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Avatar n tn She has found it more difficult to be intimate with me over these months. I just found out about the side effects of this drug tonight. So my question is if Paxil can do such things as this is there anything else she can take that might have lesser side effects and still help her out if she deems so. I am going to try and be there for her now that I know what she is going through. I truly can't begin to feel what she is going through.
Avatar m tn // Birth defects through husband
Avatar n tn Mike, Delayed ejaculation may be a side effect of Paxil in some men, but it is not approved for treatment of premature ejaculation. Sex therapy and various techniques (such as the squeeze technique, and the stop-start technique) are more well established and successful treatment modalities for premature ejaculation. I suggest that you discuss your concerns further with your physician.
1359882 tn?1277501064 what are some paxil side effects. because lately i have been having crazy dreams and kidney problems. can some one help me please?
Avatar n tn My question is about the drug called "ADIVAN"? What is it used for? What are side effects? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi Tony - I'll email you more detail later - but just wanted to mention that I'm still not having the sexual side effects usually caused by Paxil. In fact, I feel more like being intimate than I have felt in months. Are the side effects more prevalant for men?? Although... I'm sick to my stomach pretty much all of the time.
Avatar m tn PsYcHiAtRiStS get your nasty hands off ppl's life. Every hour late on my paxil-10 intake costs me a horrible day/night of vertigo, light-headedness and a vague sense of light and unbalanced movement as if waving through the air. I quote you --as published rediculously on web--": only %0.3 of the whole patients are experiencing the discontinuity side effects of paxil" you fool me?
Avatar n tn It's not clear to me what you're asking or why you want to take Paxil to delay your orgasms. Paxil is an anti-depressant, and can have many side effects. There are other ways to learn how to last longer, if that's important to you. Read on. First, let’s clear up something: you’re NOT the problem. There’s nothing wrong with you—or your penis. I'm wondering why you have the expectation that you should last longer than 5 minutes.
Avatar m tn Paxil and Effexor—can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, especially if you quit taking them too quickly. Those side effects can include serious headaches, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, insomnia, sweating, muscle spasms, nightmares, and dry mouth. Cheaper, safer ways to tackle depression >> Omega-3 fatty acids. Two important omega-3 fatty acids— DHA and EPA—play an especially vital role in brain-cell communication.
Avatar n tn With those symptomes and after blood tests ruling out other things he has decided it is chronic fatigue. Is Paxil normally given for chronic fatigue? I have read about some bad suicidal side affects and other things and am very concerned. She takes 20 mg a day. Please advise if the dosage should maybe be lower or not at all. I have not noticed that it has been given for this illness.
Avatar f tn i have been taking 40 mg of paxil for 2 yrs now, i was also taking 0.5 mg xanax but my dr decided to try propranolol 40mg instead because i started to have high blood pressue. i read these two meds arent safe together. has or does anyone take them together?
Avatar n tn becoming beligerent at times, occasionally argumentative (she's always been easy-going and very sweet) edgy, double-vision, memory loss, sometimes hallucinates... I could go on and on. Now, I just now learned that her doctor had put her on Paxil way back in November. I am the family member who is supposed to be notified whenever any prescription changes happen. I was not notified. We're going to see a new doctor on Wednesday.
Avatar n tn He went to a new doctor 2 weeks ago who but him on Effexor instead of the Paxil. I am wondering if the Effexor has the same sexual side effects as the Paxil did and if it does are they as strong as the Paxil. Also is Wellbutrin a worthy sub for these two drugs or is it not as potent because I has heard that most people don't suffer any sexual side effects from it.
Avatar f tn I was just curious to see if any of you have already wrapped up your 12 weeks of Incivek. If so, did your side effects get any better? Since I have to treat 48 weeks I have been counting down the days until the Incivek is over and hoping that things will get a little easier once this part is over. Thanks!
Avatar n tn She was like a guinea pig and now, 8 years after, she is living with side effects that have never gone : hypotension (around 8), fainding every day, unbearable headaches, kidney pyelonephritis every months, and an exhausting fatigue that keep her in her bed sometimes several days, where she can hardly eat alone. Before that, she was so full of life, making car races, flying planes, being a model for photographes, and photographer herself.
