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Avatar f tn I don't want to sound like the pot calling the kettle black, because I recently relapsed. I went to treatment for abusing lortabs that were prescribed to me for osteoarthritis. I also had started to drink alcohol with them a few months back. I would self medicate with the wine when I knew I was going to be around a guy I was trying to rekindle a relationship with because I never felt like I deserved to have someone love me. I know I have to quit.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been on Percocet for years - osteoarthritis and had total knee (both) knee replacement in August 2007. I developed MRSA post op and have had 5 knee surgeries within 3 years to get rid of the infection. About 6 months ago I started on Dilaudid 8mg every 6 hours because the percs were no longer sufficient. Now I want to go through withdrawal after I've had which I hope will be my last knee surgery next week. I'm also taking MS CONTIN 30 mg every 12 hours for breakthru pain.
Avatar n tn The doctors said because the pain has gotten worse they wanted to put me on percocet and I'm not sure if the percocet will have the same affect as the lortab for the baby. I have never seen a baby go through withdraw so I'm crying everyday hoping she does not so I decided on to taper myself down although I know I dont have much time. Has anyone been through a baby being addicted and if so can you still take your baby home??
1161075 tn?1262992028 I have taken dilaudid, fentanyl, vicodin and Percocet. The combination that works for me and gives me the ability to function as a father and husband is the 10/325 percocet x 4 daily, gabapentin 400mg x 3 daily, meloxicam 30mg x 1 daily and one 350 mg soma at night.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 56 yr. old female. Diagnosed in 2003 with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Restless Leg Syndrome, Irritable bowel syndrome and have had heart problems [1996-1999] that required a cardiac cath, but no diagnosis was ever made. Rarely, I have a racing heart episode, but not for awhile. I am delighted to say I do not have any symptoms of anything on the above list anymore x's 6 months. :0) I am one happy camper!
Avatar n tn Percocet (oxycodone) to Fentanyl is a downgrade but may be a more effective way to treat pain. The potential for abuse or dependence is greater with the Percocet. The side effects mentioned are rare and fentanyl or Duragesic is a very effective way to treat Chronic pain, especially in the elderly.
Avatar f tn put her back to her regular dose and call doctor for taper information. May i ask WHY she is getting off of them? Osteoarthritis is painful and shes 79 yrs old....why removing it from her?
Avatar n tn The past 2 surgeries i endured with this new doc turned out to be opn knee surgeries, not the arthroscopic ones i was previously used to... He gave e a scrip for Oxycontin 20mgs 1-2 every 12 hours, and percocet 10's 1-2 every 4-6 as need for breakout pain.... I found myself already at a high tolerance due to having soo many surgeries previously ..... When i decided to stop taking the combination which was roughly around 210mgs a day of oxycodone in my system, it was terrible...
Avatar f tn I think I told you my mom has severe back issues. Osteoarthritis, terrible scoliosis and her spine is basically disintegrating and she is bone on bone. She wakes up screaming in pain every day. She won't do the pain meds because she's watched me go through hell and back and doesn't want to live a life shackled to them.
Avatar f tn I am finding that they are not working as well as when I had the actual percocet. Is there a reason for this? By the way, I am new to this forum but I have been reading it for awhile (lurking) but this is my first post.
Avatar f tn I am trying to ween myself down from four percocet 10/325 per day down to about 2 per day or maybe even entirely off of them I take them for osteoarthritis and disc disease how bad will the withdrawal be and what can I do to make it easier????
Avatar n tn I've been in severe pain for 15 years, and it keeps getting worse. My doctor put me on Hydrocodone 10/660 about 10 years ago, and it has worked wonders and kept my pain level down to a 2 (scale 1-10). Now, I'm told she can't prescribe it for me anymore, and has cut me back to 10-335. I feel like I've gone backwards in time. I'm back to soaking me feet in ice water, and coating my feet with Capazation, just for a little bit of temporary relief. She says she will not put me back on 10-660.
703238 tn?1297101958 I took a lot of pain medication for many years prescribed by a doctor for a severely painful condition. Not vicodin but I was taking percocet 3 every four hours for pain, and low dose Ketamine in the later stages. Never did anything to help my bipolar. I still got depressed. I think it may have made the hypomania worse. I can't remember. I can't remember a lot from this time in my life - likely due to the medication. Using these drugs is very hard on your body.
Avatar f tn Lortab (Hydrocodone APAP 10/500, as needed for pain), Ativan (Lorazepam .5 milligrams, as needed for breakthrough seizures & sudden onset myoclonic seizure activity), Phenergan (Promethazine 12.5 milligrams, as needed for nausea), & Antivert (Meclizine, 12.5 milligrams that I take while having a bout of Ménière's). I also have mild insomnia, which I treat with a very low dose of Valerian Root, or Melatonin.
Avatar f tn My dr recently changed my pain medication for my lower back pain from percocet to morphine b/c he wanted me taking less tylenol, as it causes liver damage. I do NOT feel pain relief from the morphine. I'm taking twice what he prescribed me just to feel relief. I was NOT expecting this!!!
864831 tn?1243622272 I am currently on Percocet for pain relief (I take 6 a day) but I have been switched recently to MS Contin . I am doubtful. I should take one every 12 hours . I'm afraid that if I take one and it doesn't help that I can't take anything else for another 12 hours. I would like to know if anyone else is taking this. Does it work ?
