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Avatar m tn Hello!! I am on day 19 today of percocet abuse. I still get the heart times I know my blood pressure is through the roof! I'm not sure how long it's going to last but it's certainly not fun!! Hang in are doing great.
Avatar n tn I have been taking percocet for my wrist I have bad tendonitist and I am addicted to them I try to get off of them and now my ears and head seem clogged and I have been getting dizzy and panic attacks when I try not taking them for a day I wake up feeling so bad and really tired and crappy I am gonna try to just take an aleve to take away alittle of the pain is there anything else I can do to help me out while I am trying to get off of them I don;t want anyone to know about this that is why I am
Avatar f tn I am now only taking 2 and one half per day. Heart palpitations, restless leg syndrome, chills, sleeplessness have all started. I know I am doing the right thing by tapering way back. Any advice?? The winter is the worst time for my head pain and the pain associated with the cold is unbearable. Taking only 2 today has done nothing for the pain and I feel like crap. Haven't eaten yet today. No appetite.
1510084 tn?1291828540 Hi and welcome! It is a rough road and good for you that you have made the decision to stop. I couldnt agree with you more about telling your wife. I was so scared to tell my husband, becasue he always had the mentality of "just stop". He was so supportive and in some way, it brought us a bit closer. Our relationship suffered because of the pills. I have had a few relapses myself and I think its because I didnt seek any aftercare. We can only white knuckle it for so long.
Avatar f tn Today, however, I felt no pain five minutes after taking the Percocet, and my vision was also off, which will happen after a while. I started having heart palpitations and then felt nauseous, which never happens when I take Oxycodone. After about 45 minutes I noticed I was starting to shake. I was terrified. With the Erythromycin, if I don't eat for two hours I feel like I'm absolutely starving.
Avatar n tn WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin? I am having some pretty nasty nausea at night and heart palpitations and nausea dizzyness. I have cut down overnight from 14 to 15 pills daily to 10 pills daily and it is causing me some of the nastiest withdrawal I have ever had yet from it. I think I tried to taper off to quick, but in the past I have never had to taper like this.
Avatar n tn I also took Neurontin for the creepy crawlies (not sure if that is okay when preg, the addiction doc will know, but hope so, cuz it works like a charm), Immodium AD (Over the Counter) for the other end, Clonidine for the heart palpitations, sweats and to help sleep (again, your addiction doc will know if that can be used safely) and I drank vitamin water that is high in potassium (you can also eat bananas, I suggest combining them because that vitamin water also replaces Vit.
Avatar n tn I had hernia surgery and was prescribed percocet 10mg.. It been 2 months and have stopped them but feeling really depressed and anxious. How long will this take to subside??? I usually half the 10mg and take half at a time. at most take 5 halfs a day..???
Avatar n tn Its important to stay on the medication long enough to see if will have this anxiety reducing affect on you and allow you to stop being so anxious and obsessive about benign palpitations.. I suspect if some patients could put aside their fear for 2-4 weeks, and allow the medications to take affect before giving up on them, they might notice a profound difference in their physical well being and mental outlook...
Avatar n tn In the spring she noticed that she felt emotional all of the time and never wanted to go out with her friends like she used to. By May 2007, she was experiencing heart palpitations (she had to have an EKG!) and had managed to gain ~10 pounds on her 98 lb frame. Her breasts had gained a cup size and she now had stretch marks on her thighs and hips. All of this was worse than the PMS!! Even though the Drs. wouldn't admit that the heart palpitations were due to the pill- we know they were.
Avatar f tn I know since xanax nothing has ever calmed my heart or mind , seemed like when I stopped xanax my heart raced. did and still have the hand shakes. I knew people who got the xanax bars. I never understood why my dr never gave them to me. I believe drs are finding out how addiciing xanax has become that's my dr took me off it. I now can see what a fog I lived in with xanax. I literaly can't remember some important things that happened in my life.
Avatar f tn I didn't realize how bad his addiction had gotten until a week after our wedding in October of 2013, he broke down and confessed that he had been buying more and harder pills off the street to the point of taking 20-30 loratab/Percocet/whatever he could get a day and also throwing in a few oxy's here and there. We were able to get him into an out patient program that included suboxone that month.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with PAC's (benign heart palpitations) in 05' and they have since gotten worse, and I sometimes have feelings of shortness of breath or labored breathing and palm sweating. The symptoms seem to be getting progressively worse slowly. I'd been having some constipation as well as weight loss (a lot of which is due to poor eating habits from the severe anxiety that's been accompanying this). Dr.
Avatar n tn You know, swear I am dying of a heart attack or stroke and cannot calm. Not an allergy, I'm a nurse and figured this much out. But, still just want someone to say they experienced the same with Hydrocodone. Thanks to all of you who have answered so far.
