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410748 tn?1202510935 I took a Oxycod/Apap 5-325MG (which is supposed to be generic for Percocet) and it dulled the pain enough I can tolerate it, but I still know it's there. This is the second time I have had to do that to keep from going to the emergency room for something stronger. No effect to the weird pupil reaction to light (no reaction) in that eye and diminished reaction in the left eye. No dizziness as of yet, but the pain has made me nautious.
Avatar m tn Tylenol PM 9. Simply Sleep 10. Nortriptyline HCL (10 mg) 11. Temazepam generic for Restoril (30 mg, 1 to 2 tablets at bedtime) 12. Requip (started at 0.5 for 5 days and now take 1 mg per night) Pain Medication: 1. Hydrocone 5/500APP (taken up to 10 tablets daily) 2. Hydrocone 7.5/500APP (taken up to 10 tablets per day) 3. Morphine ER (Take 1 30 mg tablet 3x per day) 4. Oxycodone 5/325 (take 1 every 4 to 6 hours as needed). 5. Vicodin (can't remember the amount) 6.
Avatar n tn I need to know what these things look like or if they have a V symbol on them Not sure iwjhatf the Canadian (generic) looks like, I think she's hurt herself on purpose and is now contemplating going to the doctor. We're sliding downhill fast. Please help. This is getting scary.
Avatar f tn Hi there,I want you to know I am concerned about your different situations. So today I searched vigorously for what the purpose of the medication: Naltrexone really is? The research is put together by an organization of Dr.s,and Psycologist with phd's they stated the following; It is a antygonist medication especially designed to block all the pain receptors in the brain to cancel out any type of opiates,or opiods, both "Full",and "Partial agonist'.
Avatar n tn Then today at the post-op, the Dr had pictures showing the endometrioma w/ its own blood supply. Just wanted to share that in case anyone else is freaking out about the blood supply thing being a bad sign.
Avatar f tn And I remember drugs like Percocet/Darvon that made me vomit, and other narcotics that made me sleep for days.
Avatar f tn It's like I had little aliens in my stomach and they'd move around, it was awful. I was taking darvocet and percocet to ease the pain the first 2 days. You can only take Tylenol, unless you have a script for something stronger. But you CANNOT take advil, aleve, or any prescription anti-inflammatories. We had our shots done in Overland Park, KS.
Avatar n tn Also, is there a major difference in how the addiction works with CR compared to regular or generic Zolpidem? Finally, I swallowed the pills for the first few months but started snorting them and have done it that way almost through the length of this addiction as I have found that I don't have to starve myself to keep my stomach empty and make the medicine more potent when I take it.
Avatar n tn I have a question about stopping ultram. I am actually taking the generic (tramadol). I have been using it for 2 years and have tapered down to one dose every morning. I take 2 1/2 pills amounting to 125mil. I have vicodin or valium, zanax and even phenobarbitol available to use for a detox. The thing is I need to be able to function in about 5 days and from what I hear, it takes 2 weeks to feel decent. I'm afraid to even start this unless I can succeed.
975514 tn?1325001538 I am on Vicodin ES 325/750 for the pain at night when I dont shake my legs because of the Gabapentin. Also, I take Percocet for bad days- but that is not really working anymore. Just got put on Provigil for the fatigue and inability to work. That isn't really strong enough either. For full report, I just posted a comment (twice by accident) called Frustrated and Tired. I can't take antidepressants because they have an opposite effect on my mood and I go crazy. I know I'm not depressed.
Avatar n tn I've been feeling pain on my left shoulder for a few months, but it only last several days (4 max so far this week), and the pain builds up and peaks one day. And it's does get worse at night, and it's painful to touch, I also feel cracking of the bones, etc. Went to the orthopedic surgeon last week and without giving me some X-Rays he diagnosed me with impingement syndrome and prescribed physical therapy. I wasn't in pain by the time I had the appointment.
Avatar n tn My husband actually told me that he was a Vicodin user after his 2 back surgeries and that he was on the and Percocet for months, but he had to quit "cold turkey" and he did it. He was taking like 20 a day! So, why can't I quit! I told him that " I am not YOU...I am a GOD DAMN ADDICT". Hello!!! I think it's the fact that I can completely hold myself together, look good and take care of Emily that he feels that I don't have a problem.