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Avatar f tn I am 22 weeks. I had pain/cramps, sometimes very intense, for the first 5 weeks (never bleeding) because I have fibroids. They told me it was implantation pain or the uterus stretching at the beginning, but I knew there was something wrong (the pain was too much). I never had symptoms or problems before pregnancy even though I knew that I had the fibroids. Then I had the worst unbearable pain in the 19 week for 5 days, again for fibroids.
Avatar m tn I have been taking 3-4 percocet a day for about a year. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and I get horrible leg cramps. I have never taken pain killers for a long period of time, but I was starting to get really mean and taking them religiously. So I decided to stop them cold turkey! I am on another medication for MS that's why I decided to stop to see if it is helping with my pain. Well I am on day 7, and the withdrawls have been horendous!
Avatar f tn I was prescribed percocet 5 about 6 years ago for endometriosis and other stomach problems. Well the doctors had me on these for about 2 years and moved me up to the 10s. In 2009 I was to be scheduled for a hysterectomy but we had to move. Once we got to the new state, I had to fight with doctors here to do the hysterectomy because of my age. Well at 29 (last year) I was able to get the hysterectomy done. Well after the surgery I tried to quit the pills but the withdrawal was insane.
Avatar m tn Man, I used to love percocet. Lucky for me I never got ahold of enough to get addicted to them. That said, the first week can be pretty rough, and there's not alot to do about it. Try to think of it as having a really bad case of the flu. Avisg recommended some good things. It will end, it just takes time. You can try OTC sleep aids and Melatonin for sleep. That helps some people. Also, you can ask your Dr. for Clonodine. It's a Blood Pressure Med, but it helps for WD's in some people.
Avatar m tn Just lately my stomach won't stop bloating and I have cramps all the time. Can this be due to the pills, or I also have IBS. Can the pills also cause ones eyes to be red. Does anyone have a good way to stop taking these without going to anyone? I have heard that drinking everyday for a week while not taking percs will mask the withdrawel.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Percocet 10mg and 5mg everyday for 5 months. I know that might not seem long but it feels like it has to me. And take 5 to 10 of the pills per day. Some times even more.... I am try n to get off this pill but when I dont have them my body hurts and I feel sick. I believe this is a sign that i am withdrawaling. My question is what can i do to get of this pill without having to get treatment? Also if i quit cold turkey how long would it take to get threw the withdrawals?
Avatar n tn After spending nearly a week in the hospital I was discharged with three scripts of Percoct and one script for Avinza. Each script was a 30 day supply of percocet which was for a total of 240 pills. Eight pills to be taken each day. The other two percocept scrips were written the exact same way but only for the following months. Evidently it was legal then.
210982 tn?1280987495 Hello! I have been taking percocet 7.5/500 for about 9 months. I have been diagnosed with degenerate arthritis in my spine. Like so many people on this site, I am addicted to the percocet. I find myself thinking about it a lot, I always run out early and then get real panicky because I go into withdrawals. It feels like I am dying.
Avatar f tn First, do I need to switch to an OBGYN again (he's good, but he's a man, and I like my MWs)? Second, how do I ask for percocet without sounding like a druggie? Third, what else do they prescribe for painful, dehabilitating cramps? I have two little boys and work part-time, so spending the day moaning in bed is not an option. Thanks!
Avatar f tn gatorades, green tea ( theanine on it, will help your mood and to relax), tonic water ( it has quinine and it will help you with RLS ) Hylands restful legs to help you with RLS , hylands cramps legs maybe some natural stuff to help you with sleep like melatonin and valerian root ( good for anxiety too and it helped me with the stomach cramps , imo). lots of hot baths ( with epsom salts if you have them ...
Avatar f tn You may not feel real good for a few days but it should get better quckly. Again I commend you for wanting to jump off of these monsters before they destroy you.
Avatar n tn This pregnancy has been much more difficult, and I have been prescribed percocet. I was on subutex for a pain prb, which i became addiced to pills, and when i became pregnan, they switched me to precocet.
Avatar n tn Hi There.. I am getting ready to start to taper off percocet. I have been taking them for about 6-7 mos and I am now up to approx 7-8 5mg a day. I have seen two "detox" physicians and they both offered the same thing..suboxone. I don't want to substitute another drug (possibly more powerful and addicting) for the percocet. Then I have to worry about getting off of that next!
Avatar f tn Stayed at the 10 mg for six days and then went to 7.5 mg where I presently reside. Probably going to stay here for 6 days or until I feel ready (body usually lets you know when that is). I've talked to several successful taperers. Some people say the slower the better. I've been on the meds for 12 years for pain. Everybody is a little different about when they feel the withdrawals. Didn't have much problem going from 25 mg to 15 mg (about 5 of your pills to 3 of your pills).
