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224049 tn?1204594715 (C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision. No prescriptions may be written for Schedule I substances, and such substances are subject to production quotas by the DEA.
Avatar f tn It is good to let someone else hold and dispense your pills too --- Actually Percocet is a stronger drug than Hydrocodone so if you have that it would be better to WD from. The main thing is to set a schedule and a 'quit date' is very important. You can do this -- I started my taper using Hydrocodone after being on Percs for quite a while but then became impatient and switched to Suboxone -- what a mistake that was as I then had horrible W/D's from the Sub for 2 months.
2110255 tn?1334192149 There are many lawsuits out there from patients and family members of patients that were taking percocet or vicodin and ended up with liver failure or damage and many of them actually died. There are other lawsuits out there from consumers that overdosed on over the counter tylenol as they were taking up to a bottle a day to combat the pain that no doctor would treat with opioid medications. And again in this scenario, there were several deaths.
Avatar f tn It started out bu just taking it here and there. But now I am up to 8-10 a day and Its all I think about. I buy off the strret. My doctor doesn't even know. I spend about 500 a month. I want to stop but just don't know where to begin. i feel so depressed that Ive let myself get addicted and I just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I had shoulder surgery recently and have become dependent on Percocet. I need a taper schedule to go by to get off this medication. Preferably slow as I have a puppy, 2 children, and my husband travels for work:( I can't afford to be in bed for 6 days. I am currently taking 7.5 6 times a day.
Avatar f tn Do I try to wait longer periods and deal with a runny nose and cold sweats until I take one, or do i keep my schedule and take less amounts? Im confused and what works best? Thank you all sooo much! I know I will quit soon, I just need help right now.
Avatar m tn The weather has been in my favor due to a high pressure system moving in and reducing the fog where I live.
Avatar n tn Try staying away from any products with caffeine and sugars and drink chamomile teas through out..It will help you replacing fluids and take a bit of the edge from anxiety. A bit of walking helps and so as warm baths. Wish you good luck!
Avatar f tn It is also HIGHLY recommended that you have someone hold them for you and dispense them according to your schedule. Tapering is hard and more people then not do not succeed at it. I am one of those people. You will have cravings as you begin to drop and unless you know how to deal with them you will be in big trouble. What concerns me is that you are already talking about not making it with the tapering and you are considering getting another refill if it doesn't' work.
Avatar f tn Please do not try to taper the dose of Percocet on your own as it contains an opioid oxycodone. The tapering of Percocet follows the oxycodone dose tapering schedule. Of the many ways to taper, one way is 25% reduction in oxycodone dose each week, keeping acetaminophen dose in the combination as same. This means you need to reduce by 2.5mg every week (10mg to 7.5 mg to 5 mg to 2.5 mg).
Avatar m tn You have a good size habit going - not to mention the amount of acetaminophen that you are consuming - - without help you should probably try to taper down. But virtually all of us with that size habit are terrible at doing a taper.....You should probably find someone that can help you by dispensing the pills on a schedule. Stop taking large amounts at once and start spreading them out more over the day. Stop spiking your serum levels essentially.
Avatar n tn Percocet is a schedule 2 drug and is not allowed to be called in or given refills on written scripts. She is a nurse for the surgeon , she must call a lot of medications in to pharmacies for his patients.Vicoden and all pain killers containing hydrocodone are allowed to be called in and up to 5 refills may be given. There is no way she could take all that percocet or oxycodone the generic name, and get up and work all day without taking more during the day.
Avatar f tn I decided to try the tappering but on about the second week I ran low of cash and could not stick to the schedule and could only get about 3 pills one day - when tappering you cannot go from 6 to 3 pills, anyway, this messed up the whole schedule and after having severe withdrawal, when I did get the money the dosage went back up. My w/d's consist of the sweating, rapid heartbeat, shaking inside and out, diareah, no appetite etc ...
Avatar m tn So I’ve been taking pain meds for nearly 7 years for medical and then recreational use. Was recently averaging 100mg daily of Percocet. I do have a legal script and continue to misuse my meds. Finally have came to the crossroads and ran short on meds. Made the decision just days before that this is and started weaning down somewhat. So withdraws began during the weaning process about 72 hours ago. Took 45 mg yesterday and down to 10 mg today @ 630 AM; now 1:16.
Avatar n tn This pregnancy has been much more difficult, and I have been prescribed percocet. I was on subutex for a pain prb, which i became addiced to pills, and when i became pregnan, they switched me to precocet.
