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2110255 tn?1334192149 There are many lawsuits out there from patients and family members of patients that were taking percocet or vicodin and ended up with liver failure or damage and many of them actually died. There are other lawsuits out there from consumers that overdosed on over the counter tylenol as they were taking up to a bottle a day to combat the pain that no doctor would treat with opioid medications. And again in this scenario, there were several deaths.
Avatar f tn I got my liver enzymes checked after I quit and mine was fine...may want to if it worried u...and i u were in a tylenol toxicity crisis...u would be sick and in the hospital ..
Avatar n tn In large doses the tylenol part can be bad for the liver. Example are Lortab, vicadin and percocet I think.
Avatar n tn (valium), methadone, and opiates (oxy contin, percocet, duragesic). His narcotics tolerance was very high and he was abusing large quantities of the above meds. Is it possible to give a generalized prognosis on his liver condition based on this labs and whether any of it would be reversible with discontinuation of hepatotoxins and finally, how liver damaging is cigarette smoking of one pack of cigarettes per day?
Avatar m tn my AST/ALT was 80/250 and I have liver damage from surgery, I think it was the tyenol/Percocet the hospital gave me can taking n acetyl cysteine help? I read that it's used in high AST/ALT from tyenol overdose and may increase glutathione levels which are depleted by tyenol I still don't understand why a hospital would give tyenol for post surgical pain??!!
Avatar n tn Starting with vicodin for TMJ chronic pain then to percocet about 3 and 1/2 years ago. About a year after that started receiving morphine, fentenal patches, then methadone and now oxycontin to use with the percocet. I just had a 2 level neck fusion and have more back problems to be fixed. I am currently going thru 180 pec 7.5 /325 just about evey 2 weeks and then making it the other 2 weeks till the next doc appt. on my 60 oxy 20s.
Avatar m tn The thing about the percocet is all the tylenol in them and that will eat up his liver. If he has had 5 overdoses. Tell him exactly what you told us that your scared your going to find him dead. Keep at him about getting help. Tell him you love him and understand but he has got to get help. Tell him if he loves you that he would get help. Tell him you would do the same for him. Do you have kids. Maybe he will do it for them.
Avatar f tn I hope you find what you are seeking and it does scare you straight.. take it from me you do not want to damage your liver.. and do not forget your kidneys as the also take a beating.. I wish you well..
Avatar f tn No, it's a narcotic as well and if you abuse it the tylenol will damage your liver.
Avatar f tn I was in an accident that broke my neck and between the surgeries and nerve damage I am in constant crippling pain. I ran out of pills once when my doctor was on vacation and went three days with no pills as I don't know any drug dealers. Let's just say I almost jumped out my bedroom window as I had no idea that withdrawing from oxys could be that bad.
Avatar n tn It was from a person who was snorting percocet and cocaine and had burnt a hole through the cartiliage in their nose and after months of not using it still hadn't healed and all the problems the person was having, she was a little freaked to say the least. No guarantee though but so far so good, I can only hope it continues. As far as her friend goes, and how many times she was successful before I caught her, I asked my daughter that same question that very night. No kidding huh.
Avatar f tn God help me to kick this damn habit so that I can, prayerfully, build my liver up......or least cause no more damage to it (as you say). Thanks and stay connected...
Avatar m tn My question relates to liver damage related to the use/abuse of pain medication. By pain medication I mean OTC(Tylenol/Advil) and of course, Vicodin and Percocet. The short version is: For the last 10 months I have struggled with lower back pain. I am 24 years old, 6'5'', 220lbs and generally healthy/athletic build. I started taking a lot of Tylenol(4g a day, but never more), sometimes mixed with Advil to curb my back pain. I then moved on to the doctor and go prescribed Vicodin.
Avatar n tn Although recovery is CERTAINLY possible, the addict has to basically train different parts of the brain to resume normal function. So clearly, there is a relationship to length of abuse and damage, and in turn recovery efficiency. Then there are things like the continual stress to the GI tract, and ability(or lack of) to rid the body of toxins, since your husband is probably constipated all the time.
Avatar f tn I hope you can convince him that you love him very much and hope he will get off these meds they will impact his kidneys and liver more and more as he gets older. You didnt say what he took them for? BUT he has to be a willing particiapant. While 71 is old enough to make up your on mind it is far from being too old. As the aging process takes a hold of you it gets easier to live with pain, by taking medication, BUT it also makes you not have any tolerance for pain when you take that much.
