Periapical abscess after root canal

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Avatar f tn Persistent pain after a root canal can be due to inflammation of adjacent tissues, irritation of periodontal ligament, periapical abscess or in few cases a failed root canal. These are only a few possibilities. See a dentist and get evaluated. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn Certainly redo root canal is not a guarantee to resolve the periapical lesion.However, after complete canal debridement and obturation, if the lesion persists, periapical surgery along with apicoectomy and retrograde filling may save the tooth. If periapical surgery is not successful, root amputation may save the tooth. Your condition is probably far beyond extraction. The tooth can be replaced by implant , it probably needs sinus lift or sinus elevation.
Avatar f tn Hello, It is common to have mild pain after a root canal procedure. But persistent pain after root canal can be an indication of complications. Few common causes are irritation of periodontal tissues, formation of periapical abscess, failed root canal or formation of a sterile abscess. Improper cleaning of root canal, infected tissue left inside the tooth, improper filling and sealing of root canal are few possibilities. If the pain is severe visit your dentist and get examined.
1394445 tn?1351026945 Hi there, Some pain and discomfort is common after a root canal treatment. There may be formation of a periapical abscess as a result of the initial infection due to bacteria during the endodontic procedure. There may be formation of a tooth abscess or inflammation of adjacent tissues due to increased blood flow during the healing process of the infected tissues. A failed root canal is another possibility.
Avatar m tn Hi. Yesterday I had a root canal on my top right incisor. The tooth had apprently died and had been giving me pain and mild swelling (particularly a 'bump' on my gum that made it feel like i had a constant air bubble trapped in my top lip), as an infection had taken hold and an abscess had formed at the tooth root (which, via x-ray, was shown to be the cause of the bump on the gums).
Avatar n tn While I had the temporary crown, everything seemed fine - it was as if nothing happened. But after receiving the permanent crown, I began having sensitivity to hot and cold. It really wasn't that bad, so I didn't think much of it. But about 2 weeks after getting the permanent crown, my gum (cheek side) started to hurt (slight throbbing) and became a little inflamed and pulled back. When I massaged the gum with my finger, I got a really foul taste from the gum. So I went to the dentist.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done on tooth # 28 five days ago. I had no pain prior to root canal , but my dentist said I had a large abscess found on xray that needed to be root canaled before I left to go out of the country. Sine the root canal I have had severe pain 10+ and a lot of facial swelling. After calling my endontontist 3 days in a row he had me come in to his office and determined my bite was offf and I was hitting the root canal tooth first.
Avatar f tn ) for your information. A car accident long ago smacked the right side of my head. Root canal infections started later. In spite of intense pain, dentists (high level) in Japan insisted there was no problem because nothing showed on x-rays. Then, several times, the various infections burst into my mouth or nasal passages. The nasal infection was undetected for years. I developed massive health problems.
Avatar n tn After that I had biting pain in one area. Tried new crown etc. Finally had root canal, last january, after root canal had biting pain on all areas of tooth and can even feel something when touching sides and top of tooth. Last molar in back on bottom. I do have tmj, I can feel a high point in that area when I have my mouth closed. Dentist, endo and oral surgeon say they see no high spots, so I guess I must be crazy, it's only my mouth!
Avatar f tn And then I gave her root canal treatment.During that treatment,she had no pain and no swelling.But 3days after obturating that tooth,she suffered swelling and slightly pain,I want to know what cause it is. I requested my senior dentist about that case. He precribed Lincomycin and Metronidazole 200mg for 10 days.
Avatar m tn i chipped it when i was younger and a few years later a pus bubble formed, ive had certain root canals, then when those failed i had a certain procedure where he did some thing at the tip of the root canal to try and save it. after about a year the puss came back, the tooth started to become just a bit discolored not to noticeable, but i just want to save this tooth or do something about it! can someone please explain what is happeneing to me and my tooth and what options i have!
Avatar m tn Your descriptions suggest periapical abscess associated with pulpal necrosis.Seeing an endodontist to have a root canal treatmrent is advised. Pulpal infection and abscess is not always painful. It's reported that 20-25% of pulpitis are asymptomatic.
Avatar n tn The bump codld be an periapical abscess , which may need root canal treatment.
Avatar f tn Once cement is wahed out, decay happened and microorganism have access to root canal, abscess results from periapical infection.
Avatar n tn Hello, This persistent abscess that does not get cleared with antibiotics is called Parulis as this elevated nodule is actually an opening of fistulous tract from some chronic abscess either in association with tooth (periapical abscess) or gum abscess or could be sinus in your case. As I can not do physical exam hence can not say for sure about the origin of the abscess. It needs x-ray and second opinion of a dentist who can examine.
Avatar n tn This started about 1 week ago. This tooth had a root canal done about 20 years ago. It is also an anchor tooth for a bridge for #29-31. The bridge was replaced about 1 1/2 years ago. I was having problems with the porcelain fall off so my dentist was remaking it using gold. The pain in the gums around this tooth started about 4 weeks ago after the dentist had to pack the cord around the anchor teeth to make impressions for the new bridge.
Avatar f tn If the tooth is dry inside, the filling can be replaced after the pressure is relieved. A Periapical abscess is an actual buildup of fluid in the bone at the tip of the root. This fluid may be sterile (germ free) or it may be the result of an infection due to germs that were introduced beyond the tip of the root during the endodontic procedure. This is a common problem during endodontic therapy.
1150919 tn?1261963747 A few hours after the root canal, one begins to feel the relief. I have had several root canals, think they are no big deal. One receives local anesthetic, rendering it minimally uncomfortable. If you are experiencing panic in the dental chair [and many do], may I suggest: 1] using pre-appointment sedation as prescribed by M.D.; 2] telling the dentist, "NO EPINEPHRINE, PLEASE.
Avatar n tn Ask your doctor to take a PA (periapical) x-ray. That shows the tip of the root and would probably show an abscess if it's been going on for a while. Usually dull throbbing is indicative of a periodontal (gum) issue. If the nerve is involved, you would have pretty intense sensitivity to cold and hot (especially hot). Sometimes if a tooth has been worked on a lot, the nerve can die just from the overall trauma it has gone through. If the filling is very large, some sensitivity is normal.
Avatar f tn Your descriptions suggest periapical abscess associated with pulpal necrosis.Seeing an endodontist is advised.