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Avatar n tn I am trying to take only 10 percocet a day and survive. WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin? I am having some pretty nasty nausea at night and heart palpitations and nausea dizzyness. I have cut down overnight from 14 to 15 pills daily to 10 pills daily and it is causing me some of the nastiest withdrawal I have ever had yet from it. I think I tried to taper off to quick, but in the past I have never had to taper like this.
Avatar f tn so I have kind of stalled my taper at 60mgs oxycontin/day plus 1.5 percocet 1-3X/day for bt pain. it's still less than I was taking at my peak (90mgs oxy/day plus 4-6 percocet/day for bt). I am allowing the stall for now, partly b/c I'm (weak!!) and irritated with it, and partly b/c of pain. I will see this week if I feel ready to taper more. take a deep breath and push forward a bit more. I am glad to be taking less and feel better overall.
Avatar n tn Oxycontin is a lot stronger thn vicodin. If take a lot of the percocet before you get your vicodin the vicodin will not do anything for you. They will maybe help with some of the withdrawl you will have from the percocet. If you can help it stay away from the oxy's and try to taper or stop the vicodin you are messing with a serious addiction that WILL ruin your life.
Avatar n tn As many of you already know I quit using Oxycontin Friday March 9th. Life has become much different during these past few weeks. I find myself sad and depressed one minute and on top of the world the next. I have been going to NA meetings on and off. I really havent had a good experience with the program. I call my sponcer and he doesn't return my calls. That hurts because I thought that NA was there to provide unconditional support. I get temted to use on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Percocet and I received the generic brand Oxycodone W/APAP 5/325 Two weeks later i had a kidney stone and was prescribed Percocet again. This time the generic name was Endocet 7.5/500 Why was it Oxycodone one time and Endocet the next time.
Avatar n tn i have taken both medications and with any hydrocodiene(vicodin, norco) i feel a little itchy. With oxycodiene(percocet, oxycontin) i do not feel it as much. You could still have itching but i am going to guess it wont be as bad.
Avatar m tn Percocet (oxycodone) is stronger than Vicodin (hydrocodone). Percocet is typical prescribed in 5mg doses. Hydrocodone is also typically prescribed in 5mg doses. At these levels percocet is definitly the stronger drug. Norco a brand of hydrocodone that comes in 10mg pills, and is there for equivalent to 2 normal hydro pills. People get confused and think it is stronger because they are taking two pills in one.
403399 tn?1201836695 Hydrocodone (schedule III, in bulk formulations only containing hydrocodone its schedule II) is a opioid that is a mild potency opioid, in between codeine and oxycodone. Oxycodone (Percocet, Oxycontin, Tylox) is about 50% stronger than hydrocodone , where as hydrocodone is about 50% stronger than codeine.
Avatar n tn Can someone explain to me wat I will go through and the timetable because I am on hour 11 of quitting oxycontin and percocet cold turkey and iwas taking about 120 mg's a day of either one that I could get my hands on (not 120 mg's of each a day, just 120 mg's of both together) ...any help would be much appreciated. thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been trying to manage my pain since October, starting with Darvocet, then we tried vicodin, neither of those were effective, so we tried Percocet. I was taking 2 every 4 hours and still having a great deal of pain. While we were waiting for MRI results and the wait to see a surgeon, I was put on Oxycontin 40 mg 2x each day (every 12 hours) and 2 percocet every 6 hours for breakthrough. I ended up still needing to take 2 percocet every 4 to control the pain.
Avatar n tn I can identify with your oxy experience, I for instance was a percocet user and now im on the oxycontin. Bro the perks did all you stated,they where great,i could drive and if i got stopped ,their was nothing to worry about,unlike the booze. The only thing that would give us away would be our inability to shut up,boy those drugs make me chipper.
Avatar f tn I know from experience that if you get drug tested, and if you are tested for opiates and are taking vicodin, it will come up positive. Likewise if you are taking percocet. Percs will show + for opiates, as will vicodin, oxycontin, darvocet, roxicet, etc etc... you get my drift. There is no way they tell whether you're taking percs or vikes- what they CAN do, if they have the time/and or resources is test for the amount of opiates in your system- but they seldom do that.
Avatar m tn The only downsides I've found so far is that it doesn't work very well for pain (nowhere near as well as Percocet or Vicodin) and also most noteworthy PRICE! Methadone can be found for $2/pill where Bup runs around $8-10/pill. This addiction is a horrible roller-coaster ride. I want to kill the pain to still be able to work, which I must work, but then in order to kill the pain I am addicted to the medication.
Avatar n tn These other ailments were treatable and possibly even preventable, but rather than explore that route, her doctor and nurses just kept increasing her dosage of Oxycontin until she was taking 100mg twice a day. She also was given Percocet for breakthrough pain when the Oxycontin didn't seem to last long enough. As the dosage was increased, she, too, became less and less lucid. She had also been retaining fluid due to her lack of mobility.
