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Avatar f tn I just couldn't allow that to happen. I Googled Lorazepam again and came across a webpage 'Lorazepam Withdrawal', where I learned that you could not stop "cold turkey". So, now I'm taking 1mg Lorazepam every 8 hours now, I'm sleeping and feel good, almost great. The next step is to introduce 5mg Diazepam and actually get hooked on it. My question is: "Do I have to get hooked on Diazepam to withdraw from Lorazepam?
Avatar n tn I did a bit of extra research, though, and it seems as if this drug can be very addictive and withdrawal symptoms quite severe. I also heard it can induce depression, which I think I may also have a mild case of, and even suicidal thoughts. I desperately want my anxiety issues to go away and currently see no end in sight to my difficulties, which is why I'm worried that if I start taking this, I might become overdependent.
Avatar n tn I will call the pharmacy tomorrow and hope that works. I knew the potential for addiction to lorazepam but didn't think my body could become addicted so quickly to such a low dosage. To be honest I did sort of abuse the prescription too. I am on a rather high dosage of Effexor, and I drank alcohol quite often with the lorazepam to heighten the effects. The lorazepam was not strong at all for me so that is why I felt I needed it often and more than 1mg a day.
Avatar n tn I am bipolar and take lorazepam for anxiety. I would like to quit taking this medication. Is there something safer that I could use that wouldn't be habit-forming?
Avatar m tn I don't feel myself, when I'm talking it don't feel like it's me talking and I just feel like I'm in a dream like state. I take lorazepam 1 mg which makes me feel good and last about 4-5 hrs with no side effects other then just being a little sleepy. I've been reading into lexapro and curious on any opinions. I want to know if their ate any serious side effects of lexapro and what would happen if I continue to take lorazepam.
Avatar n tn ) My ddx includes a UTI(started antibiotic and urospaz today), MS(which really freaks me out), musculoskeletal and Paxil side effects. Oh, and I also take 25 of Lorazepam daily. Any thoughts? Also, I had to take a medical leave of absence from med school due to continual panic attacks and anxiety. I am doing very well right now, but sometimes I have trouble reading as I relate that to school. I want to return to school next March where I left off.
Avatar f tn So now after 4 weeks of suffering, lack of appetite, nausea, nervousness and others, I take 4mg Lorazepam but I still have nause, eat very little (was told I have a sluggish stomach) and still feel tired from Lorazepam. Have any of you experience something like this and how long will this last until Lorazepam is stable? I'm desperate b/c I don't take easy the nausea and I'm starving myself basically not being able to eat b.c of bloating, and all these symptomps.
808293 tn?1238605783 Hey, I was just wondering if anybody out there is currently taking or has ever taken Lorazepam (ativan)...I am currently on it, and I only take it as needed, which is maybe once a day or once every other day... I have heard that it can be habit forming, and really don't want to add a chemical dependence on top of everything else... I have been on it for a little under 3 weeks...I take Celexa for the anxiety, also for the same amount of time. Has anybody taken Lorazepam for anxiety?
Avatar n tn I have taken Paxil for about 2 years ... it's wonderful for anxiety and sadness. But if I stop it suddenly (even if I forget to take it in the morning or something) it causes dizziness and a "car-sick" feeling. However, I've also detoxed from Lorazepam (a benzo ... generic ativan) and Vicodin, and it's NOTHING like that. I think tapering the Paxil would help a lot. Good luck, and God bless you!
Avatar n tn Yes, You will get through this!!!!!!!! Have you looked up Paxil and its side effects. I was on Zoloft for many years and was just switched to Celexa. I loved the Zoloft it controlled my anxiety very well. No one that I know liked Paxil. They all had horrible side effects and quit taking it. As for the Lorazepam, whats the dose? Maybe you could split them in half. Call a local pharmacy and they call tell you whether or not you can split them. Also I would recommend contacting your doctor.
Avatar n tn Weeks two I am on day 3 of and am taking 10 Paxil and 10 Lexapro and I am feeling bad. Increased anxiety, nausea and feeling very bad in general. Week three I am scheduled to take 5 Paxil and 10 Lexapro. Week four I am scheduled to take 0 Paxil and 10 Lexapro. Should I stick it out for a while unitl I stabalize or go back to week one's dosage? Should I just stop the Paxil and start the Lexapro?
Avatar f tn Things are complicated by the fact that I also two weeks ago started on 10 mg Lisinopril for hypertension. In late evening, my heart and pulse began to race. I then took a .5 mg Lorazepam but I continued to have these frightening symptoms for hours. Could it have been due not to side effects of the Lisinopril but to withdrawal from Lorazepam? How would I taper off such a low dose? Any feedback would be welcome.
Avatar f tn Can anyone say if this is most likely all related to trying to wean off of Lorazepam and my years of constant panic, anxiety and worry? I'm trying not to be a hypochondriac here, but it's hard to when such symptoms scare you to death! Thanks for all your help!!!
Avatar f tn If you decide you want to pursue the natural route, be careful stopping the Lorazepam -- if you're taking it every day it is an addictive drug and will become harder and harder to quit the longer you take it that way, so it has to be tapered off of at a speed that suits you.
