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Avatar n tn idid,nt know paxil would help the irreglar heart beat, i,m still on both med. i,ve tried in the past few months to stop the paxil, thought i did,nt need it anymore, expeirenced really bad long have you been on it and have you ever tried to stop. i may need it for anixety too, i know i don,t get all bent out of shape and seem to have more patience since i,ve been on it,i also take a blood pressure pill. i would appreicate your response.
Avatar f tn If you need to switch meds YOU WILL NOT DIE even if you feel bad! Do not fear the possibility of having to get off Paxil. I switched from Paxil to Celexa, gradually cutting back on Paxil while upping Celexa. Didn't have any real problem but 1 month and 1/2 later felt suicidal and weird on the Celexa, so back on the Paxil I went. I've been on Paxil about 14 years and it still works but I feel so fatigued I was willing to try Celexa.
Avatar n tn my paxil does not seem to work anymore. my doctor told me to stop takeing it and gave me cymbalta.can i just switch without any sideaffects or should i see a doctor? Ive been on it for seven years and when i miss one pill i get dizzy.Now i am haveing bad angziety attacks.
1091149 tn?1396353103 i have been on this dose for years now it seems like its not working anymore.starting to get anxious every day again.
Avatar f tn Hello Iv been on paroxetine 20mg for a few years for my depression/headaches but I just feel like it isn't working anymore.. Does this happen with paroxetine? Also the sweating at night due to these is getting worse! Is there anything I can do to help? Do other antidepressants do this? Why does it do this?
Avatar m tn This is not about politics BUT I am realizing I have never in my life worried about any of this and I am realizing when I do not take the Paxil, those worries get very bad and I get scared and cant eat or sleep and cant stop worrying. This has never happened until I started trying to get off this stuff. Its not like worrying where I would hurt myself or anything close to that. It is just the worry of whats going on and I cannot stop worrying about it. Than I end up taking 10mg again.
Avatar n tn 5 mg about 5 or 6 months ago. Over the past 6 months I have SLOWLY been reducing my dosage as I feel Paxil CR has not been the right drug for me. I would reduce the dosage about every month and a half. About 1.5 months ago, I reduced my dosage from 12.5 mg to 6 mg. Around this time, I started having EXTREME fatigue and chronic, unbearable nausea. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy but both were completely normal. I've had bloodwork done and was not anemic and my thyroid was normal.
Avatar m tn I did gain some weight when I originally when on both meds, but have stayed level since, but I do not want to gain anymore. I have high cholesterol but good blood pressure. So I may be going on a statin sooner than later. If I try to come off either med I get withdrawal effects, so I don’t want to switch until I’ve weighed all my options. Thoughts on what I should switch to for anxiety and/or allergies? I have taken paxil unsuccessful, and prozac successful many years ago.
1219946 tn?1266762128 Just keep in mind that any regimen you try has to be given an ample amt of time to really start working in order to properly assess if it is going to be effective for you or not. And, don't forget to ask about talk is a vital part of the process. If you aren't already, I would recommend that your medication and therapy regimen be directed by a psychiatrist rather than a general practitioner. It simply makes sense for us to seek the help of a specialist.
Avatar f tn Amish, addiction is addiction, no matter whether it's for a medical condition or not. Paxil is not technically addictive, because you don't have to take more to get the same result, so you're right on about that, but benzos are addictive no matter how you get them, and so are many painkillers.
Avatar f tn my biggest thiing right now is the dizziness,headaches and not wantig to go outside...does paxil help with those things as far as getting back to going out again and not fearing everything.....I never was like this before...i was a social butterfly and the funny one in the crowd...boy...dont kknow where that person went to....thanks for alll your help....and thanks for letting me vent...
Avatar n tn That was my experience, I don't know if it would work for everyone. Also, I was not on Paxil CR, so that would not work if you are on that. I am not sure how your medical insurance is, but you might want to look into seeing how much it would be for you to go to a phychiatrist. They are usually much more knowlegable in this area and could offer some good feedback.
Avatar n tn I also told her I wanted to get off the Paxil since it wasn't even working anymore, and she told me that she doesn't even prescribe the drug to any of her patients, and neither do any of the other doctors in her practice. She said the drug is terrible. It may have helped "ease" the panic attacks, but I gained 50 pounds and am now going through one of the worst experiences of my life. This is nearly as bad as my panic attacks were before the medicine!!!! I hate Paxil!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I am on 30mg of Paxil a day. This weekend I went away and forgot my prescription. I only missed two doses, I feel like I have been run over by a truck. I want to know is there any detoxification methods that might work for getting this horrendous drug out of my system? I have had all the withdrawl symptoms in only two days. The two worst being the "brain shocks" and nausia.
