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Avatar n tn I'm also seeing a thearipist. For a little more than five weeks I've been on Paxil. I started with 20mg and am now up to 40mg. I started 40mg about 9 days ago. When should I start to see the full thearaputic effect? How does it happen? I haven't really had any side effects. Sometimes I feel like I'm really hyper and then then I'm tired. Do you know what causes that? My psychiatrist uped the dosage to 40mg because I wasn't really feeling any reduced anxiety.
Avatar n tn I too gained weight on Paxil (about 15 lbs in two years). After trying other A/D's I reverted back to Paxil. It was the best one for me. I went off of it due to having sexual side effects. The weight gain was not as big of an issue for me, I was pretty thin and the 15lbs did not look THAT bad on me, but I still try and lose it without success! =( For me personally, when I was on my 45mg of paxil before weaning off of it, it made me feel just where I needed to be.
Avatar n tn His doctor first put him on Prozac then a few months later (Nov 98) switched him to Paxil. Since then he has been very depressed, has had no interest in sex or even getting close, plus I have heard that Paxil can cause lymphiod tumors, which he had recently removed from his neck. He does not see the connection to his medication and will not talk to his doctor.
Avatar n tn It is very likely that Prozac, which is more of a stimulant than Paxil, will be a good replacement. YOu can start with 10mg and take it every other day, or use 5 mg/day until you are comfortable with the new medication, and then see re increasing if necessary.
Avatar n tn - When is Wellbutrin a better supplement to Paxil vs. replacement for it (esp. in light of my goals of reducing sexual and energy side effects). - To restate my former Question #5 in the context above, if I switched to Wellbutrin (and weaned off Paxil), 1) what might Wellbutrin not do as well as Paxil, and 2) What different side effects is it known for? In other words, why would anyone choose Paxil over Wellbutrin? Is it less aggressive in treating anxiety?
Avatar n tn good lord were can i begin i have been depressed since i can remember i would threaten to kill mysrlf as a young teenager i was angry all the time sometimes i wish my parents would have done something sooner. i am now married and have been on paxil for 9 months i have gained 35 pounds i had surgery in december because i had an abnormal pap smear and i still do no insurance comp. will take me till i have a normal pap. it cost 293.00 a month for my paxil.not including the doctors visit.
Avatar n tn I have been on 20 mg paxil for panic attacks for 7 years, I've tried to wean from paxil(felt like had no energy on paxil) many times, unsuccessfully. I've recently switched to 20 mg prozac, without a taper. After about 5 weeks, I started to feel lousey-nausea, diarrhea, no appetite, depressed. Still feeling lousey. Would it likely be better to increase prozac, or switch back to paxil. If switching back to paxil, what are the best ways to do this.
Avatar n tn I feel wonderful again, even on just 5mg Lexapro and 40mg of Paxil. However, I am going to do the replacement process over a 5 month period, at which time I will be on 20mg Lexapro. The important thing is to go very, very slowly. Just dropping all the Paxil and starting on Lexapro will almost certainly give you a Paxil withdrawal crash. Be patient. Go SLOW SLOW SLOW. Give yourself a few months to replace one with the other.
Avatar n tn I was on Paxil for 11 years. I tried 9 years ago to get off it but had extreme side affects. At the time, my doctors told me I was crazy and making up symptoms (electric zaps). Of course now these symptoms are fully documented. I have been off Paxil completely for 4 weeks. I was originally on 40 mg and have dropped 10 mg every 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn I am somewhat accident-prone. After reviewing my situation, my surgeon in Boston favors a tissue replacement valve instead of the mechanical valve that might otherwise be more appropriate for someone my age.
Avatar m tn Not to mention that you have to consider comparable dosing with each med. However, it sounds more like you are just using the Lexapro as a replacement for the Paxil....NEVER a good idea...and really, your friend shouldn't be handing out his/her prescription meds either. Try calling your doctor 1st and explain the situation. If you haven't been in to see him/her in a while, then he/she very well may possibly demand that you make an appt in order to get a script.
Avatar m tn uses for that, but I honestly can't remember it (7 months ago, I bet I sure would have). I've been reading up on Effexor, and Paxil, as alternatives, while continuing the Inderal, and possibly having Klonopin .5 for an as-needed basis treatment of predicted extreme anxiety times, or for during an unexpected panic attack (once I'm fully weened off of it). --Phew, that was a lot to read if you're still here, but I wanted to be thorough.
Avatar f tn I've been on Paxil CR for only 7 months. It was prescribed by my psychopharmacologist as a replacement for high doses of Lexapro. Dosing down on Lexapro and going up to 62.5 mg Paxil CR was relatively easy. However neither medication has treated my depression adequately. I've been travelling the road of Prozac, Zoloft,Welbutrin,Celexa plus Xanax for at least 6-7 years but my depression only gets moderately better.
Avatar n tn I am not familiar with vitamin supplements to treat night sweats and hot flashes due to menopause. Ob-Gyn usually prescribes hormone replacement medications if its not contraindicated (no family history or personal history of breast cancer, etc)to help treat the symptoms associated with menopause. SSRI (eg zoloft, paxil, porzac) maybe used to help you cope with the mood swings associated with menopause.
