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Avatar n tn how long does four blue percocets stay in your system after using it for one day for pain
Avatar f tn I'n on methadone and took 1 percocet for pain for a tooth ache on 7/8 and went to a dentist on 7/9 and given Ibeprophen 500 and amoxacillan. Would the percocet still show up in a urine on 7/21? My job depends on it.
Avatar f tn If I took one. 5 mg. percocet on 9/8 and did a drug screening at work on 9/21 and it came back positive is this possible? I also did another instant urine on 9/23 and that came back negative. Can the drug company be wrong? Which results are right. Also took Ibeprophen 500 & amoxacillan on 9/11. Someone please give me some good news my job of 18 yrs. depends on it.
Avatar n tn I read some of these posts where people take 10-30 percocet 5mg or above a day. I have never took more than 30-60mg and 60mg is A L O T... On a regular day I usual do 20-40mg. Today I took a percocet 5mg and a piece of a oxycodone(no tylenol) so all together maybe 15mg at most. I feel totaly fine and I still get a buzz from a percocet 5mg. I have a drug test coming up next week maybe weds or thursday and I have to pass it.
Avatar f tn I have been on percocet for a little over two years for RSDS or CRPS as it's not know. After a botched 3rd root canal on the same tooth, I lived in horrific pain for nearly a year and had numerous tests until the diagnosis of elimination was Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome. I have been on all kinds of meds like neurontin, lyrica, etc. The only thing that relieves the pain is percocet. I take 6-8 10/325's a day.
Avatar f tn After becoming pregnant with my 2nd daughter in 2002 protein and blood starting showing up in my urinalysis test. I just went to the doctor to get a urinalysis and my urine came back with +2 protein and +2 blood in my urine, this has been happening since i was pregnant for the 2nd timenow almost 7 years later it still comes up?
Avatar f tn Before I became pregnant I was receiving care from a pain management Dr. From a back injury I sustained from a car accident. I would do back injections combined with being prescribed percocet as part of my treatment. Once I became pregnant, I told my pain management Dr & we both agreed to discontinue treatment during my pregnancy. Everything was fine until about 34 weeks pregnant, when I slipped & fell down about 8 stairs at work.
Avatar f tn Do you know what type of test this was? As in do they just do a quick test strip in the office? Or do they send it out to a lab that takes some days to get it back? You should be able to ask them this question. And didn't you bring in your medications to show them what you have left? This would be the easiest way to show them that you are not "selling" your meds. The other way is to request an actual blood test be done immediately...
Avatar n tn Hi! Normally Percocet cannot cause a delay in periods. If you have missed periods and are sexually active, then take a pregnancy test and see.
Avatar m tn She has battled a drug addiction with percocet. She did well during the first few months but has recently lapsed in judgement and had went through a few months of having a small dose weekly. She has quit again but as her friend we are worried that it may show up in her placenta when she delivers. So if anyone knows anything about this situation it would be greatly appreciated. She didnt have withdrawals when she stopped for the second time because the dose was so small that she was taking.
Avatar n tn You just tokd my story. I starte taking Percocet for neck pain from an accident I was in. And within 2 years I was taking up to 30 10mg pills a day and had also cross addicted to Oxycontin, because the perks werent enough. But there is hope and it is not fun at first but it is so worth it. I would definetly try and find a program that you can participate in so you have the support you need to get through the hard times. Because I can tell you it is a rollercoaster.
Avatar f tn I went to my pain management and they found something called suboxin in me, I got a pill at a picnic, they told me it was anti inflammatory drugs, so they were mad at me, also I got percocet from my gyno, I had percocet and my norco in me but I don't remember taking my opana that they gave me, will I still be able to get my medications, they gave me enough for ten days and have to go back in fourteen days, I really do need my medication my bones are fussing together and it is very painful to mov
Avatar m tn Don't worry about the silly test. If it's a urine test the medications will show up in your urine, especially the methadone. It has a very long half life. Please reconsider the way you are taking your medication and be honest with your self and the doctors. You will be much better off in the short and long run. good luck.
