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Avatar n tn I was prescribed Percocet and I received the generic brand Oxycodone W/APAP 5/325 Two weeks later i had a kidney stone and was prescribed Percocet again. This time the generic name was Endocet 7.5/500 Why was it Oxycodone one time and Endocet the next time.
Avatar m tn Felt fine, the shelf life or half life of suboxone (is 48-72 hours), usually the first 2 days aren't THaT bad. I took care of my guinea pigs, my dog, was able to eat, slept pretty fine. Day 2: Started to worry because all I had was 1mg left of suboxone and Id have to wait about a week for my script to be filled. Thankfully my insurance (Medicaid-HealthFirst) covers suboxone and you pay only 1 dollar for each script filled.
Avatar n tn What Doctor in their right mind would prescribe Percocet for Migraine? That's not the normal routine for treatment of headaches. Also, Percocet is a schedule II narcotic, hydrocodone is schedule III. Percocet is usually more potent, but Lortab 10/650(hydro) is just as potent sometimes. It depends on the person. They're all bad for you. Stay away from the ****, unless you are in dire pain.
483733 tn?1326802046 I don't know if it is the marked increase in pain such that I can hardly walk, the percocet I am living on, the fact that I am going through what is likely my last menstrual period ever (usually the emotions are steady once it starts), the controversy on the forums, the awfulness that Jen813 is experiencing, or the disappointment I am feeling in my job.
Avatar m tn The reason that the w/d's didn't start to later is because it is a synthetic opioid with a long shelf life. It sticks to the receptors in your brain and takes so much longer for them to let go than natural opioids. I know that when I was d/t from them my whole body was jumping out of my skin. I don't know if they were seizures, but I survived the few days of it. My advise to you is to first, speak to your Dr. and ask his/her advice.
Avatar n tn She handed me a very heavy glass shelf w/o warning and I twisted down to my right to put it down and went down w/ the weight of the shelf........I WISH I had just dropped it instead of putting it down and making sure it wouldn't break. From that moment on my life changed forever :( so since I bent to my right I really think my discs bulged to the left pressing on my nerves and that's what my irst mri confirmed.
Avatar f tn I will give you the benefit of doubt and say you want off the H You have 1 8mg sub you took 1/2 that leaves you with 4mg from what I have learned you should try sub at it's lowest dose usually 2mg but you only have 4 I would cut the 1/2 into 4 pieces 1 mg a piece it has a shelf life off 3 day's we will say 2 because you are on such a low dose.. Take 1mg only when you are feeling very sick also with the next till you are done..
Avatar n tn I have both hydrocodone (Vicodin) and oxycodone (Percocet), and have only used them when it was necessary, because they have always made me nauseous. I have cut them all in half to take them, and know that I need to take them with food, and just before I lie down for the night. Could I be addicted to my pain medication? I would hate to think that I might be straddling the line between necessity and addiction.
Avatar n tn I wake up with a really bad headache and it is not effective for the increasing pain at night in my back, legs and especially my burning feet. I have some low dose percocet for migraine and use it when I get burning in my feet and to relieve the throbbing pain from the waist down. It does not completely take away the pain but at least I can sleep. I have had everything ruled out ie: diabetes, thyroid etc. I don't want to appear to my Dr.
Avatar f tn I smoked crack just for energy after back surgery,with percocet sitting on the shelf,I had know Idea what was happening? My so called friends showed me how to snort before then I had know Idea what was up with opiates? When I was smoking crack, I didnt know I was in withdrawl and to take a pll?All this was taught to me...I drank alcohol and became and alcoholic foryrs went through 11 rehabs before someone told me, I was and opiate addic,t and was trying to fulfill and opiate void with alcohol.
Avatar f tn So I'm 25 I've been taking vicodin,norco.lortab,percocet (mostly vicodin) for about 4 years steady everyday. It started for my bad teeth and my back. I have a.d.d and the chemical imbalance is easily cured with some hydrocodone so I quickly became partial to it. The first year started easy I could take 1 a day maybe 2 then nothing for a week. By year 2 I was all in everyday but still only taking 3 a day.
Avatar f tn She would stay at her house, then she'd stay at the father's house, then she'd go stay with my mom, or my other sister, she would stay with my cousin, and she would skip off and stay at her friend's house. The baby was exposed to a lot very quickly in life. During that time she traveled in a dozen differen vehicles and allowed people to smoke around him. I am so aggravated with what she did. I am proud of my sister for one thing... she is breastfeeding him.
167426 tn?1254089835 I did NOT take them frequently, only when I couldn't get to sleep or just wanted a good night sleep. I keep them on my shelf just for those times, but have not needed them. The pain medication that was prescribed for me was Hydrocodone/APAP (5mg/325mg), but I only took those in the week after my surgery as prescribed or just when needed. They just sit on the shelf right now. I'm not much on popping pills and any narcotic can be habit forming if taken in excess.