Avatar f tn I have been taking Percocet and Norco for two years but it has been well over a year now on a daily basis. It ranges anywhere from 40mg up to 100mg a day. I am constantly thinking about quitting but not sure how and I am worried about withdrawals. Every night before I go to bed, I tell myself tomorrow is the day I quit, and yet that hasn't happened yet. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I told the Doctor I needed more percocet because I have been taking it so long and I am terrified of withdraw. He told me what I already knew, I am addicted. The Doctor refused to give me more and wrote a letter to my family Doctor telling him that he should not have me on that drug for that long. When I got home from the hospital it was brutal. I could not stop moving, my legs kept thrashing around and I felt really jittery. This morning I took a percocet and of course feel much better.
Avatar n tn i never did...i have scoliosis/fusions, fibro and DDD/chronic pain problems...during pregnancy/at least when i found out/i did not smoke drink or use drugs/not even pot and in those days i loved my pot..that is ur decision but i just lost the to ur doctor but it is ur decision...there is an obgyn nurse that can help on here...gtm can hook u up...i just cant help as i dont understand using while pregnant....i just could not...
Avatar f tn However if you are abusing them do you have someone you can trust to hold onto them for you and give them to you on a set schedule? That might be an option while you are waiting for surgery and after as well. Trust me, if youve only been taking them for 6 months now would be a great time to quit if you are able, I started off taking my prescription of vicodin as prescribed and within a couple years I was up to snorting 300mg/day of oxy.....
210982 tn?1280987495 but my Dr put me on 50mg from 7.5/500 of the percocet. I had never heard of Tramadol and when I ask the pharmasist how it compared to the percocet, he said it was way less effective, so I was confused why my Dr took me from such a high dose of percocet to such a low dose of Tramadol...I keep reading that people say after a while of not being on the meds they realize the pain isn't as bad as they thought...I am just scared...
1750887 tn?1313102891 anyway best wishes to u make the decision get REALLY mad at the pills get really sick adn tired and u will be able to do it. U need to for ur family and u. Look up the thomas recipe and spend some of that money u r spending on pills on some vitamins and Highlands restless legs med to get off these things keep posting and u cant sit and rant and rave on here thats what it is for.
Avatar n tn Percocet, Morphine, Oxycontin, Fentanyl and others. They can only be prescribed by a written script (no phone ins, no faxes) and they MUST be PRINTED. There is NO refills given on a Schedule II drug. It requires a visit to the Dr. monthly. Schedule III Opiates are: Vicodin, Vicoprofen, Tussionex, etc... and thay may be called in or faxed in to a Pharmacy and can have up to 6 refills.
Avatar f tn I am also prescribed percocet and I get 150 pills a month and I take it in addition to extended release morphine for chronic back pain. On average, I take 25 mg of percocet daily and up to 30 mg a day along with 60 mg of morphine per day. I have never had a morning after headache from the percocet. The maximum dose of acetaminophen that can be taken daily is 4,000 mg. So with 325 mg in each pill, you took well under the maximum dose.
147172 tn?1226761778 At the first sign of discomfort stay at that level of pills for a week or two and then begin to cut back again every 4th day or so. I found it best to write a taper schedule and then adjust that schedule as needed. If this taper takes you 30 or 60 days that's okay. Remember, you're in no rush here. Just keep plugging along. Your body will gradually get used to the lower dosages and will adjust. But you must be discipled about this. Come here and we will offer you any support you need.
Avatar f tn You are not a loser. You have a pretty full schedule and you are trying to do it all with a bad back. And you have found a way to do it, except that you just can't go on taking all those drugs. Maybe you will have to face the facts that it is just too much for you. Raising that many kids at those ages right now is more than enough for a full time job.( I know i had 4 kids in 5 years). And with your injury on top of it.
Avatar n tn I have herniated discs in my lower back that will require sergury to correct the problem. My doctor has prescibed Percocet for the pain until I can see a nuerosergeon and have a date set for my operation. I have been on pain meds for about four months now on and off. Whenever I try to stay off of the medication, the pain is too much for me to take.I am due to have the operation in the next three to four weeks tops because my appointment with the surgeon is in one week.
Avatar n tn I am going to pharmacy school. Percocet and Norco are VERY different. Percocet- Is a schedule II drug and is in the same class as morphine, adderall, cocaine, and fentnyl. It is kept locked up in retail pharmacies and is only allowed to be unlocked by a pharmacist. Percocet is oxycodone and acetominipen (tylonol).
Avatar m tn I took hydrocodone, but I can tell you that if you are committed...and it sounds like you are...and you have a plan...and sounds like you will beat this. Lots of people here have had percocet addictions and I am sure they will be along to give support, but I just wanted to say welcome to the forum and hang in there. When you need support, post and someone will help you. Post anyway to let us know how you are doing.