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Avatar m tn I have been on all sorts of meds in the past, including vicodin and percocet. My orthopedic Dr. told me before I could mix tylenol with advil and it would equal a pain pill without the narcotic effect. I don't remember how many of each to take and how many hours apart to take each of them. Is this safe? I would rather take these then go back on pain meds! Thanks!
1084115 tn?1385232189 hello there, i catched a flu with 39 ° fever,and i wonder how much dafalgan/tylenol is safe to take per day,when having cirrhosis. i had hep-c and did finished treatment before 5 months,4.5 months post tx i still was UND. i dont like to take tylenol,but the fever is making me pretty bad. apreciate some answers.
2110255 tn?1334192149 However, oxycodone comes in up to 30 mg tablets and the dose of percocet is bounded by the amount of tylenol within it. The maximum safe amount of tylenol that can be ingested in a single dose is 1,000 mg. Per the maximums the pharmaceutical companies published, the max prescribed dose of percocet is "up to 3 tablets (assuming 5/325 mg dose per tablet) every 4-6 hours not to exceed 12 pills in a day".
Avatar m tn feel a bit stressed and a bit yired but working and drinking lots of water. also instead of the percocet one of the times a day I just take tylenol. so the acetaminophen my body craves is still getting without the oxycodone. thanks for the support.
Avatar m tn Went back to dr for follow up,wanted to give me Tylenol 3 and flexiril. I went back to ER got another shot of dilaudid and a Percocet then had a pain management dr appt next day. Went there here perscribed dilidid and a muscle relaxer. Not working. I'm switching back and forth to Percocet. I also have norco I've thrown in a couple times. Help!?
Avatar n tn On a regular day I usual do 20-40mg. Today I took a percocet 5mg and a piece of a oxycodone(no tylenol) so all together maybe 15mg at most. I feel totaly fine and I still get a buzz from a percocet 5mg. I have a drug test coming up next week maybe weds or thursday and I have to pass it. My first question is how long would these opiods stay in my system for being that I have been taking them for quite sometime now and two what is your best recommendation to get of off them.
Avatar n tn Your noes, luges, and smell sense will get so messed up from tylenol alone its ridiculous. Not to mention all the binders, Tylenol and other stuff your snorting directly into your lunges and noes. You cant even begin to imagine the damage that stuff does to your respiratory system. All my love and good luck on getting your daughter back.
Avatar f tn It actually took me a while to get anything like Percocet, because I had been taking Tylenol and Advil off and on thinking that would help me and then it didn't.. Thank you for your help, Pat. I really appreciate this.
Avatar n tn As long as you only take the prescribed dose and only when needed, you should be okay.
Avatar m tn hi i took percocet and tylenol 3 all through my pregnancy for back, migraine and a broken tailbone. I can't guarantee your baby won't be addicted, but it is highly unlikely at 3-4/day. I just gave birth three weeks ago and only took tylenol 2 the last few days before I went into labour 1 week early (nothing to do with any drugs, baby just came at 39 weeks), anyway my son was born totally fine, agpar scores of 9 (excellent) with ZERO withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn First time on this site and it seemed to have alot of knowledgeable people on this subject. I have been taking ocycontin and percocet for seven years now. My dose 120mgs three times daily for a total of 360mgs daily and around 6 TO 9 percocet witch is ocycodone at 325 mgs each pill. I understand that this is a huge amount of drugs to be putting in my body on a daily basis but please know that I do not abuse them as everything I take is all prescribed and never take more than my prescribed dose.
Avatar f tn i have 3 young children at home im trying so hard to take care of them and when im medicated properly im a wonderful mother but days i try to get through with just Tylenol im moody and grumpy and in so much pain i get angry and it scares my poor babys so i want to stay on them but at the same time i feel like there taking my life over, i dont know if i should just stick with this stress of becoming a drug addict or if i should quit all together when the pain starts to get really bad after not t
210982 tn?1280987495 Started with Tylenol w/codine, then Vicoden and then Percocet..I have just built up a tolerance to everything so I keep moving up the line. But yeah I keep reading that the w/d's won't last more than a week...but the few times I have been w/o meds for about two to three days it seems those days are the longest days I have two kids, I am a single mom and the w/d's really make me unavailable to my kids...
Avatar f tn ) I got on and posted how my day and evening at work went. Well, I took a couple of Tylenol PM's to try and go to sleep, but COULD NOT go to sleep! I believe it's from all the coffee and energy drinks I loaded into my body during my day at work. I had to get up at 7am to get my daughter ready for school, but wasn't able to get to sleep. My arms were restless, similar, well almost exactly like the restless legs I experienced during withdrawals. They just felt like I couldn't stretch them enough!