954005 tn?1304630205 I have been taking these meds for over a year--they replaced the percocet and oxycontin I was taking for 2 years prior (built a high tolerance). The fainting episodes are a very recent occurrence that have never happened to me before, so there was no reason for my doctor to be wary of the correlation. I had a CT within 2 hours of reaching the ER by well as numerous x-rays. I do agree that a wait for MRI is ridiculous.
Avatar m tn That is how dangerous the drug combination your playing with is. Methadone builds in the liver, both drugs maintain a shelf life in the liver for 48-60 hours depending on your age. That is why when you least expect a combination dose kills someone.
Avatar f tn Now believe me i am not saying its easy to tell our little secret as i had to tell my hubby and i was scared poop, and i was ashamed and embarrassed and just miserable, i told him ALL of it, and it wasn't pleasant by any means, the crap i did when i was using and putting my life and my kids life in jeopardy talk about shame.....I felt it all and at times i still do, but at least i can say i am trying and i am clean. The truth shall set you free my friend....
Avatar f tn It must have been the heavy sqautting that I was doing in my workouts. I have been active my whole life and never had any previous knee issues. Anyway, my new doc stated that the patellar tilt is causing lateral compression syndrome and, although he did not say this, I am assuming it may be why I have grade III chondrosis in the medial aspect of the patella as well.
Avatar n tn You do not want to get any moisture onto the other remaining pills in the bottle as they will turn to powder. Also, once this bottle is opened, the shelf life decreases. I get 25 pills per bottle and have had to only open one bottle so far. They are fairly cheap to buy. I buy a package with 4 little bottles in it. Also, yes, you can feel lightheaded and also get a headache after taking a nitro but this sure is better than these %^%&^$^%$& stomach attacks.
177036 tn?1192290235 Now my DOC was always the vicodin/norco/percocet. And those were always so cheap, so accessible. NOW....the thought of them makes me sick. I actually can't believe that I ever craved them the way I did. I HAVE a bottle of norcos.....its just sitting on my shelf. I keep it cuz my husband is a MAN(lol)and refuses to go see a doctor about his knee injury....(his knee is whacked....just leave it at that.) So occassionally he'll take one of them for pain.
686246 tn?1252428681 I got back to pain management Monday and by then I'll get it straightened out the demerol doesn't help as much as it use to I'm having to take 2 instead of one every six hours and when I wake up it's rebound pain this morning was agony, with my back and the full bladder, and backed up kidney it wasn't fun. I have tried dilaudid, percocet and loracets are weaker right? I'll ask for something stronger for nightime anyways, something to last 12 hours is what I need.
Avatar f tn This is the dilema that I have been thinking about. If a person has already experienced life in debiliatating pain, should that serve as a constant reminder that if they abuse the pills,they are back at square one?
Avatar m tn I'm to about 16 right now. I take the norco over the vicoden or percocet any time I can because it contains less acetaminophen (APAP)...for those on really don't have to worry about liver damage like us other painkiller addicts do. Not that it makes you any better!!
Avatar n tn I have ruined my life. I stopped about 5 days ago and started taking about 10mg of Methadone a day. yesterday was my first day without methadone and I went and bought more Oxy-contin, Im so frustrated because for the first time, I felt pretty good physically, but I just couldn't resist the temptation. On a good note, it was like my body rejected it, i threw up a few times at the end of the night.
Avatar n tn You've helped me before with my quest to see my husband thru his Percocet w/d. I think today was about day 22. We have a small business, and share an office. I just found 12 percocet in his drawer that I know weren't there yesterday. I'm trying to decide if I should go home and beat his head against the wall, or just go away for a couple days by myself till I can get grip on the fact that we're not going to see day 23- this time. Your long disertation has given me something to hold on to.
Avatar n tn Nope I am also on percocet. Actually I am on oxydose which is percocet without the tylenol. My liver enzymes were getting pretty high from taking too much of the tylenol so my Dr switched me not knowing how much I take just knowing I needed less tylenol. Percocet is deffinately stronger as Vicodin, norco none of that even touches my pain nor gives me a buzz. I am taking these for "real" pain.
Avatar n tn My skin feels like it is quivering. I have to deal with life (two kids, school, husband, dinner!). My head and neck hurt so bad. This sucks!
Avatar n tn Correction or clarification rather. I said it all comes down to pain vs. addiction.......What I meant by addiction is dependence from a pain pt's stance. Do you know the difference? There is a difference. I'm getting "addiction" in the typical sense, from your situation. If someone is in constant pain, and there quality of life goes down, then no choice needs to be made. If the chronic painer can find an educated phys., pain medication is clearly the route one must take.
Avatar f tn and am too ashamed to. I have only 6 left and am quitting tbis time..I desperately want my life back. I Take 5 a day.. I know that is not as many as some take, but my withdrawls are just as real. Just hoping for some support, I feel so alone in this hell. Pj.