Avatar m tn I would like to substitute Zoloft as a replacement for the SSRI component of Tramadol. I have read that Effexor has a very similar chemical compesition but i have a recent Rx for Zoloft. Will that work as well and help as I discontinue the use of Tramadol? Any suggestions for an assisting med while tapering off the tramadol to lessen the withdrawal from it?
Avatar f tn I weaned myself off paxil after having been on it for 5 years...I wasn't having any more panic attacks, seemed like the thing to do, right? About 2 months later I started having muscle aches that wouldn't go away. The doctor ran a blood test and said I might have Lupus. Had to wait 4 weeks to see a specialist... did bloodwork...had to wait another 2 weeks to get the lupus. I think from all the worry, I know have major panic attacks again. This time I've got new symptoms....
Avatar n tn I WILL seek medical help with my problem but thought this would be a good place to start. I am 55, female, taking Paxil and hormone replacement med. As Hyperthyroidism runs in the family, I think I may have developed it recently. Symtoms are excessive heat intolerance, thirst, disturbed sleep, breathlessness, trembling of legs and hands, weight loss, loss of appetite, left eye slightly larger and vision disturbed by little weird flashes. However, my neckline is flat as ever; no enlargement.
730000 tn?1234747000 went on paxil a few years back,, worked but made me numb,,, the bad thing is i started drinking a few beers a day ,keeps me mellow,,, i havent had an attack in awhile,, i get close to having one,, but somehow i realize now,,, its not going to kill me,,,i know the beer thing isnt a good choice but it works for me,,and i dont feel all numd=b and lifeless, tried theropy ,,, didnt. work,,, tried everything,,, a few beers when im anxious works,,, bad idea right?
Avatar m tn I had a aortic valve replacement and two cardicac bypasses in July of 2010. I am taking Spironolactone 25mg, Metropolol 50mg, and Simvastin 40mg for my heart. Also Oxycodone 240mg per day for back pain and Paxil 20mg for depression. These medications are causing a very dry mouth and resulting in extensive dental carries and associated expense. What is my risk of heart failure or death if I stop taking the heart medications?
Avatar n tn I'm also fighting Candida at this time and wonder how these added drugs will affect me. Is Kava an acceptable replacement for prescription drugs? I feel more comfortable with herbal remedies.
Avatar f tn I just recently went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with OCD and panic disorder and put me on Paxil. As a routine, they always check TSH for new patients. I haven't went back to the doctor yet but I got my test results. TSH 6.85 and cholesterol 204. They did not check my T3/T4. I have been very tired lately and I am wondering if maybe my anxiety and high cholesterol is connected to my thyroid? Should I be concerned about this and should I mention it to my doctor?
Avatar n tn I was told to up my paxil to see if it helped.I did this 2 weeks ago and it helped alot,but I started my period 2 days ago and they have gotten worse.Does anyone else experience this?
Avatar f tn Help I've had an Vaginal Ultrasound, hormone replacement, I'm on Paxil and nothing seems to help.
Avatar n tn Half the people like Paxil the other half like Zoloft... I'm on Paxil only 10MG and it's giving me weird dreams and making the anxity worse that I was already on Xanax for.... I have been doing so much research online since the first of the year with myself getting sicker, I am seeing an inner ear doctor on the 10th, I believe after that I will no longer need the Paxil...I also believe I will be able to cut way down on my Xanax....the mind plays hell on the body and anxiety....
Avatar m tn Or, could it also be related to side effects from medication? On synthroid for thyroid replacement, and recently discovered my dosage was quite a bit too high so they've been decreasing it to find the right level. And, I have been on Paxil for many years for general depression/anxiety. Alternatively, could too much caffeine contribute too?
Avatar f tn You are awesome with the replies you send everyone here! Will you please help me with a few more questions? I was taking Paxil since 1998! Going on 9 years of that med, it wasn't doing anything for me anymore! So, I started seeing a Psychiatrist 2 months ago and he put me on Pexeva, he said it has a different chemical from Paxil. I've searched and the only thing I found about Paxil and Pexeva is they are same exact anti-depressants, it's just that the Pexeva is a generic form!
Avatar n tn along with a prosthetic aortic valve. Since surgery I've been on 3 medications. Coumadin, which I will need the rest of my life, vasotec, and paxil. I'm scheduled to have dental work done within a week. I will need a crown, because one of my fillings chipped off. One dentist claims that I will need to be off coumadin for several days prior to the procedure.
Avatar n tn (3) For some reason an anti-depressant helps menopause symptoms. I am on Paxil and HRT. I am so much better - I don't yell at everyone now and am much less edgy. Plus the symptoms have subsided. Even my migraines have almost stopped.
Avatar n tn My doctor says well, if you can't take hormones because of heart condition he'll just give me Paxil. But, he does not understand that I suffer from severe manic depression and for 7 years tried every pill on the market with zero results. They do not work for me, and I am better off without them. Please advise me as soon as possible, he has the surgery planned for next week.