Avatar n tn A week later I started getting hullucinations at night and had the Dr switch the Vicodin and got Percocet. The hullucination didn't stop and I ended up finding out that it was caused by Flexeril after searching the web. That flexeril should be avoid at all costs and it has a long 3 day half life so its going to take a long time to finally get out of me... So switched to Robaxin for the muscle relaxer. At this time I got up to 10-12 Percocets a day because of the pain.
Avatar n tn oxys are the worst to become addicted to bc it is the closest to a form of sterilized heroin. whereas percocet and vicodins are pain killers/tylenol (although 15 mg percs and up are closer to being oxys then their own family of percs because just like oxys they contain no aspirin and is basically the same thing as oxycotin, just a lower dosage. 5 & 10 mg oxys are (at least where im from) pretty rare, anyone who takes them takes 40 mg to 80 mg and u can get up to a dollar a mg.
Avatar f tn Thanks for using the forum. Vicodin and Percocet should not be taken together. Both medications contain acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol). If you take too much acetaminophen it can damage you liver. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Vicodin is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Additionally, both medications cause central nervous system depression which can make you drowsy, lower your blood pressure and have other adverse effects.
Avatar f tn 5mg of Oxycodone and 325mg of Tylenol. The Tylenol is used for inflammation, fever, and general aches/pains. So you have been given double the Oxycodone amount and have rid yourself of the Tylenol -- the Roxi will be MUCH more effective for the simple fact that you're getting a considerable amount more. Unfortunately for you, the tolerance will now build up and in a few months time, taking a lower dosage (than 15) will have little to no effect on you.
Avatar n tn I am going to pharmacy school. Percocet and Norco are VERY different. Percocet- Is a schedule II drug and is in the same class as morphine, adderall, cocaine, and fentnyl. It is kept locked up in retail pharmacies and is only allowed to be unlocked by a pharmacist. Percocet is oxycodone and acetominipen (tylonol).
1161075 tn?1262992028 I am concerned about the amount of tylenol in the Percocet (I take the 10's 4 to 6 times a day) and have tried and tried to discuss this with my PM doc, who is soon to be replaced. From different things I have read, the oxycontin will be slowly disappearing off of the shelves because of it's high potential of abuse by un-prescribed folks (taking it from the family medicine chest or those that don't really need it, selling it on the street. I know my Medicare will no longer pay for it.
374690 tn?1224556189 I don't even think their part of the same family, other than the Tylenol. Anyway, I've been taking mostly the Percocet to save the Lorcet but I also noticed to feel some acheiness & like I was gonna jump outta my skin. Out of curiosity I haven't taken a Lorcet since 3:30 p.m yesterday & around 4:00 today I really started feeling pretty yuck, but instead of taking the Lorcet, I tried the Percocet again instead. I felt ALOT better 30 mins. later.
210982 tn?1280987495 Maybe you could just stop the morphine all together and just use the percocet. Morphine is more addictive and harder to wd from. Good luck.
Avatar n tn So, obviously he's an idiot because percocet is oxycodone, and so is oxycontin, right? So he won't refer me for any program. And of course, I've got a ton of pills left, I don't know, probably ten 20 mg. extended release, and 25 5 mg percocet. I anyone's help on how to taper myself without going crazy. Plus, I don't even know if I have the willpower to do it. I'm sure once I stop taking them I'll be slammed with chronic migraines again.
Avatar n tn Answer: 10 years Question: Was it percocet? Answer: Originally vicodin and then tylenol/codeine Question: Did you just wake up one day and say, ''THAT'S IT!?" Answer: Yes, in the middle of my taper I just stopped taking pills. Question: Do you know if there is some type of out patient program that works maybe faster? Answer: I think this varies by your area. My HMO wouldn't take me. I think this Forum is better than any program I could have attended.
Avatar f tn Im excited to change my life but theres one thing i know i need to do and it's really going to and my bf my baby's father can no longer stay together because we got together for all the wrong reasons... but thats another story lol. Anyway i know that the daycare thing can be done i just have to sux it up and get out into the world and do my job...taking care of my son and give him a balanced life which would intale him going to daycare and being social! Then i can go back to school...
Avatar n tn my dr. prescribes me percocet and vicodin for pain. my daughter is 6months old i breast feed her and supply her with formula. They say its safe but is it really ?
Avatar n tn Well, my mouth still feels raw, and am getting more little blisters, and I think it may be a reaction from the Percocet. Bob, I know you are gonna make it, and my heart will be with you. I know it won't be an easy thing to do, but you will make it because you want to. I am trying to find a site on aol, that use to be here, ask a dr or something like that. Do you know what I'm referring to? Have a great holiday yourself, if I don't hear from you before.
Avatar n tn If you start percocet now it may be hard to wean yourself from it later when you really need it. Percocet is basically tylenol with codeine...maybe you can try just some plain tylenol if it is OK with your OB.