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193245 tn?1189993322 This forum is filled with people who are or were suffering from anxiety, of course, What I think is lacking may be some success stories. People DO make progress with this disorder, and I believe it's important for people who are new to the problem to see that it can be dealt with. I suffered badly for a couple years before it was even diagnosed correctly, and then it took another four months for me to ask doctors for a medicinal solution. Once I did I got a lot better.
324184 tn?1308079803 You will hear good and bad about all these types of medications, but fortunately the success stories far out weigh the bad ones. We just can't predict how any of us will respond to any particular medication, and that can be very frustrating with it being trial and error. I hope you have great success with the Paxil, many of us have.
Avatar f tn There are so many horror stories out there. Has anyone ever stopped taking paxil successfully?
Avatar n tn Hi, Has anyone had any success with Paxil? I'm seeking some anti-depressant success stories....Thanks!
550739 tn?1224166972 After 6 of these and no tests or anything, I've had it with the meds. I was on Paxil. Paxil put loads of weight on me, made me nauseous and never really took away my anxiety. I was very very sick coming off it. I was also on Effexor which completely took away my anxiety for about a year at the highest dose. With the exception of the HUGE weight gain, both meds were OK when I was on them... coming off them is Hell on earth. (mind you, I got to lose the 60 lbs I gained on them when I came off).
Avatar m tn If you google Paxil withdrawal there are several good websites. Skip the horror stories and just look at the success stories. That's what happens to most people, they do get past it.
Avatar f tn I've heard several success stories of people going cold-turkey off alcohol which sort of surprised me. People with 10 years or more of sobriety. That's pretty amazing. But these depression meds have a much different effect. Finding a natural treatment is a possible option as mentioned by the therapist from Canada. I have to admit it's difficult to get into a routine, but exercise is great therapy. Martial arts also. it gets you focused.
Avatar n tn After trying most other anti-depressants without success, I am taking it upon my self to stop the Paxil. I have dropped from 40mg daily to 20, and will soon drop to 10, then off all together. I am having heart palpitations, blurred vision, and occasional "short circuiting". I have become quite wary of these meds, their side effects and stopping them.
Avatar n tn 13+ years on Paxil with zero success in getting off it. If I take my dose at 10pm and havent taken it by say 1am I already have the electrical impulses. My doctor told me it likely isnt effective anymore other than to stop withdrawals.
Avatar f tn I'm considering Methadone but have read so many horror stories and would like hear some from those who have read my story and tell me what they think. I have tried tapering and that's harder than trying to just stop CT. I've tried the Thomas Recipe and I just threw up all the pills. I'm at the end of my rope and I don't want to die...I want to live but my options are running out. I don't want to replace one drug for another stronger one. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I thought these drugs were just for depression, which I do not have? Do you have any success stories with this drug and ist? Also my AAIR pacer at my last pacer check is pacing my atrium 98% of the time. Is their any harm with pacing this much? It seems like a lot? How long do you think my battery will last with pacing this often? It is a guidant pacer and I just had it put in this past Nov. I'm 27, do you think in my lifetime I will have to have the leads changed?
Avatar n tn I was taking 30mg of Paxil for 4 years for panic/anxiety attacks. I started getting panic attacks in college and tried everything (therapy, yoga, herbs, diet changes, etc) and still suffered such severe attacks that I couldn't drive a car, sometimes I couldn't be alone, or I would have to leave a store because of unrational "fear of dying." Anyway, the Paxil did the trick, and I must say that I had a very positive experience on it.
Avatar m tn I was taken off Paxil nearly three years ago by a psychiatrist, who used about a six week taper. At first I suffered a lot of disorientation and insomnia, then it evolved into intense depression, constant anxiety, and worse anxiety attacks. I was put on the drug for anxiety attacks. It's three years later and I'm still in constant anxiety, my phobias are way worse, and deeply depressed, so I ended up with three problems where I was only being originally treated for one.
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Serotonin_syndrome and there are many other success stories on the net... I have also heard that 5-HTP is actually prescribed in Europe by doctors, but have not verified this (do a web search of: "5-HTP is prescribed in Europe"). 5-HTP could also help you lose those extra pounds the Paxil put on. Remember to be careful when using 5-HTP with SSRIs! And if you know anyone considering anti-depressants, refer them to 5-HTP first.