763297 tn?1281383025 I went to the hospital last night because of the side effects that im experiencing. I cut my pill in half from 30 to 15 mgs... too much to do in one week, I have to wean myself off slowly. Anyway, I went to the hospital because I was getting ready for work, I havent been in almost 2 weeks because I have no energy, and I started having trouble breathing. My chest hurt, I was extremely dizzy, nauseous, I couldn't see straight, and I was sweating uncontrollably.
Avatar n tn I went through a really bad divorce and my Doctor gave me a prescription to Paxil for about three months to help me cope with the depression. I have readll all about it and the side effects some people say that they have. I didn't have any at all. It worked great for me. But it did make it harder although not impossible to have an orgasm. Becoming erect was and all that was still great, but you know it was harder for the end result. Well I am off Paxil now and doing very well.
944223 tn?1245873458 If you don't taper of SSRIs like Paxil there can be unwanted side effects to include what you are describing in my opinion. That is why it is essential not to quit these medications cold turkey. For me, tapering slowly minimized these side effects and they will go away...keep us posted!
Avatar n tn Is there a web page or forum for my fiancee so that he can maybe get a better understanding of what I may or maynot be going through as far as side effects are concerned. I think he is of the mindset if you dont dramatize anything it wont effect you. Say that ONCE to me during treatment and I am sure to flip especially if I am in agony. lol He is my rock and does all he can for me. I just want to be sure he knows what this tx will entail. I know.
944223 tn?1245873458 This is side effects from with drawal you are experiencing,you should wean the drugs down slowly for less with drawal, it does go away , you may be left with some tinnitus.I have heard other who have been through this talk about the Brain Zaps, you will be okay if you come off the Meds try some supplememnts like ViT B Complex and Vit C also fish oil.
Avatar n tn , but the medication can decrease their frequency. The potential side effects of beta-blockers are tiredness, impotence in men and breathing difficulties in individuals with underlying lung disease. Be sure to discuss these issues with your doctor and under no circumstance should you take medications for the heart without the supervision of a doctor. Below are some web sites with additional information about PVCs. http://www.nhlbi.
Avatar n tn When I'm making deductive/inductive conclusions, doing math, or thinking more logically, I feel it in the left side of my head, the side responsible for logical thought. I've heard that twitching can be indicative of a potassium deficiency, so I try to eat a banana once a day, but it still happens. I've heard it can also indicate dehydration, so I drink as much water as possible. I just turned 24, I'm in excellent shape (I run 4 miles twice a week), and I have almost no body fat.
Avatar m tn Effexor is reported to cause sexual side effects in some men, including inhibited erection and lowering of desire. However, it’s impossible for anyone to know whether you’ll develop any sexual side effects while taking it. In addition, once you begin taking it, if you DO develop these side effects, it would be difficult to know whether they’re actually caused by the medication itself or by your depression, since sexual side effects are very common in people with depression.
Avatar f tn However, I guess it didn't work. I stopped Amitriptalyne two days after use, because I thought that it was side effects from that. For almost a week now, I have felt SO dizzy, blurred vision, shaky, tired, and like my senses were being overloaded. Yesterday, I posted about it and someone said that it was exact Paxil withdrawl STILL right now. :( I hope someone would tell me how long this will last.
772607 tn?1236141782 If so, it’s important to note that there are other alternatives which aren’t associated with severe sexual side effects. For instance, some have found that a regimen of Paxil or other SSRI’s in the evening before bed, following by Wellbutrin in the morning not only lessens sexual side effects, but also provides them with more energy. Talk to your doctor to find out more. I notice you used the word “perform” in regards to your sexuality. Here’s where you may be your own worst enemy.
Avatar m tn I have heard that Remeron has a very low incidence on sexual side effects that's why I might try it. I hate relying on meds to live my life but I don't want to have to worry about my hands shaking when using a computer while doing a presentation. Do you like this drug? Do you like using anti depressants to help with general anxiety and social anxiety?
1553775 tn?1325186002 Even if a medication helps you, it has some side effects, (like the weight gain from Paxil) and benzos and ADs are notorious for them Now that they are completely out of your system and whatever side effects they had on you are gone, it's very common to be amazed at how good you feel. This intense tiredness you're feeling, which began AFTER you withdrew from the meds, COULD be a sort of rebound from the sedative effects of both Paxil and Vistaril.
Avatar n tn The medications include Paxil, Zoloft and others in that class, and only a small per cent have sexual side effects, and for men its mostly having trouble with ejaculation rather than interest.