12953 tn?1270757997 For what is it worth, I read in JAMA a study where they were trying to debunk the "poppy seed defense" were people claim that traces of morphine in their urine came from eating poppy seed laden foods by looking for traces of Thebaine in their urine. The thinking goes: if you took morphine/heroin there should be no thebaine in the urine, if its from natural soures i.e. poppy seeds, thebaine should be present.
1478126 tn?1291072975 i have been taking roughly 12-16 lortabs or percocet 5's for the last 10 months. i could use some suggestions on what to do/take to ease the withdrawal symptoms. i started taking a wide spectrum multivitamin today, using imodium every 6 hours, advil for aches, drinking a TON of water, and taking hot baths. i feel like this is a good starting point, but would like to know if anyone else has had success with anything else. i don't have leg pain on RLS.
Avatar f tn If I come clean to my OB tomorrow about a percocet addiction I had and the suboxone I took to try to get clean, can CPS step in? Will I be made to take classes of some sort?? What will happen?? I am no longer on anything. Also I live in PA. Should I not say anything, I didn't go thru any withdrawals. I'm not due for another 4 weeks.
1401392 tn?1280808747 I was involved in a serious car accident in 2007 resulting in 4 cervical and lumbar disc herniations, in 2009 another serious collision herniated 4 more disc herniations including 2 thoracic discs. 4 of the 8 herniations are compressing my spinal cord....I am being treated at a local pain management clinic with flexeril, cymbalta, an anti-inflamatory, trazadone to help me sleep, and percocet 7.5 for pain. Injections in my back and neck failed.
Avatar n tn Medical Therapy The doctor may prescribe certain medications to prevent calcium and uric acid stones. These drugs control the amount of acid or alkali in the urine, key factors in crystal formation. The drug allopurinol may also be useful in some cases of hyperuricosuria. Doctors usually try to control hypercalciuria, and thus prevent calcium stones, by prescribing certain diuretics, such as hydrochlorothiazide.
Avatar m tn Can anybody explain why the opana is not showing up in my urine sample when I am taking it three times a day? I am concerned that I will be denied this medication. I can handle level 3-4 pain but I can not handle level 6-8 pain on a daily basis.
Avatar f tn I would tell your doctor just to be safe and relief your anxiety about it. is it a routine urine test or are they looking to see if you took drugs? Just be honest especially since you are pregnant.
Avatar m tn I've also noticed that postpartum, I'm guessing my hormone levels have changed because medications that worked for me pre-pregnancy no longer do. I'm still in pain despite taking percocet 3x daily. I've also taken lortab, vicodin (which causes heart problems for me) and tramadol, all of which leave me in severe pain. My doctor basically accused me of selling my meds, which is ludicrous.
Avatar n tn I also take a lot of high blood pressure medication, cholesterol meds, COPD meds, glaucoma drops in my eyes, and a medication for toe nail fungus. How could I possibly get a positive result for heroin? I get drug tested every month at the pain doctors office. They also send the urine to a lab. They say it's to make sure I'm taking my medications. I don't understand how this could happen.
Avatar f tn Also, when I go to give birth, I'm sure they will be looking for signs of withdrawal and such but if I ask to keep it private, will they discuss matters in front of my family. I do not want them to kno about any of this. My sister will be in the delivery room. Also will they test the meconium & if so, they may find marijuana (I smoked once), will CPS get involved after they see that along with the opiates?
Avatar f tn I'm going to go in and see him again on Dec 23.. will he prescribe me more percocet? because I have appt with another doc (neurology doc) at John Hopkins on Jan 15th. and will he give me more than 60 pills this time, because it's pretty long wait until Jan 15 for those who is suffer in pain like me.
Avatar n tn I have been taking percocet in addition to these meds (given to me by a friend) because of increased pain and my pcp would not increase the dose. My question is this. I am seeing a new pain doctor on 6/19. How long will it take for the percocets to leave my system? This is very important!
1523184 tn?1291944356 I just got a letter from my doctor saying that a second consecutive urine test showed no vicodin in my urine, and that his office will no longer prescribe vicodin for me. I'm beside myself because I know I took my vicodin the day before the test. My new Rx was due the week after the test and I obviously didn't get my prescription. The only thing that I can possibly think of that is my fault is that I drink a tremendous amount of water every day, probably more than a gallon.