Avatar m tn Cant say when but it will get better. The percocet is just making alot of things worse for you.It wont be easy for you but im sure well worth it. Just imagine being able to see the world in color again.
Avatar m tn I am 6 weeks along and have been taking percocet for my back for 3 years. L4-l5 lumbar fusion, 3 surgeries and massive nerve pain. I've tried to not take it but given that I was in a car accident on Monday I'm in even more pain than normal. I walk around with tears in my eyes. Is it better to quit or for me to continue taking about 3/day and then taper off as I get closer to my due date?
Avatar n tn I go to a pain clinc where they put me on Neurontin which makes me too tired to work and tried Bio feedback which didn't work for me. The Percocet helps the pain but I feel I am addicted. Some days I feel like I need something really bad and I do not know what it is and then I realize after I take the Percocet I feel better. Sometimes I have that needing feeling during the day and want to take the medicine just to make it fo away but know I have to work.
Avatar f tn I am so disgusted and mentally over taking percocet. But physically it isn't that easy. Have been taking about 12-14 5/325's for about 10 months. Lesser amounts before that. Have legitimate spine issues but would rather feel that pain than feel like garbage after taking all these pills. It may not be as much as others but its more than enough for me. no easy answer, i know. but ive had enough. suggest telling pcp?
198154 tn?1337790865 I have been weaning off of Percocet as well for legitimate horrible pain that I had surgery for. If I hadn't had pain meds for the past year I would have been stuck in bed the whole time. If you are being prescribed the Percocet you could mention it to your doctor and maybe he/she could prescribe a medication to help with restless legs. I would personally try the over the counter stuff first. The prescription stuff probably have more side effects.
Avatar m tn ) Any recovery care you can get will help! You can do it!!!
Avatar f tn tell your doctor you want to try something stronger. I know alot of my friends who have this problem take hydrocodone for a few days every month for their extreme pain. make certain your doctor knows the amount of pain your in and how it does effect your life on those days.
Avatar f tn I was ready to go to 4 but the last 2 nights I had restless arms and legs and couldn't go back to sleep. Plus I had terrible stomach cramps! Luckily I'm not workin cause I would just get up 3am and wait till I felt tired again then go back to sleep. Should I go ahead and go to 4 anyway? Or wait till my body gets used to 4.5? Does .5 make that much of a difference? (They are 5mg percs) I have to go back to work tmrw. And btw this forum is helping me tremendously with the emotional part! Yay!
Avatar f tn Constantly counting pills, lying to diff Dr's to get multiple scripts,claiming I lost scripts, even having my Ob/gyn giving me scripts for cramps. I never realized it was addict behavior , I thought it was just me being 'clever'! What a joke. I'm so ashamed and Embareased. But back to your question- whether u want to quit or not, I would start spreading out tour meds to last you the extra 8 days. Take less each time and less often so you have enough to make it through.
1478126 tn?1291072975 i have been taking roughly 12-16 lortabs or percocet 5's for the last 10 months. i could use some suggestions on what to do/take to ease the withdrawal symptoms. i started taking a wide spectrum multivitamin today, using imodium every 6 hours, advil for aches, drinking a TON of water, and taking hot baths. i feel like this is a good starting point, but would like to know if anyone else has had success with anything else. i don't have leg pain on RLS.
Avatar n tn My doctor has prescibed Percocet for the pain until I can see a nuerosergeon and have a date set for my operation. I have been on pain meds for about four months now on and off. Whenever I try to stay off of the medication, the pain is too much for me to take.I am due to have the operation in the next three to four weeks tops because my appointment with the surgeon is in one week.
Avatar m tn The thomas recipe helps u get on ur feet but the vitamins and aminos cant stop the detox and the flu-like stuff..the imodium helps alot and curbs wds...something for anxiety and sleep if great for a week or so...the vitamins are important..exercise is even more important..u will be surprised at how much u can do once u put one foot in front of the other and hit the pavement for a walk,,,hang tight....u r probably in the worst of it a 2 days...sleep rest and baby urself...
Avatar f tn I too like many others are a mother that got hooked after the birth of my last child over 2 yrs ago. I am trying to get off percocet but my stomach hurts so bad when I start to withdrawl, I feel like my bowels or insides are really affected. Ove rthe past year I take 3 to 5 a day! The year before that it was 20 one month, maybe 30 the next occasionally & I didn't really experience any withdrawl symptoms.