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Avatar n tn We bought here Pegasys(peginterferon-alfa-2a) injection and it's include 5mcg in a pack bottle. And it's made in Switzerland and also malaysia made. I want to know that medicine price that come from malaysia. Here it costs $175 about 5mcg. If I receive ur mail and how much does that cost, then I will buy it from malaysia if it's possible. Ok. Hope to hear from u very soon. and waiting mail.
Avatar m tn Not only that, my street drug shots that got me HCV+ cost like $30, these cost a couple thousand... Back in the day I wouldnt lose a drop.. Go figure..
Avatar m tn 570484864 April result (week 4 after started weekly injection of Pegasys and daily dosage of TDF) Hbs Ag (Quant) : 32384.55 (going down) Hbs Ag : Reactive Hbe Ag : Reactive ANTI-Hbs (Quant): < 3.0 Non-Reactive HBV DNA : 148485 (going down) Now I am on week 8, just did my medical check and wait for the result to come out.
Avatar f tn Pegassist (Roche Pegasys system): 1-866-422-2377 Commitment to Care (Schering- Plough PEG-Intron system): 1-800-521-7157 Do you have insurance? Have you been denied for coverage?
Avatar m tn Exxura (Pegasys) from Roche - Peginterferon alfa-2a Pegintron from Merck - Peginterferon alfa-2b I think local brands of Peginterferon are available at a less price. I am not aware of them though.
Avatar n tn The doctors claim that it is in acute stage and there is 95% chance that he will recover fully in 1 or 2 months. But if he does not recover within that time then he must be given interferon injection. CAN ANYONE GIVE ME AN IDEA HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO HAVE A FULL COURSE OF INTERFERON? If anybody has an idea about the cost with respect to india, that would be more helpful. His bilirubin count has now dropped to 5.9 on 17 jan from 17.4 on 27th dec. but his SGPT is elevated very high.
Avatar m tn My tax person wants to know what the entire cost of treatment is even though my insurance is paying. I believe she's trying to get me an exemption on the allowable deductible I can take for Medical Expenses. Does any one know what the cost of interferon and riboviran is?
483814 tn?1214315080 I am counting my blessings this morning. My Pegasys plus ribavirin Tx is paid for. I am wondering how much this Tx would have cost me.
Avatar m tn yea u r right but zadaxin is costly combinig it with pegasys makes the cost of living too high May i ll try this when HBsAg goes below 5 IU/ml
2030686 tn?1351692148 I even asked to make sure that's what he meant to say. He said the pegasys boosts the immune system so the riba can kill the virus. So which is it?
Avatar f tn Did your doctor explain that Pegasys (interferon) is an injection that you give to yourself? I have used it TOO MANY times to count, not only it but the original interferon Intron-A and Pegasys's competition Peg-Intron and another type of interferon- and older type called Infergen. I would definitely have preferred to start out doing my first treatment with one of these newer power drugs (as in pills) as opposed to sticking myself with a needle.
Avatar n tn If you take PegIntron their number is 800 521 7157. If you take Pegasys go to their website at, they have a similar program. They have very generous qualification standards and it is fast and easy to apply. They did take my ins. info. I dont know if they receive payment from them or not but I don't have copays to cope with nor did I have to fight with the ins. company to get them to pay. Also I didnt have to worry about them denying my claim when the first tx.
1711722 tn?1356491154 By the time I did my injection, I pushed the plunger all the way up to 90, before I realized it. I left the rest of the medicine in the syringe and put it back in the fridge because I didn't know what to do. Did I inject to little or too much?? (I am no good at numbers when I am freaked out) The marks on the syringe are: 180 135 90 The syringe comes filled past the 180 mark.
Avatar n tn guys i just realized i didnt warm the pegasys in the palm of my hand before injecting yesterday. should i re inject today? could not warming it lead to the pegasys malfunctioning? i do, however, remember that the nurse held it in her hand for at least 30 seconds while she chatted to someone.
