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Avatar f tn Hi, My sister-in-law was recently dx with hepatitis c as well as autoimmune hepatitis. She started therapy with Pegasus last week (she has had two injections so far). She is feeling extremely tired to the point where it is difficult to even dress herself. Is this normal and if so, is there anything that can help?
Avatar n tn I am 22 yr old and i have hepatitis c genome 3 and i am taking pegasus\once weekly and ribavirin since 19-6-08 my question is have i to do weekly CBC or I can do every 2weeks before the injection ?
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Avatar n tn I have a friend who has been in treatment for Hepatitis C for approximately 9 months. At this point in time he still continues to drink, and at times quite heavily. Doesn't this seem like suicide? Or, am I overly concerned? Any response would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Although I visited ophthalmologist for this question I was not persuaded that Pegasus would not interfere my Uveitis negatively. On the other hand, hepatologist told me that I may take corticosteroids if my Uveitis gets worse. I saw the post by Willy50 in this thread . So please does anybody knows something about this? I mean corticosteroids plus Pegasus ?
Avatar f tn A viral Load test called HCV PCR is done to determine how well the meds are working. Genotype 3 is considered one of the easier to treat types of Hepatitis C given how well they respond to Interferon. The SVR rate is around 84% which is considered quite good. I know first hand how miserable your husband must be. Most of us on here know. It is possible he will feel better as the days go by.
Avatar n tn The retail one month cost for pegasus is about $1300 for 4 shots and about $1100 for the copegus pills per month. Insurance copayments can range from about $20 per month and up. I started out paying about $40 per month until the last 6 months when it went up tp about $400 per month when my company change insurance carriers. I know others have even payed more> You need to talk with your insurance company.
Avatar m tn Go to the "Pegasus" Website for peg interferon Alfa-2a. Go to the very bottom of the page. It states that this site is for USA but then it gives a link To click on to the right. It's for outside the USA. I would start there.
Avatar m tn My friend a NRI was detected having Hepatitis C. He took whole course of Pegasus and Ribavirin. After remainig negative for two years his Hepatitis C is again positive this year. What is the cause behind all this?
Avatar n tn Recommendations for adults" and see "Renal disease associated with hepatitis C virus after renal transplantation"). MIXED (IgG/IgM) CRYOGLOBULINEMIA — Mixed cryoglobulinemia is a systemic vasculitis, and affected patients typically present with nonspecific systemic symptoms, palpable purpura, skin necrosis in exposed areas, hepatosplenomegaly, hypocomplementemia (C4 < C3), and renal disease.
Avatar n tn It consists of weekly self-injections of pegalayted inteferon and taking some pills called Ribavirin twice a day. Unfortunately, as you've found out, your average doctor is ignorant about hepatitis c and therefore knows little about treatment. What you need to do is find a liver specialist (heptologist) who treats large numbers of hepatitis c patients. Best place to find them is in the larger, teaching hospitals. It's definitely worth a trip if you're not near one.
Avatar m tn I am suffering from Hepatitis C and Taking injections(Pegasus) from 7 months. During reports i have observed that My SGPT is high upto 63. Is there any problem or it raises due to the Injections or what medicine should i used to lay it down. Doctor didn't advice any medicine might be he didn't check the reports.
Avatar f tn it currently owns about three-quarters of the interferon market in hepatitis C, Bloomberg says. Plus, Merck’s trials for Victrelis tested the drug in combination with Peg-Intron, so having Roche put its stamp on Victrelis as a Pegasys add-on could help offset the lack of data there. That’s what Sanford Bernstein’s Tim Anderson figures: “Now, with Roche on board, this potential shortcoming gets more than removed, in our opinion.
Avatar m tn My husband also had transfusion during treatment, because it took the Procrit a few weeks to work and anemia was significant, but transfusion has its own set of concerns as well -- not so much for hep c, as it is screened for hcv now, but pose other risks different from those of Procrit. I will say, though, my husband much preferred the Procrit shots to transfusion...
