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Avatar m tn org/guidelines/2006/hiv_testing_june06.pdf page 4 So what is 3 months? 3 calendar months, 3 lunar months (12 wks)? Does it matter, is it splitting hairs? I don't want to mess about maybe taking time out to do two tests in the space of a week, it's hard enough looking for a job as it is.
Avatar n tn I actually know when it is coming on because I start to get very sensitive, then the itch starts, then my period begins a couple days later, then the itch goes away about two days after my period begins. Even after my period ends, I am still left extremely sensitive. Even hurts to wash and forget about intercourse, it's extremely painful. Vagisil does help with the itch, so I use that, but I can't stand knowing what is causing this.
Avatar n tn Hello, My last period was on November. I never miss a period. I feel different, so I think that I am pregnant. I have been with nausea, back pain and a lot of things. I got two blood test negative. Now, my doctor prescribed me the medroxyprogest 10mg. If I take the pills, it will risk my pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I took a pregnancy test two days before my period and it came back negative. Then when i got my period, it was heavy. Could i still be prego?
Avatar n tn Periods can vary in length and flow. It sounds like a period.
Avatar f tn In the month of Aug I Had my periods on 9th, in Sep I had on 12th, in October I had on my MC application shows tat next periods on 16th tis month, but am not sure about the duration between each periods. Will the app calculates the duration or I have to update it. And FYI me and my hubby had intercourse on 14th. Since the duration between each periods is different, am worried about the ovulation period also. Can anyone help.
10947 tn?1281407852 The data from the website should automatically sync to your phone whenever you open the application and you have a data connection. Can you try opening and closing your app again in a place that you know you have data connectivity (e.g. your home)? Let us know if that worked or if your data still won't sync to your phone. Also, the sync only works for the last 30 days right now.
11079760 tn?1483389730 I try to keep focussing on what I can do and make lots of notes, reminders of all sorts (written, diary, calendar, alarms, post its, work calendar etc etc). Hey, I'm human not a robot.
577132 tn?1314270126 I was in Part 3 of the following trial and had little sx other than those associated with SOC. I tested UND at week 4 and am currently in week 18, still UND. I am Geno 3a, previous non-responder to 24 weeks Peg/Riba combo therapy. R7128, a prodrug of PSI-6130 -->Sept 17, 2008 R7128 is being developed by Pharmasset and Roche through our collaboration to develop nucleoside polymerase inhibitors for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infections.
1550149 tn?1340004330 The FMLA applies to any employer in the private sector who engages in commerce, or in any industry or activity affecting commerce, and who has 50 or more employees each working day during at least 20 calendar weeks in the current or preceding calendar year. The law also covers all public agencies (state and local governments) and local education agencies (schools, whether public or private). These employers do not need to meet the "50 employee" test.
Avatar f tn If I would adher to the conservatice (official CDC) guideline of conclusive testing at 6 months, can this 22 weeks be accepted as 5,5 months (based on one month equals 4 weeks of 7 days) or does it only equal 5 months (based on calendar months of 30-31 days). 3. What is the likelihood of a 22 weeks negative turning positive at 24 or 25 weeks (to reach the 6 months timeline) providing no other risk exposures have occurred? 4.
Avatar n tn At night when a pillow is tucked between my legs and being under a warm blanket, the itch intensify. Application of any creams seem to be temporary and doesn't make it go away. I know the solution is stop scatching and keep it cool, so I'll keep on working at that. Been trying for years and I must say it's hard when the intense itch kicks in. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies sorry I have been missing for the past week. Had a little bit of a scare last week with some light bleeding. Baby is good though and I had a follow up appt today and heard the heartbeat again at 164. I can't believe tomorrow I will be 12 weeks already!!!! I see some of you ladies are having some promising symptoms this month. Good luck with testing!!!!!!! Hope everybody gets their BFP!!!!!!!! faith - that guy is a dirtbag!!!!! Congrats on the job I hope you are enjoying it.
299260 tn?1304219705 Our RE told us yesterday that we should call the office this morning (everyone had left by the time our consult was done yesterday) and get an application to start the IVF process. The application is for the Attain program, which is through like an insurance group that includes 3 fresh/3frozen cycles. Because of my uterus, he says they may not accept me, but that it's worth a try & he'll write a letter to appeal in our favor if they deny us.