Avatar n tn i guess i will go into my whole story some other time just in case it helps even 1 person, but for now, i need HELP! i was on 180mgs of oxycontin and 90 mgs of instant release (IR) oxycodone (the stuff in percocet w/o the tylenol) a day for legit pain from an excruciating disease. my very 1st WD symptom is not typical i guess. i get extreme, unbearable, intractable leg pain. and this began happening before i EVER tapered down the drugs.
Avatar n tn Answer: 10 years Question: Was it percocet? Answer: Originally vicodin and then tylenol/codeine Question: Did you just wake up one day and say, ''THAT'S IT!?" Answer: Yes, in the middle of my taper I just stopped taking pills. Question: Do you know if there is some type of out patient program that works maybe faster? Answer: I think this varies by your area. My HMO wouldn't take me. I think this Forum is better than any program I could have attended.
Avatar n tn In general people who are prescribed painkillers are given oxys if the vicodin or percocet doesnt kill the pain without taking a large amount of them.
Avatar n tn /The other important issue here is the fact that there is nothing wrong with using Ultram or opiates (codeine, Vicodin, Percocet, etc.) if you have a chronic pain problem and are not abusing your medications by taking more than is prescribed, getting it from more than one doctor, etc. Chronic pain patients sometimes do become physically addicted to their medicines. This will happen even if you take the prescribed amount for a long enough time on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn Tom, Hey! I don't think you're understanding what pill I'm talking about. I read your letter again & you called them lorotab & vicodin. It is hydrocodone, but these have more in them than those others do. I've taken lorotab 7.5, vicodin & percocet(10), they were all like eating candy to me. They did nothing. I have to take at least 4 lorotab 7.5 to equal to 2 lorocet. I take lorocet 10/650 or lorocet plus. Well, I'll write more tonight. Thanks everyone!
Avatar n tn I've been taking about 6 Vicodin a day for over & year & now I'm out. What will the withdrawal be like? Anything I can do as far as over the counter products or easy to obtain herbal or natural remedies? Please answer fast.
Avatar n tn This week I am on about 560 mg of Vicodin, and having troubl;e sleeping.,. but doesn't it have to be done sooner or later? I am kinda of confused about how fast I should go??? Except for the sleep, the worst physical symptoms are over. Constipated, diarrea, some anxiety..but the sleep lack is horrible to me. I guess my question it ok to use 1.25mg of Ativan while I get off the Vicodin and the Soma asap???? My first time on this board....
Avatar n tn Shelly if you look under the posting vicodin/percocet withdrawl you will see some postings from Brian to BOB and Bob to Brian. Brian answered this question for me. Im sure you will find what you need to know there. This is what the doctor will be using on me next week to help me get clean. I understand it is only for three days but I feel Im going to make it with this great head start.
Avatar n tn I didn't take the warnings from others and my 8, 5mg vicodin habit turned in to about 20 or more 10mg percocet or norcos. I even went through a time where I talked my doctor in to prescribing oxycontin and worked my way up to the 80mg sometimes taking up to 5 a day. I know you are not there yet, but with time, you more than likely will get there. So deciding that you want to stop now and great! Most say cold turkey is the way to go. I disagree unless someone isn't able to taper.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar n tn I'm nervous about going back on Vicodin because that type of drug is not acceptable to society but the drugs that they want me one prozac etc are useless to me. My delemma Vicodin vs suicide. Thank you for listening.
Avatar f tn My 36 year old son is coming home tomorrow and he has asked me to help him through an at home detox off of vicodin. I guess he occassionaly uses oxycoton but primarily used vicodin. I think this is a 3-4 year addiction, escalating to the point of popping up to 20- .75m vicodin at a time. That sounds unbelievable to me, but I am certain that is what he told me. We plan to go "cold turkey" as he has lost his job, and we have no money and no insurance for him to see a doctor for help.
Avatar m tn Hi all, I would just like to say that I have been lurking on this site for awhile now before finally deciding to kick my habit. I have been addicted to Vicodin on and off for around 2 1/2 years. I recently decided it was time to stop after having taken it for 3 months straight. I just did not like what I was becoming, and what this drug was doing to my life in general.
225213 tn?1213738290 As for the Vic vs. Percocet.. honey, I don't know. Maybe one of the ol-timers could chime in here... whether it's better to take you DOC or something different. My guess is.. it doesn't really matter. Both may be tempting to abuse, and you may need help with it. Can ex-H help with dosages if you feel like it is getting out of hand? Also.. one day at a time honey.. don' worry too much, just have a plan in case..
Avatar n tn Norco is better than most because it only has 325 of Tylenol Vs. 500 or 650. To my knowledge hydrocodone which is the narcotic agent in Norco (I take it too) does not come in a tablet all on it's own. In order to get rid of the Tylenol you have to move up to the drug oxycodone which is in drugs like Percocet they make oxycodone tabs without Tylenol. Question is why are you so worried about your liver? Is your liver already compromised?