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Avatar m tn I have had lymphedema for three years. I now have carpal tunnel in the right wrist. How can I relieve the pain of the carpal tunnel without having my fingers, hand, and arm swell up more? I wear a compression glove and sleeve.
Avatar f tn I am having severe Carpal Tunnel pain after delivering my son. I had it throughout my pregnancy, but it was very mild. Now that he has been born it's extremely painful, and causing everyday chores impossible. I can barley even hold his bottle. I've been prescribed Percocet 5/325 every 3 to 4 hrs 1 or 2 pills and IN Profren 800 mg and it's barley touching the pain. Is there something out there Lon acting that can work also what type of Dr should I see to take care of this.
Avatar n tn The break through pain meds are not working for me anymore so I figured I would cleanse my system of the percocet. Hopefully thinking they will work again for break through. So Yes I have pain issues. I just hate pain meds. Problem right now is I do not want to take all these break through meds. YET my doctor just informed me that we will never get my pain uinder control as I now suffer from Carpal Tunnel, Tendenitus....blah blah blah. I am 44 years old. I am active.
Avatar n tn Hi, and welcome!! I've been off percocet for >2.5 months; 12-18/day for 3-4 years. How much were you taking? Do as bmac suggested: Thomas Recipe and tons of hot baths... You are in the hardest physical w/d's right now, but the good news is, you will start to feel better real soon(~day 4). Your body needs to start "firing" again, by producing it's own pain killers(ie. dopamine)...the L-Tyrosine and Vit B-6, that is a part of the recipe, will dramatically help with that.
401095 tn?1351395370 I eventually stopped drinking for 13 years. Later due to pain I was given vicodin and percocet and again, this mood altering substance was fantastic. I immediately began to "chase" the euphoric feelings. I took percs and vics for over 10 years. Like Hopsing, the last two were downward spiraling. I no longer felt like superwoman. I needed to take them just to feel normal. All my energy, confidence, etc.
Avatar f tn I guess I don't see anyway around it, but does anyone have experience with these instruments post-op? My surgeon tells me that I have tendonitis, and carpal tunnel, and wants to do all three surgeries at the same time--seems frightening. I am a 53 yr.-old male, and any comments or help in understanding this procedure would be much appreciated! Thank-you.
61536 tn?1340701763 2002) Frequent kidney stones Restless-legs syndrome Multiple chemical sensitivities Esophageal spasm Anxiety Raynauds Carpal tunnel syndrome (this went away after my son was born though...) Anyone else this wrecked?
Avatar f tn I have previously been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a fractured spine, curvature reversal, buldging disks, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, migraines, and high uric acid. They originally prescribed me percocet 7.5mg limit 6 a day, nuerontin 600mg tid, and esgic plus 50-500-40mg however my insurance stopped covering the percocet 7.5mg and so they had to prescribe me the 5/325!
461502 tn?1218907707 and tada... i got my percocet ...I would be on percocet for the next 8years with oxy's 40mlg about 50 a month ... I was so high.. and making some ****** up decisions.. I started partyin with my 16year old daughter ... giving her pills .. xanx.. which i had been on from the begining...and a percocet here and there... I had no idea my sister was getting her addicted to oxy's too.. and her husband.. I get it now.. she didn't want to be ****** up alone...Then I was homeless..
Avatar f tn I have previously been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a fractured spine, curvature reversal, buldging disks, pinched nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, migraines, and high uric acid. They originally prescribed me percocet 7.5mg limit 6 a day, nuerontin 600mg tid, and esgic plus 50-500-40mg however my insurance stopped covering the percocet 7.5mg and so they had to prescribe me the 5/325!
699217 tn?1323442300 I was getting injections in my elbows at the time and he would give them to me for the pain. I have tennis elbow, along with carpal tunnel and neck pain. Anyway, I didnt have trouble getting off them, but I've read on here about them, and never knew that they could be addictive. He had told me they were non-narcotic also. Anyway, sorry to ramble. Glad to know the differences now though.
Avatar n tn I have been an administrator for 18 years and have already had bilateral carpal tunnel release surgery. That helped alot. For me, acupuncture (trigger points) helped alot with the neck pain and headaches. What drives me crazy is the finger issues. They hurt so badly to the point of me having to take percocet to get relief. I've tried the EPI's and they only lasted for 7/8 weeks.
522415 tn?1242941355 Look, I am taking Opana ER, Percocet, and Lyrica for pain and that doesnt include all the other meds for all the other symptoms... It is alot and I dont take it lightly. I take it to try and survive this ****. Dont let the non-understanding people make you feel guilty or bad about taking the meds that YOU think you need. Nobody else is in your body but YOU!
Avatar m tn I take moderate amounts of Ultram (daily), and Vicodin and Percocet as needed for pain. My muscle enzymes have been high for years but no-one has ever bothered to determine why. The last couple of days I have something new, pretty severe pain in the upper inner part of my left thigh (goes about 3/4 of the way around my thigh) as I lift my leg to walk. I can sit, lie or stand without pain, but as soon as the weight lifts off my foot, pain.