1310633 tn?1430227691 ” The photo was posted last Thursday (18 Tir, 1394 on the Persian calendar), on the eve of Iran’s annual “Quds [Jerusalem] Day” – also dubbed “Death to Israel Day” since chants to that effect typically characterize rallies across in the country, along with “Death to America.” Commenting on the decision to post the photo and caption at this time, Rubin wrote on the AEI blog, “So much for peace and so much for ‘Dialogue of Civilizations.’” “But why should Israel worry?” he continued.
Avatar n tn It has been 14 days since the start of my last period. The last few days I've had a darker, brownish-discharge that only shows up when I wipe - nothing requiring a pad. I don't know if I'm getting another period (which would be abnormally soon after the last one) or if this is implantation bleeding? I don't know if implantation bleeding is one day and then it is gone, or if it could be several days like I've been experiencing. Anyone know? Thanks!
3060903 tn?1398568723 'The Grapevine', as it is usually called, consists of a monthly calendar of AA events, regular features, and special articles on issues and topics of interest to AA members. It is sometimes called 'our meeting in print'. AA Group: Any two or more alcoholics gathered together for the purpose of sobriety provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. AA Preamble: A statement which briefly explains the purpose of AA. The preamble is read at the beginning of most AA meetings.
Avatar n tn At one point Crisco application twice a day helped with the reddness and burning, but right at that point the third dr. prescribed a steroid that he said works, so I tried it for two days. Now my symptoms are through the roof, hard to sit, walk etc =/. I wish I had stuck to the crisco. I now have clitoris redness that wasn't there before and I have no idea what to try next. I do believe mine was triggered by dove soap, causing irritant dermatitis. I also had a baby in Sept.
Avatar f tn at least i had the energy to do the things i did today. went to get coffee, filled out an application and went to a meeting. not bad for being 3 days sober. i hope i feel even better tomorrow. i don't expect miracles i realize this is gonna be baby steps. but every step will be forward not backward. and if anyone is reading my babbling today, especially just starting , trust me it does get easier. i know it seems impossible. but i am doing it and you can too. i do recommend going to meetings.
Avatar f tn so far im schedule to have my eggs retreval on 9/15 but im still waiting for my nurse to call to see how are my ovaries and my blood i guess i will keep my calendar untill i receive a call from my nurse...and for those that tried several times i cant say how it feels because i havent gone thru it..but just want to let you all know that hope is the last thing you will keep it there ladies...good luck for all of you!!!
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I was at work and went to the bathroom and did my business when i wiped it hurt and burned so bad so I looked at the toilet paper and there was blood. I knew I wasn't on my period so I immediatly freaked and called my GP. I got an appointment the same day. He said it looked like some kindof skin fungus and gave me this cream:Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropoinate Cream. This made it go away. I went on with my daily business and it came back even worse.
328927 tn?1227765440 This will my only pregnancy in my lifetime so I would just love to get two for the price of one! Additionally, yes for a period of time it's difficult. But they aren't babies forever. And they grow up oh so fast, too fast! Don't worry about it Heather. You are strong and resilient. You don't know for sure your having twins, but if you are, you are up for the challenge. You've faced difficult times and you are strong. Plus, DH will be a great support.
Avatar f tn In Study GS-US-334-0118, 153 patients (100 per cent) became HCV undetectable by treatment Week 4 and remained undetectable through the remainder of the 12-week treatment period. Post-treatment relapse accounted for five virologic failures. There were no treatment discontinuations due to adverse events and all patients completed the 12 week post-treatment follow-up visit.
Avatar n tn Hi there we continued our chat in the forum posted above. There are several of us who are going through or just went through the 2ww. I did a hpt at 10 days post blastocyst transfer and received a BFP. I am currently almost 6 weeks. Please join us in the other forum...
Avatar n tn Their bright idea was to up the dosage! i can honestly say this period was one of the worst times of my life. After basically falling into a deep hole of depression i decided enough was enough. After ten years i quit taking my medicine. i had to pretend to take it in front of my parents then throw it out when i got to school. the withdraw was horrible but lasted only a month.
Avatar n tn I don't have any symptoms yet, except for my period being early once in a while. I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!