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Avatar f tn If I took one. 5 mg. percocet on 9/8 and did a drug screening at work on 9/21 and it came back positive is this possible? I also did another instant urine on 9/23 and that came back negative. Can the drug company be wrong? Which results are right. Also took Ibeprophen 500 & amoxacillan on 9/11. Someone please give me some good news my job of 18 yrs. depends on it.
10363722 tn?1409606789 I borrowed one of her percoset that are 10 milligrams. I went to the doctor a couple days later and had to do a random urine drug screening. I am scared to death now. What happens if that percocet shows up? Will they totally take me off of all my pain meds? Are they likely to give me a second chance?this is not a typical thing that I do. I really need to be on my pain meds as I work two jobs and I'm on my feet all the time.any insight on this would be appreciated. Scared to death and worried.
Avatar n tn I am not a medically trained physician but I am a law enforcement laboratory technician who routinely handles evidence including specimens for drug screens. A drug screen is a complex thing and the higher tuned (more sensitive) it is the more complex it becomes. You see, drug screens can be adjusted to detect various trace amounts of many different types of drugs.
Avatar n tn When you get to a point where your meds are not working properly then you need to discuss it with your Dr and do not go out on your own and take more meds. You have no idea what interactions you may get and it's very dangerous. Please talk to your new PM and be up front with them and tell them you have tolerance issues you would like to discuss. You state you have been on the same dose for 9 years so I am sure even though this is a high dose they will listen to your problem with tolerance.
Avatar n tn My daughter was given a drug screen recently. She is on prescribed Percocet and Morphine for chronic pain. However, before the drug screen, (she can't remember exactly how long before, but thinks it was within 3 days) she took 5 mg of Methadone and 25 mg of Phenergan, one time only each. Will those drugs show on the drug screen?
1401392 tn?1280808747 I am being treated at a local pain management clinic with flexeril, cymbalta, an anti-inflamatory, trazadone to help me sleep, and percocet 7.5 for pain. Injections in my back and neck failed. I also underwent RFNA (basically had the nerves to the affected areas burned), this procedure also failed. The clinic I attend, as do most clinics, require regular urine screens to assure that the meds are being taken properly.
Avatar m tn I have been taking percocet 5/325 and tramadol 50mg for the past three years and to my surprise I was drug tested and tested positive for suboxone and this was from the gc/ms test how could this be I have never taken anything like that I did take a valium and that was it so im so upset because my doctor will only give me tylenol with codeine and its not working what can I do and how could this happen?
Avatar f tn I have a deep hate for doctors because of the drug problem THEY created and continue to feed all for the money. Take a deep breath and start looking. Ask around. The pharmacist told me about a couple to check into. They aren`t supposed to do that so check with one you use regularly. They MIGHT give you a couple leads to GOOD pain doctors. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I am glad that you found us and took the time to post. However I am sorry to hear about your inaccurate drug screen results. First of all urine drug screens have been known to be as high as 60-80% inaccurate. Many times it is human error. It happens to a lot of ppl...but when it actually happens to us it very, very disturbing. You may never discover the reason your test was inaccurate. The lab will not admit there may have been a mistake made.
Avatar f tn It sure is nice that the patient's physician under this circumstance agreed to retest but how many retests would the physician do should the patient fail the next urine screen? I think the answer is not too many and if a dismissal occurs rarely does the patient get a chance to make an appointment to discuss why or request a blood test. It is over. Do I think this is fair? No, absolutely not. But it happens so often to patients.
Avatar n tn Hello Lass,First off is this just routine,or is their some reason of diversion like due you work as a nurse ,and if so,are they checking only you or are you on a Methadone program and all they want to know is there any hydrocodone in yopur system to bebin with,as same not so bright addicts say that they are on this and that and when they run a urine screen,nothing shows up,even the drug that they say is their drug of choice.
Avatar f tn will it show up if being tested for opioids or just synthetic opioids? i came up positive on a drug screen for oxymorphone and i was perscribed to percocet.. can u please explain?
Avatar n tn my fiance just had a positive drug screen for cocaine? how likely is it for percocet or vicodin to be mistaken for cocaine in a urine screen? if he was in an enclosed environment with someone who was smoking crack, would that give him a positive also? what effects would crack have on a person with hiv+ disease whose cd4 count is only 93? are there any false positives to cocaine with the use of herbals like siberian genseng, echinacea, goldenseal, aloe vera gel tabs, ginko biloba?
