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Avatar f tn Try looking up an ovulation calculator online. It asks for first day of last period and gives you a few ideas about longer and shorter cycle lengths.
1523981 tn?1311322195 So I keep close track of my cycle and ovulation. we did have sex while I was ovulating and just for fun I tried a pregnancy due date calculator and using the first day of last cycle said I would already be 2 weeks pregnant. Just wondering how you can be pregnant 2 weeks before you ovulate and only 3 days after your period just ended. I tried multiple websites and they all the same thing. It just doesn't make sense to me or my husband.
Avatar f tn They all work me out at around 8/9 weeks some nearly 10 weeks I had my last period on the 21st Feb and iv had mild sickness for 3 weeks now (not as bad now) how far do u think I am? I got positive test 5 weeks ago so was wondering what's least I could be??
Avatar f tn you take the day that your period starts as the first day of your cycle, so if you have a 28 day cycle you would usually ovulate anytime from around day 10-16, you can go on line and fill in the particulars for your usual cycle and it will come up with approximate ovulation dates for you just google ovulation calculator, another more precise way is to keep and eye on your cervical muccus, egg white and very stretchy is fertile, you can also buy ovulation strips and start testing from day 10 in
Avatar f tn I never had a 22-23 day cycle always 28-31. A normal cycle is considered like 28 days. Try using a ovulation predictor calendar then when ever it says you should be ovualating i would use ovulation kit and test each day in the 11 day time frame until you get a postive.
Avatar f tn I downloaded a period tracker app on my cell phone with also told me my ovulation day. i got pregnant on my first try :) . You can also search on Google for ovulation calculator .
676912 tn?1332816151 Ok, so what's the best way to pin point, or come close to pin pointing ovulation? DH and I are TTC again, although I think I missed the chance this month, I want to figure out about when I'm O'ing. I don't get any pain when I do. My cycles are between 31-38 days so far, I've been tracking for four months. You can see it on my profile I have an ovulation tracker, which I'm currently using to track AF.
452571 tn?1311160076 Hello ladies DH and I are going to bd tonight my exact date of ovulation according to internet calculator(they have always worked for me as my periods are pretty regular) is tomorrow. I had ovulation cm the past three days and it was very little not as much as I always get. Now today there is almost nothing. Do you think there is a chance that I might still conceive with very little to no ovulation cm?
Avatar f tn The only time that would have led to pregnancy was around the 28-30. Does the time of ovulation/conception make any difference? Lmp Dec 10th and my next expected period was the Jan 10th and up. My cycles are usually very long and irregular. Cycle length ranging from 32-43 days.
4422728 tn?1355845029 I always have regular periods (begining of the month, 28 days apart, same symptoms, same amount of days ect) but this month I started my period 22 days after my last, and it went on for 9 days with a ton more PMS symptoms. Anyway I used an ovulation calculator, do you think it would be accurate? Do periods go back to normal after one abnormal period? I'm so confused and my fiace and I are TTC! Thank you!
Avatar n tn Im thinking also that I may have missed this month. But according to the conceptionstore calculator I will be ovulating 1-6 Feb, (going by the 14 day L/phase)so we'll see then what takes place. My last LMP was 21st Jan,(a 28 day cycle) should I start counting from then? The last 2 cycles lasted in Nov 33 days and Dec 35 days respectively. Also while ovulating, how often should dh & I Bd?
Avatar f tn I have a 32 day cycle and by useing the ovulation calculator on this site I was ovulating 11-26 through 12-6. My husband and I tried on 11-29 twice then 12-4, and 12-7 Could I have gotten pregnant? I know it is diffrent with everyone and with my son I did not know I was pregnant till I was 6 weeks. With him I did not know about the ovulation calculator and etc we just tried all the time lol and it only took 3 months to get pregnant with him.
Avatar f tn Hi, you are saying Had sex in mid-September with boyfriend First day of last period -- September 19 "I came back on Oct.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, I decided to use the ovulation calculator so I had some idea of the best times to be getting down to business. I was surprised when it showed that my ovulation was the 26 March through to 5 April as my AF didn't even finish until the 26. I have a really sort cycle of around 24-25 days and bleed for 7 days, so is this right that I ovulate immediately???
Avatar n tn I had sex a day before my supposed ovulation day,according to the MC calculator,but am starting to feel cramp-like pains about a week after like I usually do whenever am bout to start my period. Pls I need to know if I could be pregnant or if it's possible to b pregnant and still feel some cramps like dat...I rily wanna be pregnant,so Help!
Avatar f tn Just to be safe, i downloaded another period tracker and an ovulation calculator. My last period was the 7th, lasted 4 days and my average cycle is 32 days. The secondary period tracker says i have 4 days until my next period, but the ovulation calculator says my fertile dates were the 22nd through the 27th and i ovulated on the 25th. Do y'all think Plan B will work? Or did the timing kill those chances? Also, a little afraid of Plan B side effects.. and wise words on that?
628252 tn?1226645411 I've been trying to do some research and used an ovulation calculator at baby had sex 2 days after my period had stopped.. can someone please explain it to me?
Avatar n tn In December 2003, the cramping started four days past my ovulation and this month of January 2004 it started the day after my ovulation. I ovulated on the 20th according to the ovulation calculator. I had unprotected sex on Jan. 16th, 17th, and on the 22nd. All before and after ovulation. The cramps in December were milder and this month they have elevated to getting stronger day by day and they come and go. What could this be? Thank you for your time to read my post and respond.
377012 tn?1283969035 i just checked on the MedHelp Ovulaion Calculator and it says i shouln't ovulate until May 3rd, can you just have symptoms of ovulation before it starts???
Avatar m tn up until about the 25th of February. I did get my period in March but I know my mom had her period the first month or two when she was pregnant BUT that was her second pregnancy and this is my first. Could it be my new bf s & the blood was from implantation or could it be my ex s and the bleeding was from plan b? When could I have ovulated? My period is usually always on time.
Avatar f tn We have been sexually active most nights since my period ended and more so once I started showing signs of ovulation starting. Increased discharge, mucas like but only when I wiped and not a lot so I don't know much about the detail of it. Two nights ago i had very noticeable cramping while trying to sleep and post sex. I heard that was a sign the egg was going to drop soon. The next day my discharge was like liquid, TMI maybe but I wasn't wearing panties and it ran down my leg.
Avatar f tn I checked my ovulation calculator and it said I stop ovulating on the 17th. I haven't gotten my period but I have been cramping. I just wanted to know is there such thing as an invisible period? My aunt thinks I am pregnant but I know it can't be that. My last period started on November 1st. My menstrual cycles never flowed correctly before I started having sex on the 18th.
10727100 tn?1416718731 I had another period calculator app on my phone that put my next period due September 28th, it's now October 2nd and still no sign of a period. No cramps or anything like that. A few days earlier I woke up feeling nauseous and threw up, at 2 separate times in that day but since that I've had no pregnancy symptoms aside from the fact that I feel a tightness in my stomach. I finally took a pregnancy test and it came up negative almost right away.
Avatar f tn Hi, you will only be able to fall pregnant if you have ovulated. The best way to found out more or less when you will ovulate is to use a 'ovulation calculator". This is not 100% but at least you can get an idea more or less. A nice website which might help you is Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hello, The fertile period of a woman is determined by analyzing her menstrual cycle with an ovulation calculator or fertility chart. Normally, the cycle is a 28 day cycle. During the 14th day after a period, the ovum is released. The days 12 to 16 days after a period are said to be a woman’s most fertile period. It may be difficult to determine the time of ovulation in a woman with irregular periods.There are many indicators of ovulation.