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Avatar n tn I had hernia surgery and was prescribed percocet 10mg.. It been 2 months and have stopped them but feeling really depressed and anxious. How long will this take to subside??? I usually half the 10mg and take half at a time. at most take 5 halfs a day..???
Avatar m tn After reading a lot in this forum, I realized that everyone is different and as well as their addiction. I was prescribed Percocet 5 then 7.5 for close to 10years which I never became addicted to. I thought I was one of those people who never was going or could get addicted.
Avatar f tn I was taking 18-20 m357 pills for a couple years and i'm on day 29 clean now.The sleep started to get better about my 15th day although i have had some restless nights since,every day is getting better. For the first time in 25 years i bought some pot and i take a hit at bed time now and then when i think i can't sleep. It's got to be by far better than all those pills for so many years.
Avatar n tn After a few years i was taking around 14-18 M357 pills per day just to feel normal. I knew some day i had to quit and did not even like to take them anymore,but i was hooked.