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Avatar m tn Hello. I have been taking about 30 mg of percocet a night for about 2 and a half months. Every now and then I would skip a night. Basically I take 4 7.5 pills between 4-10 pm. If I stop now, would it affect me? Should I taper off or just stop? Is 30 mg a lot or a little of it?
1510084 tn?1291828540 Hey my friend, I am in the same boat as you as well, I currently went 4 days of no opiates and slipped and took and 80 mg oxycontin, just a 5 days ago I was either blowing 20 30 mg oxycodone(600mg) or 10 at once and another 10 later on. Or eatting 10 80 mg oxycontin.
1750887 tn?1313102891 It can be embarrassing, but when you let this little cat out of the bag, you'll feel so much better because help will be there right at your feet. Good luck!S I was taking 10 5 mg percs/day and taperred down to 3 a day. My plan was to get down to 2xday, but I just said the hell ith it and jumped at 3/day. today is day three for me no perc's, and with the help the to help with WD, I thank God it'd doable. Mind over matter-let no devil stop you from reaching your dreams.
Avatar f tn I took 2 percocet 10mg for 2 and a half years...the last 5 months I have taken anywhere from 8-12 perc 10's a day...I am now trying to wean myself off and am looking for help...Is it a good idea to jus go as long as possible and then take a few and then go as long as possible again or is it easier to lower the doasge and the amount of times a day slowly...the lasst two days have been hell...I stopped for 22 hours...then I took 3 perc 10's...about 70 mg less than usual...i slept ok...
Avatar f tn 1 baby aspirin, folic acid, percacet every 6 hours, 10 mg prednisone once per day, 1 - 2 .25 xanax for sleep and/or anxiety as needed no more than 3 times per day, levaquin, and now lexapro 10 mg once per day which they feel she should be taking even after my discussion with them. I'm OK with the SSRI as long as it is really needed and to be honest, from a distance, it is very hard to make that assessment even though I speak with my sister two to three times a day.
1293627 tn?1272323038 I don't know the exact amount she takes but I can tell you it's alot. I would have to figure she is taking about 40-60 pills a week (10-325mg percocet) During the past 3 years I noticed that she would have masive mood swings and then she started letting the house go and acting like she just didn't care about anything. Although she would still go to work and do good at her job. I noticed a different person at home. I love my wife with all my heart and just want to get her help.
Avatar n tn I wd's from norcos using tramadol and even though it doesn't get you high, if you take it for more that 4-5 days and then stop, you may get withdrawals. I took it for 10 days (200-300 mg max) and had weird wd's that I was completely surprised by. I felt a tightening in the chest, runny nose, sneezing, stomach issues, etc. Not extreme wds but the lethargy and overall tiredness was probably the worsre.
Avatar n tn i went from 240-300 mg of oxy a day down to 10 mg in two days. i thought i was gonna die the worst part for me is the cold sweats that last all day, add the runny nose sneezing stomach cramps insomnia irritable as hell and if makes one hell of a week. i've been on meds for over 5 years from a skiing accident that left 5 discs damaged.
484378 tn?1209909492 I am sorry but i am not familiar with your former dose of hydro...but percocet is oxycodone and is supposed to be stronger than hydrocodone which was my DOC as well...depends on the milligrams and all..
544292 tn?1268886268 D Love and Healing, Emily
485259 tn?1326312778 Fluffs out the sleep wrinkles in your face.. 10. Get on this forum when you can. You will find wonderful women with supportive notes, messages, laughs, and you can read others stories to know whether you are "normal" or not (in terms of your surgery - if you want deeper analysis, try the psych forum...) That's MY top ten, I hope you all can add a few of your own! Thanks everyone for ALL your help, info, and especially the friendship and laughter. Have a great day!
1325672 tn?1290087814 Saw pain doctor today. He put me on 2/10 mg oxy's and 4 perc's a day. The perc's are as needed. But with my back i know i will need the 4/mg perc's a day. What should i do?
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182493 tn?1348056515 Within 15 minutes I felt much better. I got another 2 mg of Subutex, for a total of 4 mg, and felt absolutely fine, and that carried me thru until around 7 p.m. that evening. I still felt fine, but took another 4 mg of Subutex in order to stick to the schedule they had given me.
Avatar m tn 2 (80 mg) oxycontin = 160 mg + 60 mg of oxycodone + 90 mg more = a total of 310 mg right? And if 1.2 mg of sub is equivalent to 20 mg of oxy....the 24 mg of sub the dr has you on is like ingesting 480 mg. Hope you followed that...LOL....and with subs.....less is needed. You are just covering your pain/opiate receptors with the bupe.....and you said in another post that you are "comfortable" right now. Just trying to help....
Avatar f tn My husband is abusing pain pills I recently found out hes smoking his roxicodones 30 mg he can go through 120 of them sometimes in 10 days HELP what does it do to him and where do I turn to for help?
