Percocet vs morphine sulfate

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210982 tn?1280987495 Maybe you could just stop the morphine all together and just use the percocet. Morphine is more addictive and harder to wd from. Good luck.
Avatar n tn During that period I have tried other stuff with them prescribing morphine sulfate and fentanyl patches. Morphine tied me up very badly and fentanyl seemed to be making me sick after almost a year. So I am back to Percocet. I fear liver problems and so over the past year I have weaned myself down to 6 a day, taken 1/2 a pill at a time, 2 hours apart 24 hrs a day.
Avatar f tn My dr. just switched me to Morphine Sulfate ER 30 MG, 2 tablets per day (one every 12 hours). I'm always nervous when I switch or increase pain meds. I start these new meds tomorrow...can anyone tell me what to expect with regard to how this new medicine may affect me vs. the percocets I've been taking? I had to switch because the percocets weren't doing the job very well. I've built up a tolerance to them. Thanks for any info or advice.
Avatar n tn Very much alike as far as the high you get but MS contin is Morphine sulfate and Oxy is percocet. The Ms contin is stronger and lasts longer (given to a lot of cancer patients etc) and the Oxycontin is not as strong and is mostly given to people fir broken bones, chronic pain, etc. Hope this helped.
Avatar f tn Hi. I see it's been some time since you posted this but I would like to give my input. I am not a doctor nor a health professional of any kind, all I can tell you is my experiences which are based on my opinions and sometimes arranged via my doctor. I too, for over 7 years, was addicted to Percocet (in my country we just call it Oxycodone). At one point I was popping 320mg a day as well as 300mg of "Kapanol" (a 12-hour slow release form of Morphine Sulfate).
Avatar f tn Dear Fabulously Helpful Pain Management Group, I had my doctor's visit and she up my dosage of 30 mg. Morphine Sulfate from twice per day to thrice per day. I also still need to take the four (4) 10/325 percocet as well, but so far so good. This forum has helped me so very much before and I thank you, and then thank you again! Of course, I have been reading some of these posts just today and I have to questions that only you as a group can answer for me.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on morphine sulfate er--I never heard of it. I tolerate it well and am not on huge quantities of those either. So, what are you suppose to do, brave it and be in more pain than need be or take something? I struggle with it. Mickey, I am very sorry to hear about your family issues. They were terrible things to deal with. Molly gave a great answer. When in pain, don't worry about your dependency. I do the same thing and lower my dosage and take even less than prescribed.
Avatar n tn Ms contin is morphine sulfate. I was on it for quite some time for two spinal fusions. It worked better for me than Oxycontin, but took almost an hour and a half to kick in. It is good that your doc is cool, but many do force the epidurals on you. That is great for those that get relief from them. But, why go through that if they don't? My last pain doc was like that.
356518 tn?1322267242 I have a pain management dr that i really like but he wanted me to go to a top guy here in the dc area to come up with a long term opiate plan. I was taking percocet but its been a while and I've gotten a bit tolerant. New Dr thinks I developed fibromayalgia along the way too. So I've gone from being a professional athlete to sittin on the couch. Oh I also lost my job-even though I got hurt at work, and lost my house bc I got that through work.
Avatar n tn When I couldnt get oxys I would use vics, percs or morphine sulfate pills. I got engaged friday to my girl friend who has no idea about my problem. She is my whole life and I love her and my mom more than life itself. I am 22 years old. I have a good job and make a good salary. Nobody knows about my drug problems. Friday I used in excess of 200 mg of Oxys. Now I pledge to quit. I refuse to let drugs ruin my life.