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Avatar n tn What's going to happen when you stop the percocet? Back to sub to get off of the percocet? Can't keep that up or you will just continue a bad cycle! And the xanax can bite you QUICK. Before long you will find yourself having to taper off of it, if you don't already! Just think about what I am saying before you talk to the doctor. I am just worried about the cycle you are getting into! All my best!
Avatar f tn well i started having a problem with the patches sticking to my skin, and before i could get the manufacturer to send me covers, my doc took me off saying that if they weren't sticking there was no point in continuing them, he then switched me to percocet which i had good results with in the past.
Avatar f tn These relieved my pain really good. After goin to my dr he perscribed Percocet 10/625 but I was given the generic brand Endocet 10/625. I have to take at least 1 & 1/2 to get anywhere near the relief that I did on the name brand Percocet. Thinking about goin back to my Ultram/tramadol to see if it would work better. Do you believe there are differences in generic brands? And what should I do?
445312 tn?1205380079 roxicet is percocet, so is endocet...they are all the same drugs made by a different manufacturer...i have had them before, it has Acetaminophen in it...roxycodone doesnt. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!
Avatar m tn He recently was arrested and charged with poss. of a controlled substance with intent to manufacturer, deliver or sell. He had a large amount of oxycontin in his car and was not selling it. I'm his sister (25) and i bailed him out of jail. He has come to live with me. I want him to get sober, The charges are likely to be dropped because the cop broke his wrist while the police video SHOWS he is not resisting arrest at all. Anyhow, I want him to get clean....He snorts it and drinks it somehow?
Avatar f tn I think that you and the member who also posted have been given some wrong information about what meds are gluten free..Here are many of the opiates below... Percocet and Vicoden (both are brand names) are both gluten FREE The Oxycodone tabs and liquids by the generic manufacturer Mallinckrodt is guten FREE Hydrocodone/Apap all strengths (by manufacturer Mallinckrodt) is gluten FREE Lortab (all brands) are gluten FREE Morphine IR tabs (Roxane...
Avatar f tn org/posts/Pain-Management/My-Dr-gave-me-a-mouth-swab-test/show/1801289 Hydrocodone (Vicodin) works better for me than Oxycodone (Percocet). That makes no sense to most ppl or even physicians that do not consider the metabolism of opiates in an individuals systems. In short, it's not prudent to suggest a specific opiate for you. It all depends on your metabolism of drugs. There are many ppl that find Fentanyl Patches very effective, I'm not one of them. I agree with Remar.
Avatar m tn Due to many neck and back chronic pain issues, my doctor prescribed me these 50 mcg Fentanyl patches to be changed every 72 hours. I was heavily addicted to Percocet and Opanas for several years so I thought this would really help me out. I have been on them about 3 months now and my health insurance has just been canceled. I have 3 of the patches left and need to know what to do to wean off and then stop them completely.
230843 tn?1200201355 Is this just the same as the percocet just w/o the tylonel? And what about the hydroxyzine??? I just want to be educated about what exactly I'm taking.... Thanks in advance guys!
1140934 tn?1285133385 That's a new one to me. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Actually it is a new drug according the the searching I have been doing. I have no personal information on it. It is considered a narcotic but my searching reveals that the schedule category (CII) given it by the FDA is highly controversial. It was just approved by the FDA in March of 08. There are not any generics for it at this time. It was developed in Germany. Johnson & Johnson manufacturer it in the US.
Avatar m tn The doctor has put me on Naprosyn, then added Vicodin and that has recently been upgraded to Percocet. In addition to the meds, I have been through physical therapy and water therapy. All which have done nothing to help the pain. I also have a tens unit, which doesn’t help at all. I am now walking with a cane, and taking 2 percocets every 4 hours and am lucky if I gets 10 minutes of relief.
Avatar n tn In order to get rid of the Tylenol you have to move up to the drug oxycodone which is in drugs like Percocet they make oxycodone tabs without Tylenol. Question is why are you so worried about your liver? Is your liver already compromised? At 6 a day you are only getting 1950mg of Tylenol which is not a problem if you have a healthy liver. The adult high end max is 4000mg per day or 4 grams so you are well below it.
Avatar f tn I am on fentanyl 75 mg patch xanax 2 three times a day and percocet. My patch burst and I dont know if I should put on another or not I just started these.
Avatar n tn I called Lilly and they claim they don't manufacture Darvon 65 anymore. They referred me to another company and they stated they don't manufacturer to Mexico. Can anyone help me and let me know where Darvon 65 is available and where I can find it. I have researched this for many months and I am so frustrated!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
491030 tn?1242428366 did u have a problem with percocet...if u did i wouldnt start them back up just cos lyrica makes u dizzy..
Avatar n tn some people may remember the lawsuit a year ago that resulted in the banning of generic oxycodone ER, and perhaps the brand manufacturer underestimated demand. At any rate, it has been a problem in many parts of the country. With a nod toward the concerns listed in the earlier posts, the closest thing to oxycodone available is oxymorphone, which is sold as Opana and Opana ER.