Avatar m tn im a 16 yr old male and last year (when i was 15) i was taking 1 or 2 vicodin a day (6 hours apart never at one time) for 2 months (7.5/750 mg) but then i stopped (that was 10 months ago) and i am now worried i damaged my mental/emotional growth as a teen. does it sound like i was abusing the vicodin? do you think i damaged my mental/emotional growth from the vicodin?? please reassure me because im still in puberty and i dont want this effecting my social skills or somethin.
Avatar f tn looking into medical massage,a nd acupuncture . just changed meds today to percocet 10 , robaxin, and trazadone i dont know if these will help i was just taking loritab ,10 ambien. 10 getting about 1 hr sleep on ambien ha! / due to muscle spasms pm put me on robaxin? i have been through every muscle relaxent except valium and soma helps the best but of course he said he wouldnt presribe it yet.
429209 tn?1224170189 He said he will let me pay for them Wensday, he said people usually start feeling WD by day 3 for sure, but as most of you know me it took about 10-14 days for me to start feeling really bad. I guess it effects everyone differently, he also suggested that 16mgs daily was a very high dose and that I should start to taper myself down, Coolio (member) said less is more with Sub. does anyone have any thoughts on this should I go by the pharmacist or the dr.
Avatar n tn healthmueller Yes, you can take a percocet about 8-10 hours after taking suboxone, I have done it and it works fine, other people say you will get sick as a dog, but that is not true, because they have never tried it, that is just what the doctors tell you because they don't want you to know you can do this. I am currently on suboxone maintaince, and don't do percs anymore, but I used to get sobo's on the street and take opiates later in the day and they worked.
199177 tn?1490502134 when they got to be 10-12 a day and i would snort em to kick in faster i Knew something was not right with this picture. 3 years on em and today is day 10 without em. found this sight 2 days ago, wish i found it sooner, it has helped me so much in just 2 days. thank you for being here.
Avatar f tn I am trying to take 1/2 of a 10-325 percocet every 3 hours and my head is starting to kill me after 2 hours. looks like torture for an hour.
Avatar m tn Not sure how many you were taking and what milligram but I was on 10 mg perc/vicodin. I was taking about 10 to 12 pills a day. Also depending on how long you have been taking them. The first 4 days were the roughest for me. I am 20 days clean now and feel wonderful. The Thomas Recipe down at the bottom right of the page is a good way to start. I just took vitamins and a lot of gatorade and water and will power. Exercise is the best.
Avatar n tn He told me to try and limit it to 1000 mg daily. You can get pain killers with less tylenol in them. I take percocet with 325 mg tylenol and take 2 daily. They seem stronger than the vicodin also. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn ) 600 mg 2x’s a day of Gabapentin (Neurontin) for nerve pain Lortab for pain 10/500 1 tab every 4 hours Oxycodone – Tylenol 10/325 (Percocet) 1 tab every 4 hours as needed for pain Percocet 1-2 tabs every 4 hours as needed for pain Celexa 20 mg 1 tab daily for depression Cymbalta 60 mg 1 tab daily for depression Does that seem excessive?
Avatar m tn Day 1 (today) - 25 mg Hydrocodone (one is taken during the day - 5 mg - and the other 20 at night) Day 2 - 20 mg Day 3 - 20 mg Day 4 - 10 mg Day 5 - 10 mg Day 6 - 10 mg Day 7 - 5 mg Day 8 - 5 mg Day 9 - 5 mg Day 10 - 2.5 mg Day 11 - 2.5 mg Day 12 - 2.5 mg Day 13 - Freedom For me, the most difficult part of kicking the pill is sleeping at night, so I will be taking all my doses at night a couple hours before bed.
Avatar n tn It is really dangerous. I'm a little confused. Were you taking 1500 mg. a day? Or 15 mg. 4 times a day? (Of the percocet?) In either case, decide what you want to do. Do you want to cold turkey or taper? (I'm guessing taper since you took the methadone.) Either way, look up the Thomas Recipe and pick up the stuff it mentions. It will help ease the withdrawal symptoms either way.
3955352 tn?1349100497 My full break down is that is was on 2 7.5 mg of vocoder for 10 days that was every 4 hours then I went on dilaudid 4 mg 1 every 8 hours for 2 week's then I had foot surgery and went on demoral 50 mg I went through 21 pills in 5 days due to a lot of pain I never took any of those at the same time .I am definitely in withdrawals between doses . The doc is not in until Thursday so I hope he can help me then I have lowered my dose incase he won't help taper neverknow with docs these days..
Avatar m tn Well never figured it would come to this, At 56 i never thought i would be hooked on pills, but i am I have done em all, On the norco 10/325 now, taking around 9 a day, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on the pain, and how many i have on hand. My doctor is pretty free about them but he gives me 180 a month.
Avatar f tn I am tapering off of oxy. I am taking 6 10 mg oxys a day and every 3 days cutting out half a pill. I tried going cold turkey from a high dosage but relapsed because the severe depression was too much. By tapering down will this lessen the severity of my depression once finished the taper? Also how much should I taper before I jump? Right down to one pill a day? Please let me know your experiences with tapering. I also started an antidepressant so I'm hoping that helps. Also doing NA meetings..