Avatar n tn I want off this awful medicine in part so I do not have to deal with them anymore. I am so angry that I was made an addict.
Avatar n tn An unfortunate problem with Paxil is encountered when trying to stop taking the drug. Although Paxil is not a benzodiazepine, it does have some anti-anxiety properties which is why it is prescribed not just for depression but for anxiety disorders. It appears that some people get a rebound anxiety when discontinuing Paxil, even when tapering. You may need to taper slower, or step down to 15 mg before 10 as was suggested.
Avatar f tn I did give this a try 3 months ago (celexa) and i gave up after 3 days of hellish feelings. I am afraid of medicine....go figure. I am not uncomfotatble from my paxil dose now but I am afraid I will feel the increase,. If I gradually go up to 25MG over the next 2 weeks then try 30mg after did you think I will experience any negative effects? I do not take CR so i can break it as it is not extended release. i dont know why I am scared to increase but I am .
Avatar n tn So, I go to the doctor's today and now he took me off paxil and put me on prozac. Said that it is not as addicting and will help me through the paxil withdrawl. ??? He said give it a month and then stop taking prozac and getting off prozac is much easier because it stays in your system longer. I am soo sick of taking pills. I went there for help and I left with more pills. Whatever..
1618921 tn?1298826421 As someone who is tapering off Paxil I can tell you that you are going entirely too fast. You should not drop more than 10% of your current dose every month. This can easily be done by switching to the liquid Paxil or even by shaving/weighing your pills which is what I do. You don't have to feel this awful if you taper slower. Try going back up to 20mg and after you have felt better for a few weeks then start a slower taper.
Avatar f tn I am down to Paxil 10 mg (weaning due to horrible withdrawal), and after about 3 weeks on this dose feel symptoms of my depression/anxiety coming back - lack of motivation, feeling melancholy, focusing too much on the negative, anxiety, etc... I do not want to go back up on the Paxil as it has been so hard to come off of. There are so MANY depression/anxiety meds that I do not even know where to begin to decide which might be a good alternative. Any suggestions???
763297 tn?1281383025 She doesn't understand depression and she tells me to just think about happy things and take control of my life. Depression just makes the happy things in my life not so happy anymore, well that's the best way i can explain it. I have a psychologist and a general doctor but she cant see me until March 10. And my psychologist wants me to stay on this med... i am already quitting it slowly, do you know what i should expect? Well, thanks again.
213972 tn?1206053788 Now I am noticing it is not doing me much...not sure if its the inactive ingredients of paxil cr (Mylan Pharm) since I was taking Paxil CR by Apotex (Pharm-Its a non generic by labled generic by GSk) who no longer manufacter this med. I am thinking about trying Lexapro or to increase my paxil CR. Very confusing and since most people don't understand what we go through when a med is not as effective, its a living hell.What was your outcome? Did you stay on Paxil or switch to Lexapro?
358304 tn?1409713092 ) I also had bad sexual side effects from the Paxil... seems to be a common occurance. Meaningless to say, now taht I am off, I am not going back on it, due to the sexual side effects... I am going to simply tell my doctor to try me on someting different. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Hi Sherry, I was on 150 mg of paxil but it made me feel really dense and disconnected which is not good for ones employment. I switched to 150mg wellbutron and within a month my anxiety had grown to such a level that I couldn't deal with it anymore. My Dr. left me on wellbutron but added 150mg of effexor and 25mg of seroquil for sleeping.
Avatar n tn I have been on the paxil since Nov 99. I cant take it anymore, paxil and klonopin. I feel like I'm becoming addicted to these drugs. I dont even know who I am anymore, neither does my husband for that matter. We were just talking about this very thing this morning. please e mail me if anyone has anything encouraging to say or just on your experiences with both of these drugs. It seems that I am having more panic attacks then I did before I started taking these meds. Whats up with that?
Avatar f tn I justed started paxil 2 days ago and have had migraines for the past 2 mornings when I wake up....I only take 10 mg at bedtime....I am verysensitive to anti-depressant but my PA says I am getting so bad I have got to get on something....I have tried over 20 anti-depressant drugs in all the different class types and they all give me bad side effects to the point I have to quit them in about 2 to 3 weeks cause I cant take it anymore...