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Avatar m tn I am having kidney stones and the doctor put me on Percocet and told me to stop the Norco..Is Percocet stronger than Norco? The stones are killing me.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Percocet and I received the generic brand Oxycodone W/APAP 5/325 Two weeks later i had a kidney stone and was prescribed Percocet again. This time the generic name was Endocet 7.5/500 Why was it Oxycodone one time and Endocet the next time.
Avatar m tn In my personal experience, I've found Norco (hydrocodone) to be more effective. All percocet did for me was give me constipation and make me parnoid. LOL!
Avatar n tn The percocets are ALOT stronger than the Norco's. You will get probley percocet 5/325 and then if you build a tolerance to that, percocet 10/325. I was taking 12 10/325 percocets a day untill my tolerance to even that built where they hardly ever worked. My doc. put me on 8mg Dilaudid 4x a day and they have been working good for 8 months now. Just be honest with the doc. if you build tolerance and become addicted. The benifits outweigh the negatives.
Avatar n tn My script ran out and I had to go the ER and they gave me Percocet there for a pain I was lying about. My question is how strong is the 500/325 percocet in relation to the 750 norco vicodin? I am trying to take only 10 percocet a day and survive. WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin? I am having some pretty nasty nausea at night and heart palpitations and nausea dizzyness.
Avatar f tn In 2013 the FDA mandated changes in opioid formulations containing acetaminophen. Vicodin, Norco, and Percocet now all contain only 325mg of acetaminophen and known as 5/325 formulations -- 5mg of opioid analgesic with 325mg of acetaminophen. A few months ago with the law went infor effect, there was a shortage of 5/325 formulations in the distribution networks. By the way, other drugs can hurt your liver.
Avatar f tn Ive been taking percocet on n off for 5 years. More on than off. I use to subsitite with norco, 10mg when id run put pf my 30 month supply of 120 after 2 weeks. I try to taper, and it helps. I recently went up to 6 a day of 10/325. O have 3 left with one ready to inhale for the am. I am coming out of a drug imduced psychosis episode. I've gotten them before, but this was the worst. Im taking 2 mg xanax which has brought me back almost 99%.
Avatar f tn Does Norco cross the blood brain barrier?
Avatar n tn We typically chat about personal issues, after my urine test (per recent New Laws) to prove that I am taking my meds that’s prescribed VS selling them on the street, and our appt typically ends with him asking “any changes” – I say, “No”, and he hands me my script… Scripts for percocet and/or stronger narcotics must have a written script VS calling or faxing it into the pharmacy.
Avatar n tn Thankfully there isn't tylenol in the oxycontin, but the tylenol with percs is surely compromising these organs' well being. My very good friend, a percocet abuser, just got off a dialysis machine 2 days ago, for failed liver and kidney function. He is an otherwise healthy 32 year old man. Then there are changes that occur to the brain, that in many cases can be permanent. Some addiction specialists draw the analogy of an addicts brain to a person that has had a stroke.
1151955 tn?1262647133 You'll see I post ALOT on Axiety but this i my First post in the part of the Forums. I've been on Norco 10/325 now for 8-9 years due to a Lower back injury. I get 120 a Month. I did see a Pain management doctor and he have my 160 but he stopped taking my insurance so Now my Primary doc gives my 120 a month. Anyways... I told him how I may take 2 rather than one at a time due to my pains being so intense. I will ONLY take 2 whn and only my pain is super intence keep in mind.
Avatar n tn Just want to know what is stronger Norco (10mg hydrocodone/325 tylenol or 10mg Percocet (10mg oxycodone/325mg tylenol?) Seems equal unless one narcotic is stronger than the other.
Avatar n tn I have been on Percocet for 4 months for a herniated disk. I was taking half a day, then one a day, then up to 6 a day. Then I started having awful side effects. My back pain got worse, my tongue was swelling some, and had stomach pain too. Then I had my lumbar injection and the pain got worse. I am scared this is an allergic reaction. I had my lumbar steroid injection, and the pain got worse, so my Dr prescribed Tylenol 4.
955456 tn?1316230779 I was married to his father, and it turned out he was using me for his green card. When I had my son, the performed a C-section. I was given Percocet for this procedure. Long story short, when I took these percs, the pain was GONE and I didn't dwell on my son's father day and night. After my prescription ran out (it lasted about 2 days), and the dr wouldn't refill, I stopped taking them. Then 7 weeks later, when I got a job, someone was selling them at the job.
