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19925620 tn?1486703093 com/medical-devices-global-directory/primary-care/pediatrics/pediatric-hearing-aids/phonak-sky-v-ric What do you think about these? They are good? do you know? :) Thanks for your time and answers.
Avatar f tn I would get in to see a pediatric ophthalmologist right away. I don't know what else to say, except for me 3-4 months is too long, not only because you need to find out the proper treatment and prognosis but also you will be worrying all the time and that's not good for anyone. Call the doctor and get the appointment moved up. Are you in Canada or UK?? Why such a long wait????
Avatar m tn I have two questions if a person has aids does they pass on aids or hiv cause these seem like aids symptoms also can I trust my 8 week negative result wont turn positive at 12 weeks im currently on week 10 waiting im stressing all these symptoms that I have have HiV/ aids written all over it when I search them please help!
Avatar m tn you are putting the horse before the cart here. for is highly unlikely that she has hiv...most ppl dont. the odds are definitely on your is much harder for a man to contract hiv from a woman. the deed is done. you need to get off the computer and stop reading about hiv...all you are doing is adding fire to your anxiety. so far, you have over 60 posts / comments regarding this. test at the appropriate time to know your status.
Avatar f tn Hello I am a 17 year old heterosexual women living in one of the countries with the lowest rate of hiv (Morocco) i'm a virgin and never really had sex , but one day i was making out with a guy that i knew he was hiv negative because he was studying in canada a country that had hiv restrictions , he tried to penetrate me but i didn't let him so he kept rubbing his genitals against mine , i felt a little bit of pressure , then he started doing the same on my anus he wanted to go in but i
Avatar f tn We dont have pediatric Chiari specialists here in Canada so wondering what support we might have to go to US for this purpose? Thank you!
1530342 tn?1405016490 I read something this morning that there is a group in Canada whose basically cured cancer but big pharma stands in the way of production.... It's be nice to see some of this stuff cured.
Avatar m tn no question i thouhgt this might be of interest anyone any one in canada whom has chronic fatique syndrome can no longer donate blood a mysterious viris called xmrv wich is in same family as aids viris is thought to be the culprit
Avatar n tn Are there any natural sleep aids available that have some record of effectiveness without the serious side effects of prescription sleep medications?
Avatar m tn Hey, I had sex about a month an a half ago... (unprotected) in vancouver Canada with a 30 year old. My right lymph node seems swollen it hurts and I sometimes also get pain from my left lymph node. My testicals also hurt me sometimes and I get a burning feeling in my penis. The burning feeling doesn'y occur when I pee.
Avatar m tn If it was a 3rd Generation test (which Canada only uses 3rd and 4th according to AIDS: Vancouver) Your 12 week is without a doubt conclusive and your 8 week is virtually 100% conclusive.
372366 tn?1284403873 Finally.....An Ontario man facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of two former sexual partners,he failed to disclose he had the virus that causes AIDS and in some cases "lied" to women about his health status.
Avatar f tn I have to vent a bit here. Is it sad that the Egyptian goverment infected their own people? Oh yes! It's horrible. But in these days of AIDS, who in their tiny minds thinks that reusing vaccation equipment is an acceptable practice? The tards that decided that was a good idea should be injected once for every person that they infected with a randomly chosen vaccine gun. On the bright side, and yes, there is one here because this fiasco could be orders of magnitude worse.
Avatar m tn hello again,yesterday i wrote down to med help and i explain i live big fear of aids and irrational fears. I restart my question. ( i live in canada montreal) i discover i have 4-5 brown spot in my face,,,so i remember there some aids syptoms look like that...not sure... i sais again my exposure in the past only four time guay bottom intercourse always with condoms. ONE sexual relation each. the rest was sucking without condoms.
Avatar f tn What does they mean 80 per HIV specialist or 90 percent ?? And the AIDS VANCOVER which is HIV society they do service for free from Canada stated that 4 th generation test is not so conclusive at weeks and that starts that it is a good indicator of your status . Can you please tell me how far they are true?
Avatar n tn I also have recently got a reference to a pediatric opthomologist (about an hour away from our town) and made an appointment with his office in case we are referred there after this appointment (he generally has a 2-month waiting time for appointments). Is there anything I should be doing in the meantime to help or are there specific questions I need to address at the appointment? Also, it seems inevitable that she will be given glasses.
Avatar f tn The same is true for the cardiologist--only a pediatric cardiologist is trained in pediatric and congenital heart disease. Children are not small adults, and their care should not be treated that way, either.
Avatar m tn t know if any of you know about the rapid assessment care program in Canada but apparently it is approved by the Health Ministry of Canada. Anyways, she did a rapid care test 5 months after exposure (back in September). The clinic lady said that there was a blood clot in the mixture (which isn't anything to be worried about according to her) and that the test came back negative.
Avatar m tn Not sure where to get it done here in Ottawa, Canada. Just wondering if anyone might know where I could get the DUO test done? I know 12-13 weeks is conclusive but I am hoping to get a test done at just over 4 weeks. I am still going to do the 12-13 week test for sure but the anxiety and waiting is really affecting me. Thank you.
Avatar n tn However (CATIE, Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange) the governing body for HIV research in Canada says a duo test is conclusive at 28 days or anytime after. I personally spoke with the medical director and she stated the window period is 4 weeks for the Duo test. That information is also stated by HIV experts such as Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook (World reknowned HIV experts) based on numerous seroconversion panel studies. The 90 day window period refers strictly to Antibody only tests.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor: I live in Canada and here's my situation: I had a sexual encounter with another male few days ago. We were both little drunk and before sex we took a instant HIV test witch came neg for both of us. We engaged in mutual oral and since I could not hold a full erection we haven't had thrust sex, but I did penetrated him few times for few seconds. Now as you can imagine I am all concern and fill with guilt. Could you give a word here? Risk assessment?
Avatar n tn Check with your local dental society in regards to any services that may be available to your son in regards to his missing teeth. They may be able to refer you to further resources that are either public or private. The usual process I would imagine is to maintain the teeth that he has to continue to have a cosmetic smile and something functional.