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Avatar m tn I have recently been weening myself off paxil and on to Wellbutrin. I have vertigo bad and its driving me nuts. What is causing this? and how can I make it stop?
Avatar n tn I'm more concerned about the dizziness and would like to know if it's best to just STOP the Paxil as I did the Terbinafine. Anybody have this experience, too, and know how to help? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I'm so confused, I don't want to be on Paxil, but I feel like I have to be on it to feel better. I took paxil today, and I feel so much better. I just don't want to be on paxil my whole life, and how am I suppose to stop paxil without it making me so sick?
Avatar f tn they say anxiety....well yes I do have anxiety and depression...if you have ever had a vertigo attack and you are spinning in your head and throwing up and cant move because of the sickness who wouldnt have anxiety....but they just wont listen when i tell them that the unlying problem is the dizziness and vertigo and if they could fix that the anxiety I feel would go away.....but they cant find a fix so I guess they arre trying to fix the anxiety which isnt working out so well for me...
Avatar n tn omg omg omg i was on paxil for 5 years, came off this past August, all I can say it was hell and i'm still feeling withdrawls. I have never felt this bad in my whole life, you must go off really slowly, like 10mg every 2 weeks. I have the worst anxiety now and depression since aug, i haven't even been leaving my house! not saying this to scare u but letting u know my story.
Avatar f tn With these horrible withdrawal effects I am not going back now, I hope I can grin and bear the zaps, headaches, ataxia, vertigo, weird dreams, sweats, mood swings, light and noise intolerance etc, etc, I have them all. Oh yeah my doctor told me that because I was on CR the withdrawal would not be so bad, I would hate to see it if I were still on the straight dosage. I am on paxil every other day, any other suggestions would be helpful before I have to drive again in three days to go to work.
Avatar n tn I was on Paxil for a few months and came off and experienced massive withdrawal, worse then my previous Loratab addiction. I came off cold turkey but immediately switched to Zoloft. I was on a high dose of Paxil. The only ache I had was a massive headache 24/7. Massive!! I went back on Paxil for two weeks and I'm off again but it's odd that I have no headache but I have the most horrible back pain. I never had this before starting Paxil.
Avatar n tn DONT DO IT!!! PAXIL AND EFFEXOR ARE BOTH HIGHLY ADDICTIVE AND THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE CURRENTLY FIGHTING TO GET THEIR LIVES BACK FROM THIS CRIPPLING CREEPING ADDICTION!!! Wyeth is a disgrace. To know that they were and are fully aware of the physiological addiction of Effexor XR and have not made such information publically available is sickening. When starting Effexor a year ago, I was brought up to a dose of 300mg/day.
Avatar n tn To anyone who has not started taking Paxil I would tell you not to and to try a seratonin and melatonin natural alternative. And to anyone who is about to stop taking paxil I will say good luck and to try your best to stay off it forever. The supplements I mentioned above in small doses will help with any emotional problems that you are having I can almost promise.
Avatar f tn Heroin in far worse physiologically, and Paxil far worse emotionally to withdraw from. And Paxil withdrawal can last a whole lot longer. But the reason it's not addictive is, to be technically considered addictive, you have to need to continually increase the dose to get the same effect. That's not true of ssris. But addiction is actually a medical term that has found it's way into our common lexicon in all kinds of erroneous ways.
Avatar f tn that I have finally found a site that actually deals with paxil and the ill effects of withdrawal. I have been on paxil on and off for 30 years after being diagnosed with a chemical imbalance at 17. I am or at least was feeling well and I wanted to try discontinuing paxil to detoxify my body. I did do it gradually which I would advise everyone however even after being off of the pills completely for 3 weeks I still suffer from a sense of hightened response to noise or movement.
Avatar n tn try out Paxil for yourself for a year or 2 and then stop taking it. My husband was on Paxil in the army and stopped taking it and got what they call the "Paxil Flu". This is a dangerous drug that has many side effects and many MANY more withdrawal symptoms. You might as well be on heroin and try to get off. If I could go back, I would have never gotten on Paxil. It helped with panic attacks but gave me about 30 other problems. So to sum up....
Avatar n tn My brother had taken a different SSRI in the past and when he stopped, he had no side-effects. Why is Paxil so different and how long can I expect to feel this way? Help!!!
Avatar n tn For the first week, he took 10 mg, then halfed those pills, then moved on to every other day, and so on. He is now in his 4th day with no Paxil whatsoever, and he is really suffering. He is very sensitive to light and sound, and both worsen the debilitating headhache he is suffering. He has contacted his doctor, who prescribed a migraine medication to lessen the pain. He is unable to function in his daily routine with this pain.
Avatar n tn When I went from 15mg to 10mg, I had vertigo and was extremely dizzy about every 30 seconds. It was very anoying and I felt nausous as well. So, my doctor suggested when I started feeling the side effects to take the 5mg to bring me to 15 mg so I would feel better again (which I would the next day after waking up). Then, the next day, instead of going from 15mg to 10mg, I cut one of the pills and made it so I went from 15mg to like 14mg.... if I was ok the next day, then I cut it down 1mg.
