 1 day period which is very unusual..which comes earlier than my period supposed to be. plus i think it is implantation bleeding because it started like red then turned to brown plus it only lasted like 1 day,(morning till evening), followed by brown discharge only when i wipe.
Avatar f tn Last month I had one positive opk and saw my temp spike until I got my period. AF was from 6/20 to 6/24. Today I had my tenth positive opk, but I have yet to see my temp spike. I took hpt yesterday and it was negative. Does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar f tn ) so kept trying, was late again, didn't bother to take a HPT..period came in jan.,6 days late (32 day cycle)...Its now Feb and I'm due for my period some time next week, If I'm not pregnant...I don't feel pregnant, and I'm not getting my hopes up again until I'm later than 10 days again! We have been simply using the counting method (you ovulate Approx.14 day b4 1st day of period) but this can be kind of screwy if your period is irregular...
502125 tn?1210211575 I recently had a baby (3 months ago) and recieved my period, but it has lasted about 17 days (and counting) - has this happened to anyone else? If so, what was the cause and how long did it last? I asked my dr. and they said to just wait and see if it still continues and to also take it easy...any comments?
Avatar f tn The sleep tracker tells you, when you are done filling it out, how many hours you slept and how many times. I think that the Menstrual Cycle Tracker should tell you how many days since last period start and maybe how many days your flow was. A lot of us are very irregular and keeping track of how many days between is very important. I have a hard time counting all those little boxes to keep track of days. And I always seem to be off a little when I use a calendar.