Avatar n tn I have tried both the oxycontin many strenghts the 80 mg are not very strong the bes ones are the oxycontin 60 mg but the problem is every 3 months like clockwork i would get very sixk vomiting and shaking very bad shivering in bed for at least 3 to 4 days every time i would get to my las few tablets like 8 hrs after my last dose this would happen it was crazy the pain mgt pac switched me to opana ER 40 mg twice a day v/s the 4 a day of oxycontin this is along with norco 10/325 10 a day 3 zana
Avatar f tn I have heard that people who have been on opiates for long periods of time do not have such a terrible reactions to stronger meds like fentenyl like people who have not taken opiates. I have not tried Oxycontin I started off on norco then went to dilaudid and now percocet with the Butrans patch. The percs work well but they haven't been working as well with BT pain since I started the Butrans patch.
441382 tn?1452814169 I probably should have said that before I was put on the Roxicodone 15mg, the drug that I was on for pain was Norco. I had been on it for something like 2 years before I got with my current neurologist, and he switched me to the Roxicodone because it has no tylenol in it, since I was going to be on it indefinitely. His opinion was that any drug that contains as much tylenol as the hydrocodone products do is not suitable for really long term use because of the potential for liver damage.
Avatar f tn I often wonder if its all just in my head lol even tho the withdrawals are very real. How could I take Percocet 7.5 for 10 years along with the other pills and never have an issue but I take oxycodone for 6 weeks and I'm a full blown addict.
541953 tn?1262589826 But those of you who have been on a consistant dosage (e.g. 10mg Norco 3 times a day, or one percocet 4 times a day.... or whatever) and, for one reason or another (e.g. bad hair day, wife/husband yelled at you, extra sharp pain, counted your pills thought you had an extra one outta nowhere, etc., etc.) took DOUBLE the dosage, have probably noticed that you totally ruined/goofed-up your tolerance! And, like, really FAST, too!
Avatar m tn I'm currently the best that I have been in five years and am down to one 30mg Roxicodone (one in morning and one at night) and three 10mg Norco. I am on disability so I have the ability to limit activity and am trying to get as low as possible and as close to the ideal number of zero narcotics as possible. My pain in the shoulder is influenced by anxiety. How do you differentiate real pain from the narcotic withdrawl?
Avatar n tn Norco is better than most because it only has 325 of Tylenol Vs. 500 or 650. To my knowledge hydrocodone which is the narcotic agent in Norco (I take it too) does not come in a tablet all on it's own. In order to get rid of the Tylenol you have to move up to the drug oxycodone which is in drugs like Percocet they make oxycodone tabs without Tylenol. Question is why are you so worried about your liver? Is your liver already compromised?
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1866508 tn?1333988213 I have recently been referred to a new pain management doc and he is in the process of adding/switching me over to Kadian for long-acting pain control vs. just the Norco I have been question primarily is how long will it take for me to adjust to the change from short acting opiate to the extended release meds...
3112530 tn?1434035633 Before the Botox treatments the pain was severe. I have done all the drug (morphine, Norco, Gabapentin, Oxycontin, Percocet and what ever drug they could give me to help with pain. My family doctor who was trying to help gave me Fentanyl50mcg in hopes it would help with my pain issues. It numbed up my mind and although I was eating, it was not enough and I went from 150lbs to 108lbs in a matter of months.
2054858 tn?1330479809 I live in mobile, al and what the pharmacy a are telling us is that their only allowed a certain amount each month now. When they run out, that's it for the month. Your not allowed refills on Norco, Percocet and anything stronger. The pharmacy won't even take your prescription unless they can fill it. This is all new regulations from the DEA. I don't know what people with legitimate chronic pain are suppose to do.
Avatar f tn Opioid pain medications combined with acetaminophen ha e changed recently -- these medications, like Vicodin and Norco, Percocet, and others now have 50% less acetaminophen than they once contained. Still, anyone requiring large amounts of opioid pain releiver should be prescribed medications w/o acetaminophen (called paracetamol in Europe).
4271307 tn?1353468375 Ok, So monday night the 19th I took my last Norco (before bed). I woke up Tuesday expecting the worst. I felt ok actually, little stiff and quite sore as always. I popped a couple of Tylenol arthritis and went about my day, waiting for hell to set in. My back pain is just getting worse and worse. The pain got so bad that I ended up going to the ER last night. I went to see if they would put me in an in house drug treatment program.