Avatar f tn I went and the nurse calls me to inform me that the Dr will no longer be able to give me any more Percocet or Klonopin seems my Urine Drug Screen showed that I was negative for both drugs. I told her I had taken 2 Percocet the day before and I take my Klonopin daily before bed. We have been going round and round about this for a few week now. I have been reading your posts on this matter. I live in WI which is State mandated since 2010 (which I just found out).
Avatar f tn 2 days for a 5mg percocet could be hit or miss on a drug screen if they are looking for it. I would expect a negative result assuming you only took that and no more the previous days. I used to really worry about the detection times. Google drug half lives and detection times. There is a science behind it with some exceptions.
Avatar f tn I would be interested in finding out what became anyones situation with the false negative, I have been on Morphine 2x daily as well for 14 months now yet my surprise drug screen test came back as Zero usage and positive for Marijuana. I drive 4 hours to my Dr. I take my morphine 9:30 n 9:30 so i KNOW i had taken it on the way down to Pittsburgh. Yet it came back negative? of course he immediatly gave me 30 days and dropped me. In the process I have been trying to find new Dr. but my Dr.
Avatar n tn The new doctor wanted a drug screen which I had no objections to. He did give me my refills and said we would discuss the results of the test on the next visit. On the next visit he informed me that my drug screen came back negative. I had been out of the perocet for 2-3 days prior to seeing him but had used my fentanyl patch. I asked him to check my back so he could see that I had it on but he refused.
Avatar f tn Percocet is a stronger drug and actually classified as a "C-II" under the DEA. Lortab or Hydrocodone is a "C-III". So, chemically it is stronger. My first bout with narcotics I was addicted to percocet. (after the lortab wouldn't work anymore and i'd had shoulder surgery). Total use was about a year and It was difficult w/d. I went ct when I got off of the percs. My last relapse was on lortab.
Avatar n tn She started tapering off 6 weeks and is now on no opiates. Then she has 18 days to get through drug free before she goes to new state-of-the-art pain clinic that does give opiates. Does anyone out there know if she will still get a positive tox screen? How long do you have to stay off the meds before you don't show a positive? I cannot believe they found a trace in the first screen.
Avatar f tn In January i did a random urine drug screen I was hoorified at the results there were drugs in there I have never taken even an illict drug. My name wasnt on the cup it was placed by me in a room where there were several other cups no one checked the temperature. no chain of command. In february they filled my ms contin and in march now they cut me off and said i could get narcotics from another docter but still use them for epidurals and such.
Avatar n tn I had hernia surgery and was prescribed percocet 10mg.. It been 2 months and have stopped them but feeling really depressed and anxious. How long will this take to subside??? I usually half the 10mg and take half at a time. at most take 5 halfs a day..???
Avatar f tn It wasent a blood test it was a urine drug screen. Going into the hospital still isent going to help me find a new PMdr. I understand where you guys are comming from but Im F***ed cause I cant find a new DR. My PCP even said that i need a new PMdr. Even if I admit myself into the hospital its not gonna make a difference on who I C when I get out of there. NO ONE will take me as a patient. And my PCP dont deal with chronic pain, it says so right on his office wall.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I feel like my contribution would be nothing but a cynical, angry diatribe on the evils of addiction and a society that creates a wonderful drug and then deprives us of the right to screw up our own bodies by using it. Other times I feel that my contribution would do nothing but echo the advice given by others who seem to have a wonderful talent for speaking (typing) from the heart. Either way, I often choose to read and not write. But okay--fair enough, I'll tell my story.
Avatar f tn Hi, I really don't know where to turn to or get answers, I am on meds for depression, HBP and chronic pain, I take generic Effexor er 150 mg 1 x daily and clonazapam 1mg 3xd for depression,3 bp meds, and take 30mg 3xd and percocet 10mg 3xd, I was recently drug tested in office and showed positive for pcp and methadone, I also take tylonol pm at night and advil, they sent me straight to hospital for blood drug test and it come back as having nothing at all in my system but also did not have a lis
Avatar f tn Just wanted to check in and see how it went for you today? Let us know hon!
264230 tn?1208799931 It actually doesn't in a "standard" drug screen. It does pick up hydro, though. It was explained to me that the drug test only picks up the ones that transform into morphine. Oxy doesn't morph into morphine. They usually have to order a special test to pick up Oxy.
Avatar n tn I am presently tapering off of percocet from a knee surgery, then got hooked, and I am trying so hard to get this job, and they just did a drug test. I havent heard nothing yet. anyone know...... Darn I was addicted to alcohol, replaced if with these lousy percocets I cant get off of and now I am burning myself again.