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Avatar n tn I just found a pill (Watson 503) in my son's bedroom. I searched on Internet and was upset, to say the least, to learn it was hydrocodone. I have not told him I found this pill as I would like to look around his room and see if I find anything else that I need to address. I am so worried. He will be senior in high school next fall and has never been a problem. I mean the usual stuff, late curfew, attitude, speeding ticket, etc.
Avatar m tn I quit 6 days ago cold turkey and have been going through hell. I was up to 20 10/325's per day (10 in the AM and 10 in the PM). Yes I actually found them through Watson Pharma. This way my liver could handle the aceto. I really don't know how I'm alive nonetheless. I quit because I looked at my daughter last Friday (she just turned 1) and she was watching me as I was hurridly swallowing my AM dose and I started crying hysterically. I feel like such a loser.
Avatar f tn So long story short I was then put on percocet 10/325 by watson and that worked pretty good and then was put on oxy ir 10 mg tablets by kv-tech and the doors to freedom from my pain were opened lol......until last week I went to go get my new script and guess what? They freaking changed the formulation again! The new script gives me a massive headache and allergic reaction and the new pulls and the old pills are visibly different yet kv- tech denies any changes in their product.
Avatar n tn I had hernia surgery and was prescribed percocet 10mg.. It been 2 months and have stopped them but feeling really depressed and anxious. How long will this take to subside??? I usually half the 10mg and take half at a time. at most take 5 halfs a day..???
Avatar m tn However, the 72hour Fentenyal patch is. Added with 150 percocet 10/325 for break out pain. That combination costs $10 each a month. Whereas oxycotton 30mg was over $400 a month.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I apply the patch on the upper abdomen just a little bit below the bra line and I switch sides when I apply a new patch every 48 hours. I am using the Watson generic gel filled Fentanyl patches and I use Nexcare First Aid Waterproof tape to tape the edges of the patch and it stays put in the shower and all! I have also learned to check each patch for leaks by running my fingers across the reservior part of the patch to make sure that it is sealed.
Avatar m tn My drug is Oxycodone (watson brand. Thumbs up for watson). 4 to 6 bills of 10/325's a day. I'm only prescribed 4 a day, and pick up 120 for the month. Well, I found myself doing too many and finding myself short before refill time. So, I asked my wife if she would hold them for me and divy out what I needed per day(4). For a couple of months things were working out fine. I even told her to only give me three a day because I wanted to try weaning.
Avatar n tn I was taking about 40-50mgs a day. I had so many different vics. I has 357,367,watson 5mg, watson 7.5mg, vicoprophen 7.5mg, percocet 512, and orange little oxy 20mg. I know it sounds like this huge barrage of pills, but all the vics were related to my surgery. Different strengths and different pharmacys due to location. Weaker pills before surgery, and during physical therpy, and stronger right after surgery. the percs were given to me by a friend who has a mother with cancer.
Avatar n tn It started when I had a wisdom tooth operation and was prescribed 5mg Percocet. Since then, my use has increased incredibly so much. I was spending hundreds of dollars a week; since I lived with my parents (I'm only 19), I was able to afford it. It began as taking just a couple of those to deal with the pain, which I couldn't get through due to a serious infection. I saved some for after I was well to experience a feeling of bliss that I had researched, and I enjoyed it very much.
Avatar n tn ive been c/t for 2 days yesterday i took 2 watson blue ones are my withdrawals gonna start getting bad again like day one......
Avatar f tn As is Endocet for Percocet? And Oxycodone (HCL) for Roxicet, as with Oxycodone ER and Oxycontin? Just name brands? I never liked hydro's much liked oxycodone much better, I guess that its all the same, but I feel like Oxycodone itself is stronger and more of a downer, I always got an up from hydro's just IMO.
Avatar n tn I I then called the drug manufacturers Watson and Knoll and they really could not give me any direction. Are any of you experiencing these same weird irritations.
Avatar f tn , sign the papers, and get the bag filled with 1 huge bottle and one tiny bottle. (For those of you who aren't aware - Watson Percocet 10's are the size of horse pills, hence the large bottle of 120 of them. Oxycontin are tiny, I guess they could be comparable to the size of the head of a nail - hence the small bottle of 60.) Oxycontin are about a 10th of the size of a Percocet and are in my guesstimation, about 4-5 times stronger.
Avatar n tn I started with BlueBombers, or Watson 10's. Which led to experimentation with every narcotic known to man. I've seen it all in three years, taken it all, had a Lortab tolerance elevate to a OxyCotin tolerance, AND BACK. I've had Methadone (pill and liquid), everything... Patches, all of it. Well... I'm dying, and I'm only 18 years old. I feel like I'm dying inside and out. People tell me they would let me into bars without even thinking of carding me. The pills have aged me.
Avatar n tn I then was asking for a higher dose. I went from lortab, to percocet, to Roxicodone. The longer you take these pills the harder they will be to get off. Anyway when you take six pills you are taking anywhere from 1900 to 3000mg of tylenol, according to the pills you have. This can lead to major liver problems over time. I was taking 120 mg of Roxi a day. By the way roxi is just oxycodone without tylenol.