1768199 tn?1323621536 Hi all, I haven't been sent Pegasys that I need for this Friday. I'm talking to the specialty pharmacy and the doc's office but there's been no progress, at least that I can see. I called the pharmacy and they need something from the doc's office. The doc sent stuff yesterday. Aaaargh. Does anyone have suggestions for a contingency plan? Can I get Pegasys locally as a one time deal?
Avatar n tn However, in my case, the sides were minimal-some aches, flu symptoms and I felt more out of shape. You don't say whether you are using Pegasys or Pegintron. The consensus seems to be that Pegasys is easier on the initial sides, but that they are both effective on creating the longer term ones. When I told my PA that I didn't have any sides, he said that a number of people didn't, but that they had to warn you about the serious ones anyway.
4498819 tn?1357674190 Just pills everyday and a weekly injection that's often compared to chemo. You said you have no insurance to pay for the problem. There's a program called PEGAssist. You'll find them at or call 1-877-734-2797. They are actually very helpful and have covered the costs of many peoples medication, both the copegus( ribavirin) and the pegasys(peginterferon-alfa-2a). They are connected to the manufacturer,Roche. Again, Im sorry for all your pain.
Avatar m tn I just found out that Pegasys is being packaged in India and that the name has been changed to Exxura 180mcg. But the I dont see any update in the Roche website or any other pages on this change. With all the problems in the Pharmaceutical world in India, I am not sure if I should go for the drug or not. What should I do? I need to get the injection tomorrow.
314554 tn?1337457719 Given: 1) Due to it's longer and branched-chain PEG, Pegasys has a half-life ("terminal elimination") of 50-80 hours. 2) Whereas, due to it's shorter and linear-chain PEG, Peg Intron has a half-life of 30-50 hours. (Note that NPIA or non-pegylated interferon alfa has a half-life of only 3-5 hours.
Avatar n tn I went down to 25% on my dose for three weeks. I asked for Neupogen because I wanted to stay at full dose. I would ask for the Neupogen and try to get back to the full Peg dose. How much riba do you take? What is your level of liver damage? Genotype?
1639131 tn?1510822231 1-888-941-3331 or It's worth a try. Good luck!
Avatar m tn It is not like you can save up those extra few micrograms to spare the cost of the last injection, so isn't the cost the same? As for the extra amount of medicine in the dose making a difference as to how fast you clear: well maybe. One thing I noticed that pertains to the pre-filled syringes, is that the plunger seems to stop for me (because of the small size of the flange on the cylinder and the large size of my hands) before all of the medicine is injected.
581854 tn?1222853471 Pegassist (Roche Pegasys system): 1-877-734-2797 Commitment to Care (Schering- Plough PEG-Intron system): 1-800-521-7157 --Bill
Avatar m tn REP 2139-Ca / Pegasys™ Combination Therapy in Hepatitis B / Hepatitis D Co-infection Purpose REP 2139-Ca is nucleic acid polymer. Nucleic acid polymers have been previously shown to clear serum hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) both preclinically (in duck HBV infected ducks) and in human patients and to act synergistically with immunotherapeutic agents such as pegylated interferon-alpha 2a or thymosin alpha-1 to restore host immunological control of HBV infection.
73878 tn?1214056807 30 pm. What do ya'll think if I held off untill about 2-3am, then took 2 tylenol pms and slept late in the morning. Would it make a difference if I was 7-8 hours late on my injections? Sure would like to get some fun in before things hit hard. 9th injection tonight. Some feedback would be great soon,as I am ready to hit the highway (2hours) if this is not a prob.....Sweetie thinks it may be a prob.....not for me physically just worried about late injection! Oh got flu shot yesterday.
Avatar n tn Can only tell you what it costs here in the USA. The total treatment costs around $50-60,000 USD. This is for someone needing to do 48 weeks of treatment. Some treatments are for only 24 weeks so that would be around $30,000. The cost is aprox for ALL the injections and the pills that are part of the treatment. There are new drugs coming out next year that will be added to the current drugs, Peg-interferon & Ribavirin. The first one out should be Telaprevir.
Avatar n tn after use of pegasys injection what is success full ratio of hepatites c patients.