Avatar m tn My new Doctor has check my labs twice. Because of GP's lack of Hepatitis C treatment knowledge - I 'm taking any chances. Well I guess this could be connected to that and thyroid problems are in the Pegasus warnings.
2059648 tn?1439770265 What makes Hepatitis C treatments so hard on your mental state? Is it because the drug breach blood barrier to your brain? My short term memory during treatment was so bad during treatment It took everything I had to keep track of taking the treatment drugs. Then take them and forget if I did. I went into treatment never thinking for a minute the treatment could effect my mind. But it did have a effect that was much like dementia.
Avatar m tn // Notice: The only cure for Uveitis is cortisone which is immunity-suppressor. Not even cortisone is able to extinct Uveitis (I have been suffering for 30 years ). Possible blindness. For this reason I am additionally afraid of Pegasus which may cause different autoimmune disorders by itself or make worse already existing ones.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am really glad to have found this site.
Avatar m tn Recently I learned that I have Hepatitis C but I have just this result HCV total At reactive ( 1228 COI ). What this number beside means??? Is this a large number??? Some doctors told me not to be in a hurry about treatment . I met a pathologist-homeopat and she told me to try to cure hep C with homeopathy. Does anybody has positive experience with homeopathy and hep C ? I want to ask if the biopsy is necessary? What kind of other tests should I perform obligatory ?
Avatar f tn ---------------------------------------- Not everyone with Hepatitis C has iron or iron overload problems. Not everyone with Hepatitis C who takes iron will have problems. Just discuss it with your doctor. If it was me, I would stop taking iron supplements and discuss it with my Hepatologist. "Does this mean I went through this treatment for nothing now and may have even done some damage as well?" ------------------------------------------- No.
Avatar n tn Im not scaring anyone, Im stating the facts. Were you unaware of the dramatic increased risk being hep c positive puts you at for other deadly diseases? Many people who were diagnosed long ago are not aware of that fact. If you choose to put your health care in the hands of a doctor and dont heed the fact that YOU are in charge of your own medical care and educate yourself about your disease and stay up on the current research and monitor your disease you do so at your own peril.
7596350 tn?1397593898 I have hepatitis C with beginning stage cirrhosis and supposed to be starting treatment with Pegasys, Ribavirin and the new drug Sovaldi as soon as the medication gets approved. Has anyone been on the treatment with the new drug and what are the side effects like?
Avatar n tn Hi there. I have been on Pegasus and Copegus for 7 weeks now and am experiencing neck...back and joint pain. What kind of medications do your Hepatitis Dr. recommend for this? Any advice would be helpful. They have given me Darvon and Tramadol and I can't seem to tolerate either one. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Pre-transplant patients who are C/C for the gene coding for interferon lambda 3 (IL28B rs12979860) are more likely to achieve SVR and this appears to hold true for post-transplant patients in a few recent studies. So in summary.... About 30% of HCV post transplant patients will die or reject their new liver or develop cirrhosis within 5 years. To minimize these outcomes these are some methods that reduce the chances of poor outcomes.
Avatar m tn and what price am I paying now to try to rid myself of a disease that has not impacted me so far in my life. I have a very close friend whose mother is 85 and she has had hepatitis C for at last 30 years, and maybe longer. She drinks 2 glasses a wine, 3 times a week and is still going strong, with enzymes that are the same level as mine.
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Avatar n tn I was tested for HCV because I had symptons of extreme exhaustion and found I had tested reactive for Hep C. Liver biopsy showed very little damage. (Stopped drinking 17 years ago through Alcoholics Anonymous) Viral load 18,900,000, very high, which may account for the extreme fatigue. Genotype 1B. Never been an IV drug user. Guess if I could have shot up Jack Daniels I might have. Just really hate needles. (Giving myself that first Pegasus shot was really, really hard for me.