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Avatar n tn I have only gotten relief from reading these other messages from paxil withdrawl sufferers and realizing it is real - I am not alone- and it will pass. Now we just need to get the word out............
Avatar n tn I had Paxil withdrawal as well. I was on 70 mg or so (I'm having a brain-fart and cant remember the exact dosage, sorry) for about 8 months. I had the head zaps too. It lasted 3-4 weeks for me.
Avatar f tn Heroin in far worse physiologically, and Paxil far worse emotionally to withdraw from. And Paxil withdrawal can last a whole lot longer. But the reason it's not addictive is, to be technically considered addictive, you have to need to continually increase the dose to get the same effect. That's not true of ssris. But addiction is actually a medical term that has found it's way into our common lexicon in all kinds of erroneous ways.
Avatar n tn Please read the following information... PAXIL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS MIMIC HEROIN WITHDRAWAL! posted by Shawn Allen on September 06, 1999 at 04:24:49: : Tell your Doctors, and perhaps they will make the connection! How hard has it been for you to wean yourself from Paxil? It's as agonizing as coming off of heroin..and shares most of the same symptoms and long term effects!
Avatar n tn why is withdrawal from paxil so intense.i'm on 20mg. a day, i,ve tried cutting back to 10mg was on that for a month, then i tried to take 10mg every other day,the second day istarted having withdrawals,tremers,heart racing,weak,ihave never felt so bad in my i always goback to taking the 20mg aday.
Avatar n tn Put him on the internet, type in Paxil withdrawal, and make him sit there and read. And why would you ever go off this med cold turkey? Why does anyone still do this after all the lawsuits and revelations and ten years of publicity?
Avatar m tn Or did you quit recently and suddenly experience a lot of anxiety different from what you experienced before going on Paxil, which might indicate a withdrawal problem from the Paxil. Paxil is one of the most difficult meds to stop taking, and after one stops taking it has the reputation of not working again or one has to take a lot more than one took originally to get the same results.
Avatar n tn Who would guess that taking only 10mg paxil could cause such disruption in one's life when trying to discontinue taking it. I am trying to wean off and started a week ago going every other day, then every third day etc. The dizziness headaches flu like symptons etc have been awful. Is there any help out there to deal with this? I have been taking paxil for seven years and gained 40 lbs.
Avatar m tn I stopped Paxil 4 days ago and am starting to have several side effects. Dizziness, lip and tounge numness, headaches and increasing anexiey. I have been taking paxil for 3 years at 60 mgs. I wanted to start putting this down so i can keep track of how im doing.
Avatar n tn I have read about the "textbook" side-effects of Paxil withdrawal, as well as the comments offered by users of this forum. Of these, Amanda's experience most closely matches my own. When I stopped taking Paxil, the only noticeable side-effect was that I would experience an intense (yet brief) moment of dizziness / disorientation whenever I moved my eyes or closed them quickly. This lasted for about a week, and was very difficult to cope with.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist didn't or refused to recognize this as Paxil withdrawal, but eventually I was able to go on the Net and find out what it was, but I can't find anyone who can tell me what to do about such a persistent problem. I'm now on Lexapro, but it hasn't helped much. I know now that if my psychiatrist had put me right back on Paxil and tapered more slowly I might have done much better, but he didn't offer that alternative or ever explain Paxil withdrawal to me, so here I am.
Avatar n tn nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and leg movements, or jerking.
Avatar n tn If you want to start another SSRI (instead of continuing the Paxil), maybe it would help to start it sooner rather than later - I know that my dr suggested that I take a low dose of Prozac when I get down to a very low dose of Paxil because it can ease the withdrawal symptom from Paxil - and because of Prozac's long half-life - it doesn't cause many withdrawal problems itself.
Avatar n tn If you are anyone you have heard from have any ideas about how to lessen the destructive effects of this withdrawal from Paxil, please, please, write to ***@****. I must tell you that anyone who tells you this is just an unusual reaction, is not paying attention to those who are writing and desperate for help. Thank you so much for your attention.
Avatar f tn And try taking a heft dose of fish oil every day -- many have reported this helps with Paxil withdrawal. The Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower remedy combination, a form of homeopathy. It's used in any crisis situation. Good luck.
1219946 tn?1266762128 I can't tell if you're suffering Paxil withdrawal or not, but wellbutrin is a very stimulating antidepressant and isn't generally used for someone who has anxiety as a main problem. This is probably adding to your problem whatever the cause. Sometimes they'll add wellbutrin to an ssri to minimize certain side effects, but for a major anxiety sufferer that med can be problematic. As for the 30 pounds, it's a lot, but quite moderate for Paxil users.