Avatar f tn I'm on the Fentanyl patch, 75 mcg's every 2 day's and percocet 10/325 for the break-through pain. Now I went in to the Fentanyl knowing, full well, that it is one of the roughest to come off of, should I ever need to. However, I weighed that against the horrific pain I'm constantly in without it. Since going on it, back in 2010, I've managed to increase it (due to surgery) and then to decrease it (when I didn't need such of it) after surgery with perfect ease because of my Dr.
1003776 tn?1360201182 ( I'm on the Fentanyl Patches (87 mcg's) and Percocet 10/325 for BT (Break Through) Pain. I've been doing some tapering from the Fentanyl Patches (down from 125 mcg's since my surgery for my hip implant) and so far haven't had any problems with the tapering. I'm doing it slowly until I reach a point that I KNOW my pain needs the amount of medication I'm on and THEN I will stop and stay at that level. BUT I'm doing it SLOWLY at 12 mcg's a month. That's the key to reducing your meds.
Avatar f tn I've been on daily Avinza (24 hour morphine) and Percocet PRN for breakthrough pain for about three years. Occasionally I stop the Avinza for a week or two and rely upon Percocet so that I can have a few normal bm's. Withdraw is a little bit uncomfortable - like having a touch of the mild flu for a few days, but having the fibro pain return is much worse. You are right about the BS surrounding long term use of prescription narcotics for pain.
522415 tn?1242941355 Look, I am taking Opana ER, Percocet, and Lyrica for pain and that doesnt include all the other meds for all the other symptoms... It is alot and I dont take it lightly. I take it to try and survive this ****. Dont let the non-understanding people make you feel guilty or bad about taking the meds that YOU think you need. Nobody else is in your body but YOU!
Avatar f tn I am currently taking percocet 10/325 and naproxin 500mg for pain however the pain is getting worse and am hoping for something that will give me longer lasting pain relief. I just dont want them to take my percs away cause thats the only thing that helps me get through the pain. Any info would help. Thanks.
Avatar m tn After about 1 hr. , rt. foot swelled up with gout(?) Soon after all shoulders, elbows, knees, fingers, and toes, swelled and in pain. Blood tests with doctor, revealed nothing, except high level (inflamitory qoutient?). Fingers and toes still in severe pain. Taking a course of Prdnisone, w/ Percocet. Does anyone have an idea of what this might be? Also came up negative on R.A. & Lupis tests. Thanks for any input.
Avatar f tn I also had high blood pressure, probably from a bit of genetics but more from a poor diet and no exercise and some weight gain from all the pregnancies. The fibro acted up for a few years and I tried a lot of things for it. Some worked a bit; some didn't. It eventually seemed to get better and now I only have flareups of it very rarely. Of course, all the medications I'm on now probably cover a lot of the pain of it. I have osteoarthritis in both my hands and my right hip.
Avatar n tn I have systemic sclerosis and have chronic gastric ulcers (no H-pyloric) and food bezoars for 10 years. I am supposed to be on liquid diet (I am not) and have gastroparesis and have gained 40 pounds in past two years. I have hypothyroidism for 33 years and empty sella syndrome. Because my TSH is always messed up docs keeping reducing levothyroxine dramatically, 2 years ago I was in a coma due to hypothyroidism and UTI which went to brain.
596094 tn?1219293098 I have been in pain for years now. At times, to bad to even walk. I have been on disability for the past 4 years. I'm only 40 years old. When I was pregnant with my first son I had to have my gallbladder and removed when I was 5 months pregnant. He was 9lbs. 10oz. and a had a forth degree tare. My doctor didn't wait for the placenta to detach because I was hemorrhaging so he pulled it out in three different pieces and sewed me up quick. This caused all kinds of complications.
941625 tn?1263585382 Hi all! I am two years out from chemo and radiation for stage three endometrial cancer (possibly considered stage one endo and stage one ovarian since my metastize was found on the ovaries). I did six rounds of chemo and 33 radiation treatments. I have had chronic and horrible lower back pain ever since. I have been seeing a rheumatologist for this, and he found some arthritis and fused vertebraes.
Avatar f tn Well this week without examining me she decided she couldn't justify writing me a script for the percocet any longer and wrote one for Lortab. Lortab really doesn't do anything. I also have some degenerative disc in my c4-c5 and experencing my hands and arms going to sleep. My regular doctor sent me to get an emg performed which came back normal. However the neurologist made the comment to me that my shoulders and neck were so tight the more than likely it was myofascial pain.
Avatar f tn I need advice of how to work myself down from 4 percocet 10/325 a day to nothing possible tomorrow.....very worried and not sure of what to ask my Dr. at appt tomorrow morning. I know that she is concerned with keeping me on them however not sure of what to do if she doesn't want me to stay on them....I have been dealing with minor osteoarthitis for over a year now w/ this medication and I do not have the option to rest often or not sure that I can handle cold turkey...Please help!!!
1513702 tn?1290378769 I ALSO take Percocet 10/325 up to 3 times a day for BT - Break Through - Pain. Normally I only have to take 1/2 of a Percocet 3 times a day. So it has cut me back TREMENDOUSLY on the amount of pain medication that I have to take. I LOVE my patch as it has taken ALMOST all of my pain away.
2198240 tn?1338549763 I have lived with Chronic back pain for 12 years now and for the last 3 years my PCP would only give me percocet 7.5/325 until November when I had an arthritis flare that resulted in a diagnosis of spondilitis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteopenia and bone spurs on my feet. I am 48 and have the bones of a 70 year old. The flare lasted 5 months and was HORRIBLE pain. So my doctor put me on Fentanyl. Patch 25 mg.