Avatar n tn Please educate yourself on the effects Paxil can, and most likely will, have on you or whomever uses it and attempts to stop taking the drug. I am a current sufferer of Paxil Withdrawal. Please read the following information... PAXIL WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS MIMIC HEROIN WITHDRAWAL! posted by Shawn Allen on September 06, 1999 at 04:24:49: : Tell your Doctors, and perhaps they will make the connection! How hard has it been for you to wean yourself from Paxil?
Avatar n tn Although Paxil is a good drug for some patients I really think doctors should try other SSRI's first and use Paxil as a later resort.
Avatar n tn If you want to go back on the Paxil for the vertigo, ask your specialist about these side effects and your pre-diabetes state. Only he/she would be qualified to properly figure that out. Good luck with it all.
378649 tn?1199497567 I feel so much freaking better as a person, i'm actually calling my friends, attempting to hang out with people, doing art and all sorts of things i stopped doing months after first being on paxil. I've had the hot/cold flashes, vertigo, and the puking. Now all i'm left with is the not being able to find the right words, spaciong out, and the one which i freaking hate... breaking out into tears. So far no zaps (knock on wood), but the crying for no reason is what's affecting me at work.
Avatar n tn Is there any help out there to deal with this? I have been taking paxil for seven years and gained 40 lbs.
Avatar n tn The brain shocks, dizziness, vertigo issues, nausea and insomnia are the worst. I do not want to go back on paxil, but if this continues, don't know if I will have a choice. My question is: Is this going to get better? How long will these torturous symptoms last? How long do paxil withdrawals last? Do they lessen as time goes by or are they the same for the duration of the withdrawal? Does withdrawal last longer the longer you were on the drug? Thanks.
Avatar n tn this drug has been out for over 15 years, and every where i go on the internet shows cases of this so its not me, i never in my life have felt these sensations until paxil, i did not know what was going on for the longest time, until i started looking up rare diseases, and looked up ms, and saw something about paxil, and thought hey i take this and thats where i found other people describing the shocks.
Avatar n tn Hi, Long term use and overdosage of Paxil does cause myopathy, dizziness and vertigo in some patients. I would suggest you to go for MRI of the brain and spine to rule out Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This will give a diagnosis whether your symptoms are due to medication overdose or neurological disease. The significant symptoms of these diseases are balance problems along with other neurological symptoms. Please consult a neurologist for the same. Hope this helps you.
Avatar m tn But The paxil was making me so tired and the dizzyness was still there but my doctor insisted there was nothing wrong and raised my dose to 24 mg. Not convinced that it was anxiety i seeked other opinions and a walk in clinic doctor discovered i had vertigo from 2 ears full of fluid. So with this info i returned to my doctor who also realized i had been suffering from ear infections. Funny how he didnt check this before putting me on the drug.
Avatar m tn So i took a paxil and within an hour it went away. Ive repeated trying welbutron again and always within 6 to 7 days of being off paxil the dizziness comes back. Does anyone have any ideas why or what could be causing it?
Avatar f tn I was taking 25mg of Paxil and my doctor wanted me off of it. He told me to take a pill once every other day for 2 weeks then stop. It has been a week now and I am having dizziness and nausea. I have to work and I need some help. Any suggestions and can you tell me about how long these side effects will last?
Avatar f tn can anxiety cause constant dizziness and spinning vertigo? I have heard anxiety and the vesitublar system overlap. I am 18 and have had untreated mild generalized anxiety for years. I recently went travelling and had a flare up of anxiety. Since then I have had problems with dizziness and vertigo. For 5 months I have been off balance and started getting spins leaving me in bed. I have never had this before. I have been cleared by a neurologist and ENT doctor.
Avatar f tn I was so sick leaving that office that day but then... I went to a neurologist because of dizziness and vertigo and neck and back of head pain with headadches....he did a MRI and ruled out MS or Lupus and since nothing showed up he just let me go.... I went from there to 2 more ENT specialist and they found nothing time went on I was getting sicker and sicker and my dr at that time did all the blood work and differnet test and found nothing...
Avatar n tn I almost chalked it up to my bad sinus probs or from withdrawl of neurontin, which i slowly did with my psych doc over the period of a month,and while that could only add to my withdrawl problems, I still hear all the horror stories of the 'PAXIL HELL', is this what I honestly have to endure? And for how long? has anyone had vertigo, dizziness, etc. feel like you can hardly handle another day of these damn side effects of withdrawl any longer?
Avatar n tn Listen to me when I say you do not need the paxil. I have been on paxil for 4 years at 40mg and, it's done nothing but make my life hell. I really think you should talk to your doc. maybe the prozac was too strong for you, and really I would say that you should have taken the prozac in the morning and the paxil at night. until you would be able to get off the Paxil. If that is what you wanted to do. My question is, when you tried the prozac, why so late at night?