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1442059 tn?1340244552 I am managing to reduce my meds now to 4 percocet per day. My dr says I have been using too much cascara and I am so scared that I have slowed my digestive tract too much and cant go without it, Last night I was awake all night with stomach cramps and didnt use any cascara, Can your bowel muscles return to normal after because I am so scared I am going cold turkey.
Avatar m tn I personally used Ambien nightly while on treatment, and also took an occasional prescribed Percocet for ruptured disc pain. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Tylenol isn't working so the Dr. prescribed percocet. I'm a little hesistant to take it but figure my Dr. wouldn't prescribe it if it wasn't safe. Has anyone else had this prescribed to them for pain? Did you have any side effects while taking it? Thanks.
Avatar f tn well i started having a problem with the patches sticking to my skin, and before i could get the manufacturer to send me covers, my doc took me off saying that if they weren't sticking there was no point in continuing them, he then switched me to percocet which i had good results with in the past.
Avatar f tn I will also check with my pharmacist about posible interactions with my meds. I've been drinking lots of green tea since I seem to recall that it is calming. I did not realize until a few days ago that I am addicted to this pain medication. Every time I mention to my doctor that I want to get off a lot of my meds, I am told to remember that "quality of life" may require that I take all this medication!!! Very little sleep and RLS is not good "quality of life!
1591337 tn?1297104949 Hi everyone. i got a question. how long does withdrawl from percocet last? i was taing around 100 mg per day for about a yr. now i havent taken any i n 10 days. i am still feeling fatigue, depression, mood swings, brain foggyness, weak, pretty much all of the symptoms. i am eating lots of protien, taking multi vitimans, and trying to take in plenty of h2o. how long is this going to go on for/ im scared. i admit it. any help would be greatly apprecatied.
Avatar f tn I developed a huge addiction to the accompanying percocet and took myself, under doc's care, off them 93 days ago. No ... [More] w my doc is reducing my patch from 75 to currently 50mg every three days. The withdrawal has been enormous. Prior to this change in meds, I was on 3 to 4 Tylenol 3 for 13 years.....workplace accident. I've had cervical disectomy of C5-6 and C6-7 and some other thing a year ago.
Avatar f tn Every percocet you take will prolong your withdrawal period. Acute withdrawal lasts about 3 days. By day 5 you should be a bit better and by day 10 you'll be well on way to recovery. Yes it's tough but it really is worth it. If you're going to do it, get rid of any pills in your house that contain any opiates such as codeine, tramadol etc You're going to feel as if you have the flu so treat it in the same way.
Avatar m tn I'm on zoloft and I sometimes take my moms vicodin/percocet for pain and I'm just wondering is it safe to take these combinations together? Basically: Zoloft+Vicodin= safe? Zoloft+Percocet= safe? Will the Vicodin or Percocet decrease the effects of the Zoloft? OR can it cause permanent brain damage? I took 2 Vicodin's a couple days ago and then took 1 Zoloft pill an hour later and I started to feel weird/loopy. Could I have caused permanent brain damage?
Avatar n tn Oh, by the way, you can take ibuprofen along with the percocet even though the percocet already has tylenol in it, because ibuprofen and acetominophen are able to be taken together. Just don't take more tylenol along with it, because that will be too much tylenol and it could damage your liver.
Avatar n tn Hi, there are no known interactions between prilosec, percocet and oxycontin. So, you can take them safely. Regards.
Avatar f tn Not a doctor, but I can't see why it would make any difference at all. There are no interactions listed on this site -,adderall-index.html?
Avatar n tn I was just curious because my doctor just prescribed me a drug called Ciprofloxacin to fight infection. I take percocet everyday for pain and was wondering will these two drugs interact in a bad way? I hope this is the right forum to post this under cause I am concerned about this.
Avatar n tn I have bulging discs and have been having a lot of pain. Can I take my percocet even though I am on the seroquel?
Avatar f tn I have a question about medication interactions. I had wrist surgery and the dr prescribed percocet and I also take xanax. I did not think they could be aken together. Why the 2 together?
Avatar f tn Percocet can depress your respiratory system and Lorazepam is a sedative. They can be dangerous taken together because of the risk of OD. But if he has been taking them together for awhile and is under a doctors care he should be fine. I was hooked on Percocet and would take Lorazepam sometimes for panic attacks, never had a problem. I was also on anti-depressants. There is a risk. How much of each is he taking?