Avatar n tn You owe it to yourself and your happiness, take charge of your life and stay out of the dumps about palpitations, heart conditions and etc. You only live once, and unless you physically have a reason to worry than just know it's all mental!!
Avatar n tn Rarely is it related to your heart at such a young age and the fact that your a woman and those symptoms are not usually like that for a woman. Also do you work alot with computers and typing cause you could have carpal tunnel syndrome too? Anyway, wish you luck.
Avatar f tn High fever of 100 to as high as 106 A high heart rate that can be as high as 200 beats per minute Palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath High blood pressure Confusion, delirium and even psychosis Extreme weakness and fatigue Extreme restlessness, nervousness, mood swings Exaggerated reflexes Difficulty breathing Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Recent dramatic weight loss may have taken place recently Profuse sweating, dehydration Stupor or coma Major clinical signs include weight loss (o
5802145 tn?1374558209 So my new pain management doctor put my on Percocet 10/325 and also Neurontin. the neurontin was to help with the nerve damage and degeneration I am having trouble with in my right hip. So I know the difference between the rebound pain and the real deal. On top of it all, I am leaking spinal fluid so I get massive spinal headaches so the doc also put me on topamax. As far as my diet, I am also diabetic, so I eat very healthy, mainly salads,and I drink a ton of water.
Avatar n tn In addition to the synthroid, I am also taking Maxzide 75/50, Zocor 40 mg, Cymbalta 60 mg. and percocet 30 mg/day (both for lumbar neuropathy), and Robinul 1 mg twice a day (for the excessive sweating caused by the Cymbalta). OTC supplements, in addition to the calcium, are multivitamins, glucosamine/chondroitin, and omega 3 fish oil capsules.
Avatar f tn My heart palpitations are a w/d symptom in this case, but it's happened to me before. My dr. says it's not unusual to have them and they won't hurt me. Just uncomfortable. I never realized that every part of your body seems to have it's own symptoms while w/d'g. It has effected everything. I want to be off these fentanyl patches by summer but the w/d gets worse after each taper. I only have two to go so I want to hang in here. I am down to wearing only two 12mcg's patches.
Avatar n tn Issues with your neck/spine/back should not be ignored. Disc, nerve, heart, and lung issues should be ruled out. If your General Practitioner doesn't have answers, ask them to send you to a pain specialist. These specialists are very good at pinpointing issues without a lot of expensive tests or medications and will generally send you to the appropriate specialist for treatment.
Avatar n tn Mom's dad dropped dead at age 40, a brother was found dead in his bed age 54, another brother had quadtriple bipass in his 50's and now has heart failure, another brother heart disease in 40's, and mom had severe high blood pressure in her 20's which she's still treated for. I hope the cardizem works for you and you start feeling better. My chest pain feels like heaviness too, and pressure. Never really pain.
Avatar n tn My heart was racing, my head was light, and I was so afraid of dying. Has this happened to anyone else? It was really scary. Thank goodness my husband was home to comfort me. I am finding that I am dreading going to bed at night eventhough I mam so exausted I can not keep my eyes open. Problem is, when I do go to bed, I can not get to sleep, or I only sleep for 15-20 minutes at a time. Any advice out there? Thanks for all of the happy replies from my earlier post.
Avatar n tn I've been feeling extremely fatigued lately and have constant nausea... For a few months now, here and there, I have palpitations.. or i guess thats what it is.. my heart beats normal and then suddenly seems to pause and then pound really hard like a bubble in my throat... for the past year or so I have been getting these red bumps under my arms, on my breasts, and hips. They never come to a head...
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Everyone and Welcome, Come on in and make yourself cozy. You can do this!
544292 tn?1268886268 Come on in and enjoy the conversation and make yourself comfy. This is the place to be to get off and stay off Tramadol!
Avatar f tn He says 4/day for 2 wks, 3/day for 2 wks, 2/day for 2 weeks and 1/day and then done. What I am not liking is the constant heart palpitations and I am wondering if I go cold turkey will they get worse bc that scares me? Any info about the palpitations? Again, thanks so much to my new found friend at a very tough time in my life.
Avatar f tn I did have panic attacks multiple times a day, but I went the paxil route it aint for much for,your sex life , u can go longer ug ist a like a train that nevers gest anyone off,so,I,if taille quit the Paxil except inj spurts which has been been very safe, I atke xanx and percocet for the moods and attacks and weirdness in my head and then I started in the Milan fentanyl it is safer than any opiate and will keep the other stuff to a minimum, it's a bit hard on the shiort tem memory , I feel lik
Avatar f tn OK, I just got back from the doctor and told him no more percocet and please draw some labs.He never asked me how I was going about not having anymore narcs, just drew the labs and sent me on my way. I will be looking for a new Dr.