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Avatar m tn I would like to know the price of Pegasys and Ribavirin in China. Thanks a lot for your reply.
Avatar f tn Can anybody tell me what's the newest price for pegasys & ribavirin? Thank u for ur precious information.
Avatar f tn I am trying to get the cheapest pegasys.Because I can not find my insurance. I do not know where I can get it & what's the precise price for pegasys. Best wishes our wardmate! May you recover soon!
Avatar n tn The co-pays vary according to your insurance plan. Interferon -either PegIntron or Pegasys are high and only available at full price -- that is there is no generic -- so you pay whatever the company charges. Ribavirin is now available in generic and is much more reasonable than co-pegasys or the Schering version. Then like nygirl said, you may need other medicines that are pricey if your blood counts tank. And then there are the hidden costs of lotions that cannot be ignored.
Avatar n tn I went through 54 weeks of Pegasys/Copegus combination. Had to take Procrit and Neupogen every week,after first month because low blood counts. I was clear at completion. I just went back for my 3 month follow up and it's back. I began as 1a, stage 3 virus, and biopsy revealed stage 4,chirosis, compensated liver disease. I go next week to discuss other options. Any Ideas what options are available?
Avatar m tn php The announcement made by Schering-Plough on the early results of the IDEAL study affirms the importance of Pegasys (peginterferon alfa 2a) and Copegus (ribavirin) for the successful treatment of hepatitis C. The study demonstrates that Pegasys and Copegus treatment delivered a similar sustained virological response (SVR) - the key measure of treatment success in hepatitis C - to Schering's peginterferon alfa 2b.
Avatar m tn Thanks Stef. I will update to you guys once i have latest result of my medical report.
977806 tn?1249070946 Is there anyone that has ordered from a Canadian pharmacy online and if so do you have any recommendations for an online pharmacy. Thanks for any info. Knowing the cost of the Pegasys/Ribavirin I feel like an idiot complaining about an amount like $160.00 but if I can find a way. Thanks for any insight.
Avatar n tn I glanced at the price charged to my insurance by the pharmacy and it said about 4,000 for pegasys and about the same for copegus, for a 3 month supply. Maybe there is an online store that charges less?
Avatar n tn i would appreciate any info or advice on where I can find the cheapest Pegasys 180? My friend in Russia has recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis C,1b. She needs 1 syringe of Pegasys 180 every week for about 6 months. And for her it costs a fortune there (equivalent to over 300 dollars per syringe). Is it possible to find it cheaper anywhere?
Avatar m tn O) drug to treat chronic hepatitis C met the main goal in a late-stage trial, but failed to show numerically better efficacy compared to standard-of-care, raising questions about the drug's adoption and sending shares crashing to an all-time low.
Avatar f tn on this site ever respond to these forums??? I wish the manufactures of the Pegasys + Copegus would contact us for Post treatment feedback. I guess they figure the drugs did the work they were intended to do, and if I had known the post treatment pain they were to cause, I still would have taken them. But, would have never believed to be in such discomfort. Have a good day, and know you are not alone. J.D.
Avatar m tn Can you provide me pharmacy detail where you are getting price 6615. Thanks. @VeteranB- Pegasys is brand name of peginterferon alfa-2a in india by Roche brand.
Avatar n tn We bought here Pegasys(peginterferon-alfa-2a) injection and it's include 5mcg in a pack bottle. And it's made in Switzerland and also malaysia made. I want to know that medicine price that come from malaysia. Here it costs $175 about 5mcg. If I receive ur mail and how much does that cost, then I will buy it from malaysia if it's possible. Ok. Hope to hear from u very soon. and waiting mail.
Avatar n tn I am wondering if anyone is suffering long term after effects since discontinuation of Pegasys or PegIntron? My fatigue was prevalent b4 cancer surgery, etc. I still have more bc surgery and medicines to go. The fatigue I feel is just the same as the fatigue I felt prior to tx, along with appetite loss, trouble gaining any weight, hair loss, stomach upset and the list goes on. Would be glad to hear any thoughts on this.. Thank you..
Avatar m tn REP 2139-Ca / Pegasys™ Combination Therapy in Hepatitis B / Hepatitis D Co-infection Purpose REP 2139-Ca is nucleic acid polymer. Nucleic acid polymers have been previously shown to clear serum hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) both preclinically (in duck HBV infected ducks) and in human patients and to act synergistically with immunotherapeutic agents such as pegylated interferon-alpha 2a or thymosin alpha-1 to restore host immunological control of HBV infection.
Avatar n tn I've heard the same thing but that was after I started with Pegasys. But I thought you cleared double-dosing with Pegasys -- or was it Peg Intron?
80575 tn?1207135964 The part I'll respond to is PegIntron vs Pegasys. TX1 = 24 weeks PegIntron/800 Riba. TX2 Pegasys/1200 riba on 19 of 46 now. I've found Pegasys less rude. Tx's are about the same with respect to sides, junky feeling, ability to focus at work etc. Since it's more riba, I think the impacts of Pegasys are less than PegIntron. But, other may have different experiences. Take all life matters into consideration and I hope you make the right decision for you.
Avatar m tn In Pakistan the cost of -pegasys 180 is almost equal to 60 USD -Vit D 50000 IU for a quarter of a dollar -HBsAg quantitative price is equal to 20 USD and the checking for vit D levels is 30 USD You all in the forum checking it so frequently is it a cheap test at your places
Avatar m tn Exxura (Pegasys) from Roche - Peginterferon alfa-2a Pegintron from Merck - Peginterferon alfa-2b I think local brands of Peginterferon are available at a less price. I am not aware of them though.
Avatar n tn First of all I'm greeting the boss and director of this web page for their valuable work they 're doing for the international community. I want to ask you, could you tell me the price of Pegasys injection in Germany? Thank you.
Avatar m tn peginterferon alfa-2a is available in all major cities across India, including Mumbai. A few months back, Roche stopped the supply of Pegasys in India and has launched it with a new brand name, Exxura. I think this is to make it available at a lower price in India. So, you can check for Exxura from Roche.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been taking pegasys peginterferon (180 mcg). The side effects are quite tolerable, but unfortunately my ANC has been too low for me to continue with the treatment. I think I am a rare case because my doctor hasn't encountered a patient who has reacted this way to peginterferon. I had purchased a 3 month supply in advance, but now I can't continue with the treatment. I have a surplus of eight pegasys peginterferon alfa-2a (180 mcg each) Roche brand.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had any experience ordering pegasys/riba from Canada? I noticed their drugs are much cheaper. My insurance won't cover it so I'm looking all over for the best price.