Avatar f tn I have stayed off the Paxil for now - just to try to re-stabilize my chemistry. I have taken Paxil before, several years ago and it seemed to work back then so I'm not sure why it seemed to be causing more anxiety for me this time around.... I spoke to the woman at the health food store and she suggested Vitamin D, B, and fish oil to help with some of the anxiety and depression symptoms - anyone gotten any relief from any of those???
Avatar m tn The switching can indeed be a problem too since Paxil and Lexapro are not the exact same drug even tho both are SSRIs. You might suffer from a little Paxil withdrawal while on Lexapro, this could explain the longer therapeutic lag. The Paxil therapeutic effect slowly stopped after 2 weeks and the Lexapro now hopefully replace it. Give it some more time.
Avatar f tn I meant paxil yes, sorry...I am back and forth between paxil and pristiq...back on pristiq now... Thank you so much to you both!!!!
611559 tn?1233780045 I have taken Effexor XR for about 5 years, which followed a course of Paxil. The Paxil was preceded by a course of Zoloft. The anti-depressants were given to me because I have a physical disability with chronic pain, and anxiety that began at the same time as the pain. Anxiety was the worst, but as my life tanked from inability to do many things, the depression grew. Zoloft did not help much; I gained 60 lbs. on Paxil. When switching from Paxil to Effexor, I lost about 20 of the 60lbs.
Avatar n tn Assuming these feelings were from the withdrawl, I just started taking it again. Could this be from going off the Paxil CR? I cannot find any information on weaning from Paxil CR, only regular Paxil. I'm only on 12.5 milligrams, and from what I understand, with Paxil CR, you cannot "cut" the pill in half because it is a controlled released substance? Please let me know if this sounds right to you - or what I should do. Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn Hi i was on paxil 20mg and xanax 2mg , I was on and off for periods of time , now after reading a lot on paxil and xanax , well i decided to quit cold turkey the paxil cause there was no more prescription and i kept the xanax ,im trying to coupe with the withdrawal symptons of paxil , using xanax to at least aviate them im using only 1mg or less a day of xanax or when i need to slow the withdrawal process , i have been of paxil like for 2 weeks now , and some symptons are gone others are WORSE
Avatar m tn She prescribed Xanax for immediate relief and to break the cycle. For long term treatment she prescribed Paxil, first 12.5mg then 25mg. When I first took the Xanax I noticed several pimples errupt on chest. Did not itch and doctor said not to stop. When I moved to the Paxil 25% I broke out with even more pimples on chest. I stopped it for about two weeks and they seemed to go away. Then I tried starting the Paxil again and within a few days chest, stomach and shoulders have several pimples.
Avatar n tn You can always gradually lower your Paxil dose [very, very slowly]. I would not skip a day or you will have Paxil withdrawal. Wellbutrin may not work well for you, but combined with Paxil at the right doses it may help.
Avatar n tn Any meds she has been put on are low dose. She started on Prozac, then to Paxil and was just put on Zoloft. She is frustrated because nothing seems to level off her emotions. She believes it is because they are all in the same family. She actually got worse on the Paxil. Also, now the Zoloft is making her sick. She is a college student and it is hard to go to class with the nausea. She takes with water and food in her stomach.
213972 tn?1206053788 Has anyone made the successful switch from Paxi to Lexapro with little or no side effects? My doctor has decided to switch me from Paxil CR 25mg. to Lexapro. I was on the Paxil 12.5 CR for about a month and a half and was having my heart beat pretty fast. He thought that my fast heartbeat might still be my anxiety, so he asked if I would be willing to go up to 25mg CR which I have been on for the past 12 days.
Avatar n tn What are the possible Paxil-withdrawal symptoms for an 89 year old who's been on Paxil for about 6 months? What do you recommend we do? Is 6 months a long-enough time to have the horrendous withdrawal effects I've been reading about all over the internet? Do you have any other suggestions?
Avatar n tn The only other time I had withdrawal problems was when I was coming off paxil. I had been on it for about six months, and it took at least that long, even after VERY slow tapering off for several weeks, for the anxiety and especially the "brain zaps" to go away. I've also been having mild brain zaps after stopping the vicoprofen. I felt SOOOOO good when I was taking the vicoprofen, happy, at peace, nothing bothered me...
Avatar f tn I attribute this to withdrawal symtoms. When he stopped taking the opiates he was down to 3.5 mil. of Methodone and 3 Darvocet, at this time he also stopped taking 5- 5mil of Dexedrine, 2 Valium, 1 Tamazepam. Now is taking 3 halves of Subuonex and 1 -5mil Valium. All other drugs are gone and out of the house. My question is: Can anyone tell me how long he will have withdrawal like this?