Avatar m tn Anyway, if you did not read my intial post about my pain, then you probably won't understand this. My doctor changed my Percocet strength from 5/325 to 10/325 two days ago. On top of the Percocet and Klonopin, I am also on 100mg of Trazadone. I have issues sleeping. So the first night (Tuesday night) I took the new dose of Percocet (at 9pm) and my Klonopin and Trazadone (at 10pm) and went to sleep. Nothing strange occured or was reported.
1383782 tn?1279396173 So I am on a lot of different pain killers (vicoden, percocet and oxycotten), never combined, but my pain fluctuates and I take what I need. I am on the pain meds for an injury to my hand that got infected and I ended up having a Proximal Row Carpectomy (removal of a row of bones out of the wrist). This has been a LONG process and that was not my only surgery just the most current.
Avatar n tn My tramadol used to work rarely, but I found I have Celiac and figured I wasn't absorbing the meds. Only percocet or other narcotic would help...along with valium and baclofen helping a bit. The valium helps more for the spasm but also for anxiety as the baclofen onlyhelps a little so I take both of them. I am 99% gluten free and some of the small intestinal damage (thus, my body's ability to absorb nutrients, meds, etc.) has improved, I think.
Avatar n tn I'm a 56 year old male who just had a pacemaker installed yesterday. I was given percocet for pain, and the doctor is aware of my ongoing back problems and indicated in the instructions that I could continue to use vicodin as required for my back pain. I'd get your bf to his cardiologies ASAP.
Avatar m tn I can no longer eat corn or pop corn w/out feeling extended effects, and if I take opioids (Hydrocodone, Percocet, or worse), the diuretic effects that these medicines cause affected me more than anything. I found that taking tramodol for the pain, again do not take Ultram as it has an opioid in the delayed release, and it helps me manage the pain that I experience.
Avatar n tn However, you can always contact your local pharmacist for a definitive answer and/or you can input caffeine with lyrica and percocet into a interactions checker on the web. But I am pretty certain that you will not have any severe reactions. Take care.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to grow new teeth at age 44? What are the appropriate remedies and questions to ask my maxillosurgery doctor ? Percocet doesn't help. I use Peridex rinse but desperately need some pain relief NOW and nobody seems to have an answer. What could be causing this ? What can I do to help pain. Still have some Black and Blue on cheeks and neck, lots of swelling notwithstanding a decrease in prednisone.
Avatar f tn The Fentanyl, which I'm on for my Long-Acting Med, is approximately 80 times stronger than Morphine. The Oxycodone (I use Percocet 10/325's for my BT Pain) is not as strong as the Fentanyl. Which meds are you on for your pain? As I said above, I'm very happy that you have found this site and I hope that you will enjoy the support that we offer here for you!! You might also, enjoy the Cancer Forum's. Here's the Link: http://www.medhelp.
1054018 tn?1254618284 They have much more training in drugs and interactions than even doctors. There is no medication that is going to take all the pain away the most you can hope for is to get enough relief to function. This is a common mistake from Pt's they expect to get full pain relief from medications and this rarely happens. No one that suffers from chronic pain gets full relief but enough to dull the pain to an acceptable level. Ho long have you been taking the vicoden and how much are you taking?
Avatar m tn I warned against the long term effects of statins, other possible side effects and all the drug interactions- can anyone check interactions between 15 drugs???. Side effects taken care by other meds and the end result is that he's now living a life of bare existence with a medicine cabinet full of pills and suffering from insomnia, migraines, nausea, aches and pains, allergies, spasms, palpitations, constipation, restlessness, anxiety, depression...
Avatar n tn I had ankle surgery about 8 months ago and the doctor perscribed percocet for pain relief. Every since I have been having generalized anxiety (nervousness mostly) and was wondering what role the oxycodone/nicotine interaction could have played in this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tony.
Avatar f tn 2 x 5mg Percocet = 1 x 10mg Oxycontin Don't quote me on that though. I know Percocet has both Oxymorphone AND Acetaminophen in it, and Oxycontin has Oxymorphone only. I'm not certain what the Acetaminophen brings to the table as far as drug-interactions go, but your statement that the Perc and the Oxy are the same (2x5mg vs. 1x10mg) sounds about right. Maybe someone in the Pain-Management Community would know.
Avatar n tn I have been taking percocet in addition to these meds (given to me by a friend) because of increased pain and my pcp would not increase the dose. My question is this. I am seeing a new pain doctor on 6/19. How long will it take for the percocets to leave my system? This is very important!