Avatar f tn Hi Kat, I'm so sorry that you STILL haven't received your TENS Unit yet!! I don't think it hurt for you to give them a call on Monday and ASK about it. You could find out WHERE it is being sent, whether to them or to your home. Maybe they will have been notified IF the Unit has been shipped as yet. It's a SHAME that you you are having ALL of this pain and your meds aren't helping. If I remember correctly, they gave you Norco 7.5/325 BUT before you had been taking the 10/325, is that correct?
Avatar n tn My doctor is VERY LIBERAL when it comes to prescrb. pain meds. I get per month/90 percocet 10/650,,,a bottle of oxyfast (30mill)and 10 duragesic 50/mcg patches(these last 3 days). Now I know youre saying,"Holy ****!! Thats a lot!, but believe me,,when you are in the pain Im in,,,you need it. I have 4 degenerative diseases to battle,not to mention a full time job, 9 year old step-daughter,two full time bands that play 4 times a week, teaching guitar to 22 students and a full time wife.
Avatar n tn I am taking a low dose of Percocet 5-325 3x's a day, for chronic back and neck pain from a MVA. The problem is that even though I take it the way I should, I have had 2 negative drug screens. What can cause this. Please help.
Avatar n tn great weather here in alabama, 76 2-day. going fishing with my b/f.and looking fwd to it, yeah.and not hiding WATSON (hydro 10) , lol in the tackle box!!! GOD BLESS all of us. for hydro/addiction is HELL.
1176986 tn?1264921442 I am currently on 100mcg Fentanyl every 72 hours and percocet 10/325 mg for breakthrough pain. I was tarted on the 25mcg patch and was titrated up to the 100mcg which was considered my therapeutic dose. I was on Methadone prior to the Fentanyl. Fentanyl is VERY strong, they say almost 80 x stronger than morphine and the Dr will normally start you on a lower dose to see how it is tolerated.
Avatar n tn Vicodin Es has 5/750 , lortab comes in 5/500 and 5/750, norco is the best at 10/325. Percocet comes in 5/325, 7.5/325 and 10/325. There is Oxy ir which is percocet with no tylenol. Oxycontin ahs no tylenol and I am on oxyfast which is liquid percocet with no tylenol. I think these are the most common pain meds used. Tylenol is a dangerous drug and sadly MANY people don't know it. I had a friend who recently took 25 lortab 5/750 2 days in a row.
Avatar f tn PLEASE help! I am taking 2 Tramodol, 1 soma, and 2 Oxycodone/APAP 10/325 every 4 hours. Even this does not take the pain away but takes the edge off some so that I can stand it.We tried another pain regimine with time released Oxycontin and they were a joke. I am really frustrated that I have so much pain when I went into this thinking once surgery was over, I would be pain-free after approx. 25 years.
Avatar n tn Hey Everyone, This day has been hell. I have not had percocet in one and a half days. My last dose of percocet was yesterday morning at 8:00am. Yesterday wasn't too bad but I woke up at 4:30 in the morning in a cold sweat. My bones where aching. It felt like I had to itch but scratching was not relief. It seemed like my bones where itching, now that I think about. I took a Darvocet when I woke up which helped out a great deal. I also took a vistaril for the sickness.
171940 tn?1203630944 I have been actively ingesting hydrocodone for back pain, for the last two years, and will soon be going through withdrawal of no less than 8 to 10, 10/325 tablets per day. The biggest problem I have with withdrawal is feeling so damn fatigue all the time, the cramps, and the irritable moods. It seems I can initiate an exercise program, take vitamins, eat right, rest, and still be tired and grumpy all the time. The fatigue has always led me back to just taking one tablet for my back pain.
Avatar n tn I have been in and out of rehab a couple times and now that I can't afford it and my family will not pay AGAIN I am ready! So I was taking about 10 norcos a day 10/325 I am about 22 hrs clean I have tappered a little for 2 days. I have read and heard if you take a med thats for ADHD (Vyvanse) I got some I was told to take 2 30mg tablets a day for 5 days and I will be fine. As I said before I am almost 24hrs into this and I actually feel pretty good not great but ok.
Avatar m tn I with you on this -- doctors do not do their due diligence in educating a patient on the many dangers of pain pills... I think the best way to describe their prescribing habits would be as "cavalier" -- not all medical professionals are guilty of the latter but to me ONE in to much!!! Outside of the pill mills where MDs are prescribing pills for big buck ($300-$500 per Rx) regular medical professionals do not make money on the pills themselves that goes to Big Pharma..
Avatar n tn Well I became addicted very quick. I started taking about 10 a day. I was only supposed to take 4 a day. When I would run out I would call the Dr. and tell him my purse was stolen or was goimg on vacation for a month and needed an early refill. Not a question ever asked. I used all different pharmacies and often told them I didnt have insurance just so it wouldnt say refill to soon. Then I got to the point were I would use a whole bunch of different doctors.
Avatar n tn Steph, I FEEL YOU!! I just happened to stumble onto this site after looking for information about something else and saw your post. I too have an addiction to nasal spray and, to be perfectly honest, can't remember the last time I went a day that I didn't use it! I'm 29 and having probably been squirting for at least the past six years. I have similar problems to yours and know exactly how you feel.