Avatar m tn You took less acetaminophen than you'd find in one Tylenol, so you do not have to worry about the percocet causing any liver damage. However, I think it's safe to say that drinking ten beers at once should be a serious concern for you, especially given that you participated in risky behavior.
Avatar n tn Help! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I am a 40 year old male and have been taking percocet for about 2 years. It all started when I injured my leg 2 years ago. I was given percocet and have not stopped taking it. I am not taking it for pain. For the past year or so I have only been taking it for the relaxing feeling. I NEED TO STOP! I only take 2 10mg pills in the morning. (10 / 325 percocet).
Avatar f tn If you take too much acetaminophen it can damage you liver. Percocet is a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Vicodin is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Additionally, both medications cause central nervous system depression which can make you drowsy, lower your blood pressure and have other adverse effects. I recommend that you speak to your doctor about which pain medication you should continue to take.
Avatar f tn I moved and have really struggled filling my 15 oxycodone rx. Do you get relief with the 7.5? I would also try the 10. I did love that I didnt have to worry about tylenol.
Avatar n tn Your liver should be fine. You can ask the doctor to draw blood and do a liver panel if you're really concerned. 4) See # 2 5) You can taper if you choose. Some people can taper, some can't. I couldn't. To be honest, you're taking such a low dose, going cold turkey would probably be best. Again, it's up to you. If you try ct and can't, then cut your dose by 1/4 every 5-7 days and see how that works. There's some more info on my profile page if you're interested..
Avatar f tn Thus, not only are you taking a lot of narcotics, you are also overdosing on Tylenol that can actually damage your liver. The best way for you to proceed is to slowly taper the dose, never taking above the recommended amount. Wright out a table for yourself, i.e.
Avatar m tn so now a doctor swiched me to percocet 10/325 tylenol and gave me some zantacs. do u think he did a good idead r is he an r -tard. i found no evedince of tylenol causing ulcers or bleeding in the stomach just liver damage if gone over the limit. i hope it helps with my stomach pain. ibeprophen *****.
890900 tn?1284580903 If anything they will just make them reduce the amount of Tylenol in Vicodin and Percocet or take it out completely and prescribe the pain pill and add a second pill like tylenol in a smaller strength.......I don't see either one of those meds going off the market completely especially since Vicodin is the most prescribed painkiller in this country.....
Avatar n tn I am going to pharmacy school. Percocet and Norco are VERY different. Percocet- Is a schedule II drug and is in the same class as morphine, adderall, cocaine, and fentnyl. It is kept locked up in retail pharmacies and is only allowed to be unlocked by a pharmacist. Percocet is oxycodone and acetominipen (tylonol).
Avatar n tn yes percocet is oxycodone and tylenol and it is hard as hell to come off of, but you are right it can be done. Percs were my drug of choice. At the end of my using I was taking 60 ten mg percs a day. March 11th has been one year for me. It is no cake walk but I am here to tell you it can be done. As far as the sub is concerned, he should not be taking that unless he is being followed by a doctor. Sub is a very, very strong narcotic, much stronger than the percs he was taking.
1161075 tn?1262992028 I've been a pain patient for 10 years now and been on so much stuff and this is actually the first time I've been on Percocet. He told he to take the Percocet and Xanax together and its actually brought my pain down A LOT but not enough so Ill probably end up with a pain pump.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed me percks 5/700 but that didn't do anything I quickly found out that if I brake 1 30mg tab into 2 which is 15 mg without the acetaminophen that worked better and I didn't have to worry about liver damage. I said today will be my last day since I recently found out that I no longer have any pain I'm just use to taking the med now.
Avatar n tn You can get addicted to ANY Narcotic out there, from Vicodin to Percocet to Fentanyl....doesn't matter which one. And ALL will cause w/d if you use them to "get high" and then stop suddenly. It's not just the "Big Dogs" everyone.... Your body will develope a "TOLERANCE" to any Narcotic also.......and a Pain Dr. knows that and can w/d you safely and with no w/d symptoms if you need to be taken off anything.
Avatar n tn I go to a pain clinc where they put me on Neurontin which makes me too tired to work and tried Bio feedback which didn't work for me. The Percocet helps the pain but I feel I am addicted. Some days I feel like I need something really bad and I do not know what it is and then I realize after I take the Percocet I feel better. Sometimes I have that needing feeling during the day and want to take the medicine just to make it fo away but know I have to work.