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2110255 tn?1334192149 There are many lawsuits out there from patients and family members of patients that were taking percocet or vicodin and ended up with liver failure or damage and many of them actually died. There are other lawsuits out there from consumers that overdosed on over the counter tylenol as they were taking up to a bottle a day to combat the pain that no doctor would treat with opioid medications. And again in this scenario, there were several deaths.
Avatar n tn I have been taking tramadol and percocet for about 5 years now, 240 tramadol a month and 90 percocet a month.originally given for a back condition,but mostly used to feel good.Taking these pills is great,I can work harder,get along better with people and generally feel much better when Im on them.I typically go thru the all the tramadols in about 7-10 days and the percocets last about 5-7 days.
Avatar f tn Stop the Tramadol and continue the percocet for a week(1 pill a night) and then stop the percocet? Stop both together? I do not feel psychologically addicted to either pill, but clearly I am physically addicted to at least the tramadol if not the percoset too.
Avatar n tn Now I can try to break away from this tramadol (ultram) I have a full bottle of vicodin and a bottle of valium ... and a very strong survival instinct. Every morning I just hate having to take these 2 1/2 pills to start my day. Today I cut it to 2 1/8 of a pill .... and I felt the difference by nightfall. Tommorrow I watch the kid while they are packing .... and then it begins.
1349329 tn?1276988802 Switching over to Vicodin from Tramadol and tapering off the Vicodin seems to be working, and I am getting some sleep. I'm down to 9 Vicodin today. Monday I'll go down to 7 a day, and right now the Anxiety isn't so bad. By the end of the week I should be off all Vicodin, and on the road to getting my life back. MadTram, you've been through alot, and I'm sorry to hear of your suffering with this same horrible Sleep Anxiety. The CBT has been helping me over the past few days.
Avatar n tn Then I went to a phycologist and talked to her about my eating dissorder and then told her about the tramadol and how it helpped me to curb my hunger. She said that she couldnt help me and that I need to contact a rehab center but it was so hard for me to get up enough nerve just to tell her. No one can help me. Im not the typical addict you know. Im well educated Im married with a small child and we are living in upper class america the big house and everything.
210982 tn?1280987495 but my Dr put me on 50mg from 7.5/500 of the percocet. I had never heard of Tramadol and when I ask the pharmasist how it compared to the percocet, he said it was way less effective, so I was confused why my Dr took me from such a high dose of percocet to such a low dose of Tramadol...I keep reading that people say after a while of not being on the meds they realize the pain isn't as bad as they thought...I am just scared...
Avatar n tn but i didnt do coke that night i took the vicodans and i loved the warm feeling that came over me and still i had energy so I went back to the dentist and lord knows he definatly found lots of work to do on me so it was see him get a script and thats how it went for awhile until i got pregnant with baby # 2 and i stopped everything how i have no idear i guess it was cause my baby didnt ask to be here i put her here so i refused to hurt her in anyway and when i gave birth i needed a emergancy c-
Avatar n tn It was from a person who was snorting percocet and cocaine and had burnt a hole through the cartiliage in their nose and after months of not using it still hadn't healed and all the problems the person was having, she was a little freaked to say the least. No guarantee though but so far so good, I can only hope it continues. As far as her friend goes, and how many times she was successful before I caught her, I asked my daughter that same question that very night. No kidding huh.
Avatar m tn I have a prob with percocet and most everyone on this site does too but i NEVER downplay tramadol i know how bad it can be.
Avatar m tn If lets say I have a "good" doctor and I told him that I needed help quitting Tramadol addiction, what would his best means of action be. I just dont want a "try cutting down" or just stop taking them. I want a good plan from my doc to take control of them and not having them control me. Plus as many others, Im terrified of the hellish withdrawals, which I have experienced one too many times.
Avatar f tn I think they helped but not right away. It's kind of funny, I'm taking Percocet after Tramadol and your now taking Tramadol after Percocet. You will get there. Your in much better shape than me, trust me. Hang in there today.
Avatar f tn I was on a morphine pump for 8 days and then Dilaudid and morphine pills, tapering down to Percocet 10 mg, Vicodin 10 mg, Darvocet, and then Tylenol #3 for a total of 4 months without stopping at all in between, and I never had a problem at all when I stopped taking them. I stopped them because I didn't need then any more. That was in March 1994. I didn't have a single withdrawal symptom.
Avatar n tn So I'm hooked on tramadol, without which I can't really walk with my back and the detox is hell, and living in a country where I can get them cheaply, without a prescription, at about 50 locations within a 5 minute walk to my house. Good news: they do have AA here! Bad news: NOT IN INGLES, and my lazy butt hasn't learned Spanish yet. I've tried quitting cold turkey a few times and haven't made in more than 2-3 days. I'm still not drinkin though.