Avatar f tn I have severe carpal tunnel in both hands as well as pinched nerves in my elbow and neck. I drank everyday to excess for years. My doctor has prescribed Tramadol for pain. Will this endanger my sobriety? Nothing else helps the pain. I don't know what to do. Will I be safe? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Its not helping with chronic arthritis that has taken over my body,sciatica,carpal tunnel on both hands(had surgery on one already) restless leg syndrome.Also,had knee replacement on one leg(2 yrs ago) and have to get one on the other. What can i use instead? .. I've taken the highest mgs. of percocet and vicodin switching between both and weaning between both.And done that,did that on the cortisone shots. Im always in pain and sometimes feel i rather be dead..
Avatar n tn Hello, I started with c6-c7 in 2003. I had the tyipical hand numbenss, shoulder pain, ect. This surergery relieved a lot of the pain. The following year a new pain started at the base of my neck. After therapy, meds and injections I had another surgery. This time c5-c6 was fused. (2005) Dr. said disk above was not normal either but should be "ok". comes 2006, old pain gone and yet again here is new pain!! Suprise Suprise.
1548147 tn?1293819505 I am thinking either the percocet or the surgery though since I was experiencing the pain occasionally before the lyrica but it is hard for me to give up the percocet because I still have so much pain from the surgery without it. Anyone else had this problem with percocet or lyrica or the ALIF surgery? Any ideas or comments are welcome. I am scheduled to visit my back dr next Tuesday.
Avatar n tn I find it hard to believe that I've had these issues for six years, I've been on valium and percocet for more than two months now, and the neuro doc didn't run ONE test on me before deciding I had NOTHING. Can you give me an idea of what I'm looking at? BTW, thank you for the patients to read this far......
1846239 tn?1321201954 thyroid issues impact sooo many things. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and if I skip my synthroid and my numbers are out of wack, my carpal tunnel is MUCH worse. Before I was diagnosed, I went to the doctor because my periods were crazy. I basically had it for 10 months, very heavy, with a day or a 1/2 day off here and there. I was tested for everything under the sun. They thought maybe fibroids, cancer, you name it.
Avatar n tn r.'s no help, pain got worse. GP Rx Percocet, sent me for spine MRI and hip Xays - both negative. Then nerve tests: also nothing. Both docs considered pelvis: had pelvic CT scan. CT: bilateral dermoid cysts in ovaries, but larger (6.8 cm) is on Right (no pain); Left = 4.2 cm. Sonograms: R dermoid is two. Leg problems started getting better on their own! days later, I feel OK. Saw 1st avail. GYN: scared me re: possible cancer, advised open surgery over laparoscopy to avoid rupturing cysts.
Avatar f tn I am going for surgery in February for one of my arms. I am hoping that it is the Carpal Tunnel that is causing most of the upper body pain and the surgery will alleviate this. My family Dr. is basically saying that it is difficult to ascertain where the pain originates as all of my symptons in the upper body apply to all 3 conditions. How much oxy contin do you take? I agree with the tolerance thing. When I first started taking Oxy Contion, one, 40mg.
Avatar n tn -Were you diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome? -What type of surgery was done? Is the symptomatic hand the same hand that underwent surgery ? -When you say first three fingers, you start with your thumb? Median nerve distribution involves the thumb.Burning pain and pins and needles sensation over a particular area indicate nerve impingement due to prolonged pressure on the nerve.The affected area gives you an idea of the type of nerve involved.
Avatar f tn During the last 2 years, the pain has gotten progressively worse. I now have numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand. I do have carpal tunnel on the right. But my bicep muscle as well as my wrist now throb all the time. My treatment has included physical therapy, which made the symptoms worse, and pain management. I am currently taking neurontin, zanaflex, cymbalta, and percocet. Up until today, I thought I was being treated for the perineural cysts.
Avatar n tn Sadly speaking, I take about ten a day due to chronic back pain, carpal tunnel, and migraines. I don't have insurance so the long term solution for back pain and carpal will be surgery. I can't do that now. My husband is aware of me taking the medication while pregnant. He doesn't seem terribly concerned but I am. I would never want to do anything to harm the baby. Also I have no symptoms of pregnance other than swollen breast, mood swings, and the usual, no menstrual cycle.
Avatar f tn They said it was probably carpal tunnel syndrome and gave me a different pain med each time I went in.... told me several times that I had to let the drugs take effect...go home and wait 2 -3 days for the them to work. I was prescribed Darvocet, Percocet, and Valium over the course of the 11 days and nothing helped. The only time I was not crying was when I had my finger packed in ice, but once the ice began to melt I would feel the pain shoot back to a level 10.
Avatar n tn It is one hour drive if that makes a difference. I have been taking 10mg percocet for 5 years. I take 6 a day but sometimes need a couple more through night. I need to be on long lasting med but when you mention changing meds dr's dont want to deal with it. I am dependant on them no doubt but try to take like i am suppose to but many months rn short on meds. I called all the pain management places and they do not take my insurance.
Avatar f tn With the pain medicine, the loopiness wears off after taking the med for a couple weeks, it's a side effect from the medicine and it does wear off when you body gets use to it. I've been taking percocet for two years and I have not had any weird feelings since the first week or so. Just make sure you don't drive if your feeling that way.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your comment. That makes me feel a little better. I can't help but are you? did you have surgery and doing fine?
311310 tn?1214442997 The conservative treatment you have done has not provided significant relief and the referral for pain management was indicated. Medications such as Percocet or Lortab help with decreasing the symptom of pain, but do not address the underlying cause of the pain.