Avatar f tn all started from steroid withdrawal then they were givin percocet which made energy all come back then percocet was abused far too much till subs were needed because money ran out the rest is history similar to everyone else's, doctors are money grubers so they over prescribe to get people addicted. Only side effect is head aches some times... but sure there are years of life being lost to this cocktail.
Avatar f tn Doc has tried neurotin, lyrica, hydrocondone,methadone, percocet, dilaudin,fentynal patches,etc. all with serious side effects(dilaudinand fentynal patches caused her to go into a physchotic episode that we weren't sure she would come out of). She is now on MS Contin 30mg 4x daily for pain and morphine 15mg for break through pain and prozac 40mg for depression, - she is stable and trying to control her pain without anymore extreme majors-actual she is very frighten of trying anything new.
Avatar f tn Tylenol 3, oxcodone, Vicodin, Tramadol, morphine, Percocet. (I've also taken Cymbalta and Clonidine for nerve pain. I couldn't tolerate the Cymbalta and I'm still taking the Clonidine. I figure once I get whatever is going on under control I can switch back to the oxycodone. But for right now, I need to have continued good pain control with as few side effects as possible. Thanks for any insight!!!
Avatar f tn I take 3 different pain medications, Vicodin; Tylenol IV and Percocet. I am used to taking a tox screen and find no problem with it. My last visit I took a urine test and a week later they had me come back in for a blood test. Come to find out they say the Percocet isn't showing up in my results. The urine test didn't surprise me because I hadn't taken any but I had taken a Percocet on Saturday morning and the blood test was Monday morning so I don't understand it.
356518 tn?1322267242 Patient Assistance prog. 800-474-2762 Percodan & Percocet by Dupont 800-474-2762 Morphine Sulfate by Astra USA 800-262-0460 MS Contin Purdue Frederick Co. 800-633-4741 Tylox by Ortho-McNeil Pharma. 800-797-7737 Roxane Laboratories Inc. Free 800-274-8651 3M Pharmaceuticals(800) 328-0255 Products include: Most drug products sold by 3M Allergan, Inc.
Avatar m tn - At dinner I take 3 shots vodka and a 10/325 Endocet. At night I I have one drink, 1mg Xanax, and 5/325 percocet. I go to bed early, before midnight. I dont sleep over two hours at once, up at 5am with the runs and withdraw next morning, go to bathroom, take shower, and start again. Duration of Endocet and percocet is one month. Alcohol is ten year. Xanax is 10 year. I do get two extra strength vicodins for DDD, but they hurt my stomach badly, so I take the Endocet and percocet.
1448748 tn?1312959808 I started going to the ER to treat the joint pain and severe headaches that felt like my hips and back were being crushed. I was prescribed percocet and muscle relaxers 5mg and 15 at a time. I always had to take two to make them do anything and when I ran out I went again to the ER... Then I had to go to my primary care because I thought it would have gone away and thought maybe I had pulled something.. but obviously it was not temporary..
1866508 tn?1333988213 MS Contin is also morphine in long acting form but is made by a different manufacturer. Given what you provided, I think you should consider discussing this with your pain management physician. After crossing over to a new opioid medication, it can take 1-2 or several titrations before the medicine is optimal. Another option in addition to increasing the Kadian dose, is for your physician to add back in part of your norco dose to be taken for breakthrough pain.
Avatar n tn its not a even a capsule, its a round tab, you dont even know what your talking about, if u eat a half of a 20mg oxy, its just like eating 2 percocet. and you dont have to wait 45 min befor it starts working.
1360851 tn?1277585506 Since then I've been afraid to use the patch, I use only percocet to control my pain. I understand there is a class action lawsuit against fentynyl.
874521 tn?1424120397 Of course these meds differ in countries too somewhat, however I'm sure ours here in Canada would be supplied by the same US manufacturer
1575311 tn?1312798384 Pain background summary- a herniated and 2 bulging discs in C-spine (with spinal cord indentation and bilateral foraminal narrowing, respectively), DDD throughout my spine (worse in C-spine), straightened spine, pinched nerves (getting yet another EMG/Nerve Conduction Study to find out new nerve damage), Fibromyalgia, Piriformis syndrome causing severe sciatic nerve impingement, OA, hip and sacroiliac pain, Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Sjogren's syndrome-Autoimmune Disorders).
Avatar m tn I have been on 50mcg Fentanyl patches (1 every other day/15 per month) along with 120 7.5 percocet per month for about 8 years. I generally take 2 percocet on the day I put on a new patch and 6 on the 2nd day as it wears off. I have never increased my doses over the years and have only had it prescribed by the same Dr. Over the last few months I have started to have bad side effects and my Dr. said I am likely developing hyperalgesia from long-term pain medication.