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Avatar n tn I got partial replacement of my left knee last year. I was told at that time that my right knee is not as bad as the left. However, when I showed my right knee last month this year I was told that I need full knee replacement. The surgeon recommended Otisknee replacement procedure. Is it possible that my right knee can deteriorate in onr year to have full replacemnt as opposed to partial. What are the reports on Otisknee replacement procedure.
255738 tn?1230233362 The dr said he is a good candidate for partial knee replacement. I was wondering if any of you nice folks have undergone partial knee replacement and how it has worked out for you?? Would love to hear from you on this. Thanks.
452066 tn?1400626877 At what point does an orthopedic surgeon come to a conclusion that a partial knee replacement is the only option? I had surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee over a year and a half ago. Since then, the knee feels worse and is progressively getting worse. I have been on steroids, had injections, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, went through PT...and even continue to exercise the knee now.
Avatar m tn Having had a partial knee replacement 6 weeks ago I can say that the movement and flexibility of the knee is very good. I have adhered to the post op exercise regime and I am free from sticks and supports. However I do suffer pain on the inside of my knee whilst walking which may or may not be soft tissue and/or MCL damage or scarring. I suppose I need to give it time although do get a bit disheartened at times as I would not have expected such pain at this stage.
Avatar m tn I had partial knee replacement 2.5 months ago. While the pain from the arthritis is mainly gone I am experiencing much tightness and numbness in the knee. Combined with limited strength in my quadricep I have a much difficulty climbing any steps. I am working with a physical therapists but still am frustrated about the limited success. Any thoughts about this. The surgeon looked at the knee through xrays and felt things are going fine.
Avatar f tn Is someone willing to comment on their experience with the MAKI partial knee replacement surgery? I'm having knee pain a year following partial medial meniscus surgery a year ago & looking at all options. My knee soreness has never really gone away. I'm a 58 yr old runner who used to be very active and am very frustrated with my treatment so far. My Ortho is suggesting Synvisc injections, but I'm looking for a more durable outcome. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I'm 51 years old and had partial knee replacement Nov 6th. The knee itself is feeling pretty good. I still have some swelling and numbness on the knee. The problem is I can't stand to have clothing, blankets or anything touching my leg. It starts at my knee and goes to my foot. I also have some swelling in my foot. This is not just annoying but it's very painful.
Avatar m tn I have looked into ACI and OATS procedures but I am not sure how successful those procedures are and I am wondering if I would be a good candidate for a partial or total knee replacement and get this over with once and for all. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I was told by one position that I could not have a knee replacement unless they did a Fulkerson because my knee was not tracking properly. I now assume he was referring to a partial knee replacement. As I've been referred to a position for total knee replacement because the Fulkerson did not completely resolve my pain and improve my mobility.
Avatar f tn I am having a diagnostic scope of my knee to determine if I am a candidate for a partial knee replacement or need a complete knee replacement. The orthopedic surgeon mentioned that the most likely anesthesia would be an epidural rather than a general anesthesia. There is little information on epidurals online. Is it given directly into the spine, like the spinal they sometimes give during labor?
Avatar n tn When I went to Orthopedists in March, I pressed for partial knee replacement, and he wants go through a series of 5 Synvisc 6 Unit injections which Equal the Synvisc-1 One Time Injection before any surgery as a lubricant to the knees, and really doesn't want to do a partial replacement without. With the technology of today why can't they just make an insert to replace the cartilage?
Avatar f tn I had a partial knee replacement last May, I still have pain soreness at the implant site specifically and STIFFNESS! It is difficult to do any walking around without it swelling for 2-3 days sometime longer. I have a friend who is a physical therapist and said the key is following through with the knee exercises daily the first year and as needed weekly from then on but remember to ice pack the knee following exercise. I am still unable to work at a job that requires walking or standing.
Avatar f tn Finally, depending on the findings on your xrays and physical examination, you may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement rather than a total knee replacement.
Avatar m tn I want a TKR so to not have to deal with it later in case the lateral side develops the same. condition. My doctor only wants to do a partial knee replacement. I want the doctor to consider the non medical side of my condition. This includes retiring at end of year, employer insurance available now and I have time now to do the recover from this surgery.
Avatar n tn After partial knee replacement I lost feeling in my foot. i now can move my toe, but still can't feel it. Does movement in my toe mean I am starting to get the feeling back?
Avatar f tn Hi there my husband underwent partial knee replacement surgery 10yrs and then second knee 6years ago. his knees have been fine and he started gentle running again after many years of not being able to due to pain. 5years ago whilst jogging he experienced a near fatal anaphylactic shock and was later diagnosed with exercise induced anaphylaxis but only after eating wheat. All has been well for a number of years but then a couple of wks ago another problem occurred.
Avatar m tn Kept me from TKR in right knee that long. Still need partial knee replacement in left, but injections allowed me to function along with painkillers for bad days. As a serious cyclist, I was able to pedal 2000 miles + per season. Walking and standing better immediately after injections, not as good 5 to 6 months down the road as supartz works itself out of bursa and is absorbed back into the body. I plan on continuing the injections in my left knee.
Avatar f tn I just turned 60 and had a partial knee replacement in December. It made my leg crooked so I had to have a tkr in April. After 8 weeks of therapy my flexion was only 107 and that was with a push. The doctor decided to do knee manipulation under Anesthesia. He told me I should feel better right away. He was sooooo wrong. I am worse now than before the manipulation. It has been two weeks and I am still not back to where I was prior to the manipulation and the pain is much worse than before.
Avatar f tn My husbabn had double partial knee replacement surgery on February 23 and has done remarkably well finishing the physical therapy in three weeks and down to 1 or 2 vicodin a day. This morning the right knee is swollen and very stiff and he is in a great deal of pain. We have been icing but he could hardly make it to the bathroom. A Vicodin and Vistiril have helped but we are troubled by this event. Anyone experienced this at the 6 week point?
Avatar m tn The arthritis had set in to my left hip, but the pain was spread to my left knee?? doc said the hip replacement would more than likely take care of the knee pain. At first (in the second week after) the pain wasn't so bad in the knee, but the pain came back shortly after that and isn't getting better. I was referred to a Pain management clinic here in Ohio and was prescribe (perkocet) physical therapy.
Avatar n tn I had to have total knee replacement on my knee in 2003 now after 3 operations I am left with a partial bent knee and missing out on life. Is there any hope for me?
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement in April of 2007 and continue to have a nagging pain in the knee area as well as it stays slightly swollen all the time. The pain is a burning and stinging sensation and is made worse when I try to walk any length of time. Therefore, I don't get much exercise. The pain subsides with rest at night but when arisinig in the morning it's back and still swollen. Due to the swelling the knee doesn't bend as far as it should.
Avatar f tn Do you think I would be a good canidiate for a knee replacement based on these findings or are the issues not that serious? Again, thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn You may be able to get relief with a partial knee replacement, if one side of your knee is significantly worse than the other. Good luck!
Avatar m tn However, since big tears usually do not repair fully, partial or complete removal of meniscus (meniscectomy) is performed. If conservative treatment to reduce joint effusion does not help, you may need knee replacement. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.