Avatar m tn For some reason a lot of doctors think Tramadol doesn't cause dependence or addiction. The truth is it can and does. And Tramadol can be harder to come off because it has two components to it. One is the pain reliever part and the other is an antidepressant-like part. If someone becomes dependent, they are essentially withdrawing from two medications. I think everyone should educate themselves about whatever medication they're taking and be aware of what can happen.
Avatar f tn I've been off and on them for my pain, sometimes weeks without. I usually had stomach issues and restlessness in between, and sometimes nothing. This time, my last dose was Sunday night (its now Tuesday night). And that was even an accident....I had a Dr appt Monday morning, and was planning on having them start tapering me on my dosage, or I would do it myself (I am a pharmacy technician).
Avatar n tn You can get addicted to ANY Narcotic out there, from Vicodin to Percocet to Fentanyl....doesn't matter which one. And ALL will cause w/d if you use them to "get high" and then stop suddenly. It's not just the "Big Dogs" everyone.... Your body will develope a "TOLERANCE" to any Narcotic also.......and a Pain Dr. knows that and can w/d you safely and with no w/d symptoms if you need to be taken off anything.
Avatar n tn Well, my mouth still feels raw, and am getting more little blisters, and I think it may be a reaction from the Percocet. Bob, I know you are gonna make it, and my heart will be with you. I know it won't be an easy thing to do, but you will make it because you want to. I am trying to find a site on aol, that use to be here, ask a dr or something like that. Do you know what I'm referring to? Have a great holiday yourself, if I don't hear from you before.
3185671 tn?1344782780 I remember when Tramadol first came out. I had successfully managed to get myself off of Vicodin and then Methadone because I didn't know what Methadone was at the time. Kind of similar to this scenario with Suboxone. They convinced me that they were going to wean me off of Methadone to get off of 4-5 Vicodin a day. That's like killing a fly with a hammer. Six months later I had a very serious addiction to Methadone that took about 2 months to get over cold turkey by myself.
Avatar n tn I take Lexapro with it too just one a day but I wonder if the doctors know of a reaction to Tramadol like mine or is it possibly a combo of tramadol and Lexapro. My mom tried tramadol and it does nothing for her pain or for energy. But for me I am just a lightning bug all day and come bed time I am totally relaxed and comfy and fall right to sleep.
Avatar n tn I have been on tramadol off and on for 3 years. I say off and on because when the scrip run's out is is usually for about 2 weeks, then I get it again. I sure wish I was strong anough to not get the scrip I have coming in 5 or 6 day's. Tapering off, weening yourself is best way, unless ther is ultra rapid detox, which, I do nont know about you, but I KNOW I cannot aford. I do not have a good support team here to help me. My husband is an alcholic (spledd right of course).
Avatar m tn I doubt that the Tramadol will help with the withdrawal symptoms as it is so much more weaker than percocet but it may help a little bit with the pain and a lot with the depression you are feeling right now as it increases serotonin in the brain also. Hydromorphone (what your wife is taking) is very potent and stronger than percocet. How is it helping you with your pain? Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Oh, by the way, you can take ibuprofen along with the percocet even though the percocet already has tylenol in it, because ibuprofen and acetominophen are able to be taken together. Just don't take more tylenol along with it, because that will be too much tylenol and it could damage your liver.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
Avatar m tn I am addicted to tramadol and have tried to quit ct and taper. I have been addicted to percocet and vicodin and was able to CT with out problems. I can not CT the tramadol, I have tried but couldn't afford the extreme physcial illnes/symptoms longer than the 6 days. Like you, I have as child and it doesn't lend itself to laying in the bed for weeks. Your best bet is a taper. I went down to 2 a day and stayed there for a long time. I fell off when my weight went up.
Avatar f tn Expect mostly depression and achy joints, especially in your arms, wrists and elbows. Fatigue and malaise is common with any opiod withdrawal even synthetic ones like tramadol. And sleeplessness was harsh for a few nights so I took Tylenol PM. I took ibuprofen for the aches, plus caffeine to combat the fatigue and depression. Consider an anti depressant, however they won't show noticeable results for a few weeks, so that's probably too late.
Avatar f tn There's so many of us in the same position as you and it's going to be okay, I promise. I'm only on day 6 from a 10 percocet/hydro a day addiction and the first 48 hrs were the worst. I told my husband that I was sick so he was great at taking care of me! After 48 hrs it gets much easier and doable. Definitely look up the Thomas Recipe and get some Ensure (great meal replacement), epsom salt (you'll love those baths), and Gatorade. Oh, and bananas for RLS! You can do this!!
1337425 tn?1278177587 suffice it to say we were young, stupid and HOOKED. i had a terrible experience and terrible withdrawals with tramadol. i personally say, stay as far away from it as possible. good luck! i've been reading your posts btw...they are very inspiring.