Avatar f tn I've gained 25 lbs in less than a year. I'm taking Prozac and lorazepam for OCD and anxiety. I know I can't get off the medicine yet but how do I lose the weight? I initially lost weight until I gained all and more weight back. Has anyone experienced this and have you done to help in losing weight?
Avatar n tn It is a benzodiazepam and definately can create physical and psychological addiction. The Paxil and Busbar are well know meds that treat both anxiety and depression, and tend to stabilize people, not make them worse, but..everyone's system is different. Your husband should not be drinking on these meds. Alcohol will pretty much stop the Paxil from working, and can be very dangerous in combination with the lorazepam.
Avatar f tn and i weened down to 5mg paxil and now none. and my old dr gave me lexapro so i take that for the depression for now. intend to get off it entirely in a week or so. i wish i could just check myself in somewhere but i don't have insurance and i make too much not working to be 'poor' enough to qualify for free help! go figure....only make enough to rent a room for me and my dog. one more thing.... in feb, my periods stopped.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder with associated depression, agoraphobia, insomnia and generalized anxiety. I have for the past 3-4 years taken Valium Paxil and Xanax. Recently I was asked by my Primary to take a urinalysis. It showed the Valium and the metobolic breakdown, the Paxil wasn't tested for however my Xanax came up negative. I have absolutely no idea how that is possible as I take as directed.
Avatar n tn I can seem to go for days without PAC's then boom, I feel a few. I was wondering if the Paxil has been known known to produce PAC's and if so will they continue as long as I am on the drug, or could it be a short term side effect. When I got my first panic attack I felt a rush come over my body centered in my chest, I got to the ER just seconds after the attack subsided and all tests were normal. But I had flu like fatigue symptoms which lasted for 6 weeks after that first attack.
Avatar f tn I was prescibed lorazepam in a 0.5mg dose and I've been taking it once a day in the morning (when my anxiety is bad), and I've been on it for about 2 weeks now. I'm scared to keep taking it in fear of withdrawals. Do I need to taper now or is the dose I've been taking for this time still safe to stop immediately? If I need to taper it how do I do that?
Avatar n tn After a year of suffering these attacks and seeing many doctors my GP sent me to a Psychiatrist who put me on Lorazepam 4mg per day, which stopped the attacks, after 18 months on the Lorazepam he added Paxil to the mix, after about 5 weeks at 10mg per day, I started getting PAC's which again sent me to the ER at 2AM.
Avatar m tn Both my doctors are out for a week and I need some advise. Should I continue with the Prozac and Lorazepam until I can speak with my dr. or should I start my new set of drugs and hope for the best?
Avatar n tn Hello all. I have been taking 5 mg olanzapine,0.5 mg lorazepam and 10 mg paroxetine for the last 6 odd years, i have ocd,clinical depressio and mild psychosis....i was wondering if taking these meds for such a long time would have an effect on my immune system and i may be putting myself at a risk for some serious disease such as Godforbid 23 now...recently after much effort i reduced the meds to 2.5 mg olanzapine,0.
Avatar m tn How dangerous is being on paxil,busbarand lorazepam together. Paxil 10mg, lorazepam 10mg x 4 a day, bus bar is x's a day.
Avatar n tn i have had major anxiety for 4 yrs now to the point were i cant be elft alone again, and it is or i am letting it control my life i c drs i have just been switched or in the process of switching from paxil cr 50 mg daily to prozac and i take clonazepam. i c many take xanax. i have heard bad things about that. but i am wondering if prozac is a good med for really bad axiety and fears of dieing..everyday.
Avatar f tn Hi lou yes burning skin and burning in the head and chest pain and numbness and tingling starts in my face and continues through my body. My psy said give the medicine time 6 wks but I can't continue on this way it has to not be the right one for me. Been on it 3wks but weaned off of paxil and wasn't sure if it were paxil withdrawl or the lexapro affects.
Avatar m tn since the age of 15 i am on alot of antidepressants and one antipsychotic,im turning 22 this november...i take 10 mg paxil,5 mg zyprexa,0.5 mg lorazepam and 2.5 mg procyclidine daily 3 hours before sleeping...i drink on the weekends,or a beer or two on in university so alot of partying goes on and sometimes i do tend to drink alot while on my medications...
Avatar n tn I am also on 900mg Lithium, 20mg Paxil and prn Clonazepam. I too, don't feel that the medications help as often or as much as I'd like. I experience rapid cycling manic phases and thus far we are still attempting to find solutions. Talk to your MD about cognitive behavioural therpay. It's supposed to be good.
1103110 tn?1341258099 Instead I sit here alone, empty, wothless, useless and feeling rejected by life. And yeah go ahead and reply if you want. I'll try to reply back, if I can. Okay I suppse for now I'm done ranting, I suppose I will go back to bed there sure in the hell nothing else to do here.
Avatar n tn Drugs like Buspar and Paxil are good for anxiety and stress and neither are habit forming. Buspar takes a while to work...and may cause a little lightheadednessm, but the side effects are minimal. Plus, Buspar will not zonk you out.