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Avatar n tn I took Paxil at night on day 1, it made me feel very weak, I couldn't get out of bed, I had a headache, couldn't fall asleep, had an urge to urinate a few times an hour. My body felt like stretching all over, was very uncomfortable, I couldn't lay, I couldn't walk because I was too weak. But I did have a wellbeing feeling, a little bit emotional too because it affects your serotonin. The next afternoon being sick all day, I couldn't bear and I needed to get things done.
Avatar n tn 1) Stay with valium and switch to paxil and dose the paxil morning and night to possibly reduce side effects because it's so short acting 2) Stay with zoloft and switch to klonopin and give the klonopin/zoloft combination about a month to work to see if I feel much better than with the zoloft/valium combo and if that doesn't work then I can go to paxil with the klonopin and if that doesn't work then I can then switch the klonopin to valium that would ultimately put me in situation #
Avatar n tn i am currently taking paxil 10mg 1po qd and want to know if its safe to take this with adderrall and or valium for my anxiery..
Avatar f tn I have on paxil for about 15 years now I have had an issue with weight gain on the paxil. I am currently taking 10mg of the paxil plus 150mg of wellbutrin my doctor wants to wean me off of the paxil and add 2xday buspar while I am tapering off of the paxil. I have been reading about serotonin syndrome when you combine paxil and buspar together. So it's making me nervous about starting the buspar.
Avatar n tn And Paxil gives more people a rough time upon stopping than any other antidepressant other than Effexor (and, ahem, Cymbalta). Your friend should have been tapered off the Paxil, and maybe was, but if not, and even if your friend was, there's a lot going on now possibly, too much for us to say which is which.
Avatar n tn Diagnosed with drug induced anxiety disorder and ocd 14 years ago and was put on paxil and klonopin .5mg 3 times daily. I continued this for 3 years before weaning myself off paxil and staying on klonopin. When I came off the paxil I no longer needed near as much klonopin and that dose went in half. I continued to stay on klonopin for 5 more years and on and off several anti-depressants. 4 years ago I switched to valium 5mg 2 to 3 times a day and have tried every ssri out there.
Avatar m tn I have been reading about drug interactions and have seen problems with Paxil and Didrex in some places and other places do not mention it. How dangerous is it to take these two together?
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year old male with what i now am sure is Anxiety and/or Social Anxiety disorder. From an early age i always new something was wrong but didn't know what to do. About 2 years ago i was reading something about anxiety when i realized this sounds like me. I also had read that one of the drugs used to treat anxiety was Valium. Afraid & ashamed to talk to anyone about this i went to the street & bought a bottle of Valium.
Avatar n tn Paroxetine is the generic for Paxil and Alprazolam is the generic for Xanax. Is it normal to be taking Paxil and Xanax at the same time?
Avatar n tn You are in this together. She is your medical ally, and the only one who can deal with your fear in a rational way. Take care.
1410591 tn?1281565510 Would it be ok for me to take 5-10 mg of valium at night to help take the edge off? Will celexa and valium together be bad? or is it fine?
Avatar n tn Paxil and xanax are not contraindicated, and can be prescribed together. Unlike the xanax, however, the paxil will not be helpful to you unless you take it consistently. The xanax CAN be used PRN (e.g., on nights where you have more trouble falling asleep). The effect of the Paxil is likely to be more subtle, but may be most helpful to you if depression and/or anxiety are contributing to your sleep problems. Best of luck to you, Michele p.s.
Avatar n tn the dr i go to now wants me to take a 20 mg paxil in the norning and one after dinner is it ok to do that i take 5mg valium once a day too
Avatar n tn I was trying this without the meds and I felt ok but not my self, so I know of some friends who have taken Paxil in the past and I asked my doctor if I should go on Paxil. He said sure and I started to take Paxil (they give this stuff out like it is candy). I took this stuff for 9 months and hated it. The side affects were killing me. I kept telling the doctor that I need to get off this stuff and he said that it wasn’t side affects it was my panic disorder.
Avatar f tn After recovering from breast cancer, I was prescribed a series of medications to treat depression and anxiety. I was put on Zoloft at first and then switched a few years ago to 40mg of Paxil along with 25mg of Xanax daily. I still feel anxiety and depression, however, and am afraid these drugs no longer work or that I have become immune to their effects. Should I be expecting the dosages of these medications to change over time? Is it normal to prescribe these drugs together?
Avatar n tn I posted a question here before.( I'm currently taking 40mg of Paxil daily and Klonopin 0.5mg 3 times daily for social anxiety disorder and obbsessive-compulsive didorder. I've been on Paxil for about 9-10 weeks now and Klonopin for a few weeks.I see my psychiatrist tommorrow. The Klonopin has helped a lot with my anxiety but from the beggining 0.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Mike, im 30, and have two beautiful children ( a newborn baby boy and 11 year old daughter). I have been on suboxone for about 2 years now 8mg a day ( half in morning half at night) , and klodipin 1mg once or twice a day. I recently decided enuff is enuff with the suboxone, and decided a couple days ago to ween myself off. My question is: My new doctor just took me off the klodipin's 2 days ago, because I get really bad panic, and anxiety attacks more then 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn Can RitalinLA and Paxil be taken together , Child 12years old takes RitalinLA 20mg and Paxil !
Avatar f tn I take paxil and xanax both, I have pantic Attacks and I was unable to sleep.. The paxil and xanax has really helped.. I took zolof before, but was alergic to in.. Still have problems sleeping but no pantic attacks.
1616953 tn?1443835511 Well it was a amazingly craptastic couples therapy. I was quizzed about my private therapy session and I said that it was depressing. Why was that the therapist concluded that my primary problem was trust and not having it was a no go for staying married. It being a cornerstone. She also suggested that our sexual problems were the result of how women function. Women who have an emotional connection can't have sex with someone they don't have the connection with.
Avatar m tn ) I have been tapering valium since June last year (did crossover from Klonopin/Ashton method) and started Zoloft in June (25mg) and upped it to 50mg in August. I have held the valium taper since August due to diarrhea and decided to taper zoloft but now I am not sure which to taper first. I am at 6.5mg valium down from 12.5mg (was c/t in August also from 9mg and reinstated to 7mg almost immediately).
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder with associated depression, agoraphobia, insomnia and generalized anxiety. I have for the past 3-4 years taken Valium Paxil and Xanax. Recently I was asked by my Primary to take a urinalysis. It showed the Valium and the metobolic breakdown, the Paxil wasn't tested for however my Xanax came up negative. I have absolutely no idea how that is possible as I take as directed.
Avatar f tn I take 12 mg of Klonopin, 150 mg of Trazadone and 40 mg of Paxil a day. Does that seem right?
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Avatar f tn my daughter is very anxious so the dr put her on both the cymbalta 30 mg with the paxil of 20 for one week and then 15 paxel for another week and then 10 paxil and increase to 60 cymbalta. she had a brain trauma in a car accident and has to deal with alot so is this too much. she had a seizure on the ultram but she took too many at one time for a headache..
Avatar f tn am on 25 paxil cr and 1mg klonopin twice a day. i was in hosp. because the nic. patch and effexor gave me panic and chest pains. patch immed. removed and after 2 days of iv valium they put me on the klonopin. my doc still preferred the effexor but the psyconsult put me on paxil. 2weeks ago. now i can sleep 12 hrs and get up and go back to sleep again. otherwise i feel ok.