Avatar f tn If you search the web there are many Paxil withdrawal sites -- skip the failures and look at the success stories -- they will help. There's also a book called the AntiDepressant Solution that might help. Go at your speed, and you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn and I begin obsessively reading about the thousands of Paxil withdrawal horror stories that are out here on the web. Websites like and are full of people that have tried to quit or are in the process of weaning off of this drug, and they are all going through absolute hell. It really scares me. It's an odd feeling when you realize that you are afraid of the very thing that has helped you for so many years. I guess my question to you is this.
Avatar f tn means very little. Paxil is a lot harder to quit than many illegal controlled substances. My advice is to make Paxil a last resort drug. It can be very hard to quit and has a lot of side effects. Lexapro by reputation has fewer side effects than the other two. Ativan will have the fewest side effects, but it only works short term. And nobody can tell you which will work for you, you only find that out when you take one.
Avatar n tn While researching an answer to all of the awful symptoms I experienced during my Paxil withdrawal, I was unable to find any medical resources listing Paxil as a source of these particular symptoms we all experience. Guess where I kept finding my search results directing me to? Heroin withdrawal. The symptoms associated with heroin withdrawal that are similar to Paxil withdrawal are: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and leg movements, or jerking.
Avatar f tn I'm a 36 year-old male. I've been taking 40mg of Paxil for 10 years. I have to take the name-brand, because the generic doesn't work for me (tried 3 different times). A few weeks ago, the old feelings of anxiety started creeping back in. Racing thoughts, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, overwhelming sense of fear, etc. Now, I am feeding that anxiety with more fear. I am afraid that Paxil isn't working anymore, and I am scared that I will have to come off of it.
Avatar f tn Just remember for every horror story you read, there are literally thousands of success stories out there. Finding the right medication can be a little trial and error in my opinion. What works good for some, does not work well for others. Xanax and Klonopin are benzos which treat anxiety specifically, but SSRIs are usually prescribed for much longer term use. Xanax is usually prescribed short term while klonopin is used over the long term.
Avatar f tn You aren't anyone else, and their experiences can't tell you what you'll experience. When you go on those Paxil withdrawal sites, go to the success stories -- they're there, too. And remember, a lot of people suffer bad withdrawals because they're never told by their docs about withdrawal. Paxil's manufacturer was sued to the gills over this, but that was a decade ago. The FDA now puts a warning on every antidepressant about the possibility of withdrawal and how to deal with it.
Avatar m tn The same websites that have the bad withdrawal stories also contain success stories, as well. And for me, even though quitting Paxil has destroyed me, I'm in a tiny class, maybe a class of one. Most make it through it okay. My point still is, be on the safe side, and be aware of what to look for in case you are one of the many who do suffer bad withdrawals so you'll know how to handle it -- too many psychiatrists don't.
Avatar f tn I've read many posts about withdrawing from Paxil and Paxil CR, so I'm less interested in the horror stories and would be very grateful to hear any success stories. Thanks.
1512520 tn?1290261730 I was on on Wellbutrin XL 300mg for 2 years, it worked well for the most part, did not gain any weight but it was ineffective for my anxiety and was not working as much for depression near the end. I started Paxil CR 12.5 mg for 6 months (second time I m trying Paxil), I felt great but 25 lbs crept on and it has made me severely depressed. I am now off Paxil for 1.5 months and my anxiety is coming back, and havent lost any of the weight either.
15927132 tn?1444242929 Paxil was also prescribes but after 7 months discontinued after I noticed worsening depression as well as a constant who gives a sh*T mentality. Any success stories on discontinuing these specific meds?
Avatar n tn I'd also recommend you guide the person to withdrawal websites, ignore the horror stories and look at the success stories. And know that, again, most don't get protracted withdrawals and move on in a reasonable amount of time.
4981427 tn?1371674069 The thing that is scaring me is if I Gain weight and then want to go off , all the horror stories of withdrawling from Paxil , freak me out.. My doc said he would just wean me off ever so slightly... That would avoid withdrawal right?
Avatar f tn that how the SSRI`s work is so individual, some work for some, and not for others at all. I have had great success with Paxil quality of life, and what I give to my family is amazingly better than before!!!