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Avatar n tn I have read some posting that Paxil seemed to help with the anxiety associated with heart palpitations. I have skipped heartbeats that I feel every day. I have been for all heart testing and all is negative. I was considering going to the doctor and asking for a small dose (10mg) of Paxil to help me overcome my anxiety because of feeling these heart things. Do you think Paxil is an alternative for someone like myself who has let these things completely take over their life?
Avatar n tn There have been no comprehensive studies done on the long term effects of taking Paxil, but medical observations indicate that it seems to be safe. I'm pretty sure the link between breast cancer and Paxil has been discounted. I wouldn't worry about that at all. It is very difficult to impossible for most people to get off of. I stopped mine (40 mg./day) cold turkey and the only side effect I had was insomnia for two weeks, but I wouldn't advise anyone doing that.
Avatar n tn Can you go cold turkey to get off paxil and what can I do to help with the withdrawl? I am out of medication and cann't afford a refill at this time.
445725 tn?1206392367 One week new to Paxil - my pill bottle says do not take with alcohol. Of course I'm not washing it down with a beer or a glass of wine but should I avoid alcohol all together or just drink moderately (like no more than 2 on a weekend night)?
Avatar n tn Is it really all that common for a woman to have extreme sexual side effects with Paxil? Also, I'm also interested in knowing how it interacts with alcohol before finding out the hard way. Thank!
Avatar n tn Taking medication with alcohol is never a good thing, especially if the drinking results in a binge. If your wife drinks occasionally but when she does drink - she can not stop, she may be a binge alcoholic. This condition is as serious as if she were a daily drinker. Alcohol intoxication does initially seem to help anxiety and depression which is why people often drink. They may use it as a form of 'self medication'.
Avatar f tn Have come off cymbalta and lamictal, cymbalta withdrawal awful, put on effexor xr, great for deppressin not anxiety, now on 4th week paxil, not helping at all with deppression or anxiety. Can Paxil cause alcohol craving?, i used to drink 3 beer a nig but stopped was doing great, since paxil started again. On 4mg of klonopin which helps but makes me tired. Have been sitting in my char in pj,s most days, not doing much housework, have little energy, do force myself to gym though as it does help.
Avatar m tn And,lastly, if you read the drug info on Paxil it clearly states that it should not be mixed with alcohol. You need to stop drinking and let the Paxil do it's job. Okay? V.
Avatar m tn I can feel her anxiety when any type of questions concerning paxil, alcohol, and smoking is discussed. All lines of communication in regards to our relationship is also put on the back burner. The question I have is concerning what to do from here? Many of my close friends advised me to seek marriage counseling, but she is refusing to go, claiming that counseling will make her feel "beat up" and that her self esteem can't take the discussion.
457721 tn?1256644398 While you can safely drink Alcohol while taking Paxil, it is not advised. Considering that Alcohol is just about the worst thing you can take if you suffer from depression, then I would try to limit your intake. Limiting Alcohol intake is very easy for someone that is not an alcoholic. It is not so easy for someone that has an addiction to Alcohol. I takes AD meds also, and I also drink, but I keep my alcohol intake to a minimum and drink less often. I think it's all about moderation.
Avatar n tn I had never been a big drinker before, but I noticed a big increase in drinking while I was taking Paxil. Maybe Paxil lessened my anxiety about drinking (alcohol dependency in family) No easy answer to this, find someone, Dr., Counselor or AA to help you stop, before your health is forever affected.
404138 tn?1308945256 I did really well one day I went to the mall with my bf...and I was okay, my anxiety was ok and therefore I didnt go running for a drink. I feel horrible. Like a horrible person, but I feel so much better when I do it but then afterwards I have SOOO much guilt. I dont know how else to feel ok.please help I dont want to keep going down this path.
Avatar n tn Dear Clay Paxil should not be combined with alcohol. It sounds like you are having withdrawal symptoms from severe alcohol drinking. Alcohol withdrawal can cause significant anxiety, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, tremors, seizures etc. Paxil need to be tapered off slowly before being stopped otherwise it would give side effects.I would recommend that you consult your psychiatrist as soon as possible for an evaluation. Sincerely HFHS-M.
1476999 tn?1287251077 Alcohol is a depressant and will counteract the benefits of paxil. You should NOT drink and take paxil, it's not a good thing. Check out 'paxil and alcohol' online and see: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn The extent of risk involved in taking Paxil with alcohol varies with persons, because, some are alcoholics and some are sportive drinkers. Some people drink for suppressing their anxiety and some for numbing the pain. However, it is sure that alcohol can cause quick impairment of brain when taken with Paxil. The hangover caused by consuming these two simultaneously will be worse. Also, this practice causes a craving for alcohol. It also causes anger and anxiety.
