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1058261 tn?1256061140 So I relized that my 20-30 a day percocet/vicodin addiction and I had a bigger problem...I kinda knew all along I was self medicating for a deeper I went and saw a phycatrist that I had previouslly seen before for my depression, I had stopped taking all meds except of course my drug of choice for like 3.5 years. I got there explained my situation and talk for a long time with the doc....he decided I was bi-polar and was started on 60mg of geodon 2X dailey...
Avatar m tn 11 in the afternoon. Should i be okay? I really need to know if these drugs interact badly or not because i have chronic back pain and its killing me right now.
Avatar m tn It's been so bad lately that I nearly went to the emergency room on Saturday and Sunday. I was treating the pain with Percocet that was left over from my ankle sugery. However, I lost it in Denver when I went to visit family. I find myself irritable and am suffering from debilitating fatigue. Even the Vyvanse is not helping.
702513 tn?1228516297 I still have terrible, debilitating fatigue and we don't know why. My doc gave me Vyvanse (similar to adderall) to stay awake. Even at the max FDA approved dosage, I was still falling asleep. So, I took additional Vyvanse until I found out how mg it takes to keep me awake all day. I am prescribed 70mg but take 210. I consider this necessary for survival. I was in danger of losing my job and my family. The Vyvanse has been a blessing - despite having to take so much.
Avatar f tn Vyvanse is like adderall and lamictal is an antidepressant and mood dissorder medicine used to treat PTSD I will keep taking them.
Avatar f tn tightening in chest, clenching his jaws, new OCD symptoms. He is taking depacote and percocet for headache he's had from the beginning, Tegratol and then ativan as needed for the attacks.
Avatar n tn As an alternative to Percocet (5/325) for pain - I have MS and have more acute than chronic issues - along w/a muscle relaxer - my doc prescribed Ultram 50mg up to 2 pills every 6 hrs., I use 6-8 pills per week. I am also at the age for the start of menapause and I have clamy skin a lot and do feel a real downturn in energy. After reading all of these posts I don't know what to make of it. I have very limited insur.
13129035 tn?1434043312 There are tons of people who go to that one and read and share and you will gets tons of advice and encouragement!!! Just copy and paste what you wrote above into there and you will be bombarded with posts!!! Taking that first step to quit is hard...working around it must be really difficult! If we as addicts have access to our drug of choice everyday most of us wouldnt be able to stop! So thats just something to think about for you. Would it be easy for you to get another job?
10866337 tn?1413405781 I used this technique to withdraw successfully (and realitivly painlessl) from four years of Percocet and Vicodin.
13129035 tn?1434043312 Long story short eventually I realized it not only helped my pain but also made me feel great. 2 years later and I take adderall, vyvanse, percocet. Norcos, vicodin , tramadol. I don't take all everyday, just usually what I can buy. I've tried stopping but at my new job there's a guy who they call a street pharmacist and sells all kinda of stuff. I've tried to take some of these pills for withdrawals to stop one addiction but end up getting addicted to that. I'm so so tired of this.
Avatar f tn I've been on all sorts of pain medications including PO Dilaudid, PO Morphine, OxyIR, Vicodin, Percocet, and Butrans. I take 2-4 Aleve tablets a day and 2-4 800mg doses of ibuprophene everyday. I also have a Rx for tramadol 1-2 50mg tabs q6-8hrs. I have a TENS unit for my back (I just need to get the electrodes to work correctly) and an inversion table. I meditate and try progressive relaxation techniques.
Avatar f tn the stimulant would cut through the sedation and help with your energy level. Vyvanse is my favorite because it has a long, slow release pattern and doesn't 'drop off' at the end of the day. The second thought is to consider buprenorphine for your pain medication; it tends to cause less sedation than other opiates. On the other hand it does lead to tolerance, but all pain medications do that. Other ideas from readers?
Avatar f tn YEP on the job thing!! I am a manager of 11 women and during my w/d, they want to all come in my office and talk and laugh and i want to holler at them, GET THE F*** out" and that's not me. You just have to tell yourself I"m healing and I have to take care of me right now. The rest will fall in place. Know your triggers before hand, and plot in your head what to do when encountering them. I always relapsed because of either job or ex-hsuband.
Avatar n tn Doctor will sell u out,1st by giving u something that will kill you when THEY dont have all the facts(I never understood how taking 3 40mg tablets of oxy would be better 4 me then 70 mg of percocet but i trusted him,and put the pill in my own mouth and yes,i was looking for a better high,he just made it much easyer when he knew i had a promblem)and then will sell you out again when the **** hits the fan with the FDA(if there wasent all this hype on t.v.
522415 tn?1242941355 They are not sure if I have Fibromyalgia or neuropathy but I take Darvocet now and was on Percocet. They do nothing for the nerve and body pain. I only take them for the Migraines, and that pain doesn't compare to the pain in my legs. As far as meditation I've studied Martial Arts for 17 years, and as it is helpful - I am still having trouble copeing.
Avatar n tn im now on zoloft to take edge off, and oxy 30mg 2x/day to manage pain and percocet for breakthru pain. unfortunately, i think this is my life and i am trying to accept that the pain will be a part of my life; i may never work again or play with my kids, but this must be my cross to bear.
Avatar m tn I have also been taking vicodin from my dad for years and along with the great shame I feel from it, I don't want to tell my mom this because she will blame my father and she will berate him and blame him all day and make his life even more miserable than being in a completely loveless marriage. What should I do, I want the detox and need it, but I don't want to inflict pain on my family for being a screw up?
Avatar n tn i was never prescribed to them, they just kinda found their way into my life and before i knew it i was hooked. now i never actually took them for any reason other than the high (i usually crushed and snorted them). i am on day 8 after quitting cold turkey and as all of you already know the first 3-4 days were the physically the worst. i feel a lot better now except the psychological stuff i have to deal with. i feel severly depressed at times and i suffer strong cravings.
975514 tn?1325001538 we tried topamax but it gave me a rare side affect and my face went numb. These days its flexeril, percocet, lyrica, and neurontin (gabapentin) I'm still convinced the neurontin does nothing but whatever it doesn't do anything negative so I take it. I thought the lyrica wasn't working until after I had been on it for about a year and I ran out and forgot to get it filled. yeah. it helps.
Avatar n tn U have already had the worst of it and now, they will begin to taper off and get better and better. The irritability may last a little longer, but not much I imagine. Anyway, congrats. U took the meds like u should and didnt ever get into trouble w/ them. That says a lot to me. Anyway, that makes a difference during all of this, in my opinion. Stay positive and by the end of the weekend, I bet they are a memory, distand I hope. How is your pain now? Do u have another way to manage it?
Avatar n tn I take it as directed. I understand how tricky it can be. I was addicted to Percocet and pot and alcohol. I abused my medications to get through the day. But, you can learn a new way to live and manage your life. And, you can take medication! Some people may not be able to tolerate Adderall. Don't take it! But, many of us have found it to HELP us with the addiction problems and personal issues that ADHD had caused in our lives. I am proof of that.
Avatar f tn And I remember drugs like Percocet/Darvon that made me vomit, and other narcotics that made me sleep for days.