Avatar n tn I was on Paxil for over a year and would not remember anything either when i would drink. Also it intensifies the effect of the alcohol. Be careful with Paxil... it's terrible because it makes people gain a lot of weight, i gained 40 lbs. Withdrawl is also terrible. You have to do it slow or switch to something else. I am now on Celexa 20 mg and am losing the weight pretty fast!
Avatar f tn Both Zoloft and Klonopin interact with alcohol. It can increase the side effects of them that deal with your brain, such as feeling foggy, dizzy, confused, etc. Each of these medications alone has the potential to do this. The combination of the Zoloft and Klonopin together can make these effects more likely and more prominent. Adding alcohol on top of this combination is only going to make the side effects worse and more serious. It has the potential to make you completely “out of it.
Avatar f tn Could you give more info? How did the Paxil work for your depression? You took it for 10 years, so it must have agreed with you some? Why do you want to stop taking it? Did it stop helping? What do you mean by you're in it for the long haul? What do you mean by "feeling weird?" If you'd like to go into it more, it can be helpful to talk about the issues. Depression can have many causes. Isolation feeds it. How did the depression progress over the 10 years?
Avatar n tn HI, i was on paxil for about a year,, i didnt find any drug interactions,, i drank a beer or two or glass of wine maybe one or 2 a week, no more or less than normal,,, i was on 20 mg,, the first week or 2 i was sick like morning sickness pregnant,, but after that i was fine, of course coming off is a bit worse, same as starting but the swimming head thing,,, i dont regret it all at though it fixed me right up,!
Avatar f tn I HATE PAXIL too!!! I can't believe no one tells you how serious the side effects are when you want to come off of it....I seriously think that something should be done about that..... I thought about taking chantix and chickened out because of the recent (over the summer) bad press it got. I will try it, I think. As soon as I get a clear mind and get over these withdrawals. Today is much, much better. I woke up feeling "semi-normal". Not so strange.
Avatar n tn I am on 30mg of Paxil a day. This weekend I went away and forgot my prescription. I only missed two doses, I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I want to know is there any detoxification methods that might work for getting this horrendous drug out of my system? I have had all the withdrawl symptoms in only two days. The two worst being the "brain shocks" and nausia.
Avatar n tn Not long ago, I was mixing alcohol with Vicodin, morphine, Xanax and Welbutrin. Talk about a vicious cycle! The act of taking any one of the above alone would soon lead to taking them all with little regard for my doctor's orders or my own safety. I'm happy for you that you are still at a good "jumping off" point! J.B.
Avatar n tn Here I was thinking I was an alcoholic and afraid to say anything- but after reading all of this information on the web, I really think I am a normal 26 year old girl having fun with freinds- it's just not mixing with the Paxil. I would rather deal with slight anxiety that what I am feeling now- it almost cost me my job. There should be more warnings about this.
Avatar n tn He is a wonderful man, but with many problems. He left a very unhappy marriage to be with me Due to manipulations of his ex-wife and possibly facing jail time and his guilt missing his children, who have been poisoned by her, he chose to go back home. He was petrified of going to jail, and very sad to have had to leave a hppy life with me.
Avatar f tn When I stopped drinking I had all the symptoms you described,the amount you drink doesn't determine if you are an alcoholic,only you can decide if there is a problem,with what you describe it could be alcohol withdrawal,if you really want to stop drinking then keep posting there are plenty of people who can help. Have you told your doctor about your drinking you may need help.
Avatar f tn well I was just wondering about mixing alcohol with 10mg paxil, not a drastic amount or anything! its been a while since I drank, a couple months or so, and ive been turning down friends birthdays and what not cause I don't know whether its ok to have a couple beer or so. i tend to get jelous and upset around others drinking, i don't mean to and i try not to, its just the fact that i feel like im different from everyone else. so can someone tell me if its ok?
Avatar n tn I would talk to your doctor about this including up front information about the whole cocktail of paxil, welbutrin, the anxiolitic and self medicating with alcohol. Hopefully they will be able to guide you.
Avatar n tn It's been a long time since I was in school and studied this, but I believe it has to do with how the liver metabolizes alcohol which is very different in alcoholics. And probably explains why I had this incredible tolerance from the very first time I ever drank.
Avatar m tn To start off, i'm pretty nervous about starting it after the terrible reaction to Zoloft, but in addition, i'm concerned with it's interaction with alcohol. I would say that I am dependent on alcohol, I have drank large amounts nightly for over a year. I realize that this surely makes my anxiety and depression worse, but it's a problem I don't think I can address immediately.