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Avatar f tn i started myself on 5 mg paroxetine last night and if what they say at the forums on paroxetine withdrawal is true, i am going to be in for a rough ride while my body adjusts to less paroxetine. I will try to hit zero paroxetine at month 6 (the advice on forums is to do it very slowly). Today will also be the first time I will be taking viread.
Avatar f tn happy new year to u all xx Looking for some advice really, I hav just come off prozac as i seemed to struggle to loose weight, and it was making me feel even more depressed, so the doc has changed my med to paroxetine, howeve looking on the web ,it seems that theese are more prone to weight gain ..? I havent started yet , should i tke them or ask for something else ? Help ?
Avatar n tn I've read that typical doses are 200 mg/day. If I was close to the max dose of paroxetine, won't I need a high dose of clomipramine?
Avatar n tn I've always had a hypersensitivity to any drug that could affect my CNS, meaning it usually made me too high (SSRIs & Steroids included). Long Story Short: Tried to go back on Paroxetine 6 months ago. Quit after a week...couldn't "come back down." Have had extremley low libido, lack of empathy, some confusion, difficulty thinking through problems, and have been devoid of many emotions like guilt, remorse, love, etc. Have been atypically charismatic.
Avatar n tn I try very VERY hard to keep my weight at a place that makes me happy. I am going on Paroxetine starting today (i have been on it before and went off it for a couple of years). I AM TERRIFIED OF GAINING WEIGHT WHILE ON IT.. i have read many forums that say this medication causes weight gain.. but if i look out for my weight and keep exersising and keep eating right.. is it true that i WILL DEFINATLEY gain weight?? even if my caloric intake does NOT change???? I dont want to gain weight...
1035021 tn?1296824307 Two weeks ago I stupidly tried a bottle of DXM (the pure formula with no combinations) and I ended in the hospital with something close to a respiratory depression, tachycardia, high blood pressure and panic, I felt I was going to die. After that my general doctor send me for blood analysis and everything was ok but the blood pressure and she told me that was due to the remainings of the DXM.
1035021 tn?1296824307 I was medicated with paxil and xanax due to panic attacks related with some laryngitis, I feel like something stoke in my throat and then a feeling of getting choked, my specialist say that I do have an inflammation caused by acid reflux even when this is not THAT dangerous my body triggers his self defense instinctive reactions putting my blood pressure so high and getting me in panic and fear of death. So if you have any advice I will really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn its not like you can get high off it and i am not into getting high. No. My doctor not telling me cut my paroxetine in half per month from 40 to 20 by breaking the pill in half. So i pick up the bottle from pharmacy not looking at the rx. So after 15 days i look in my bottle and say, what the hell? I mean several times in the last ten years she had no problem giving me an early script of clonazepam(its a benzo like xanax, ativan, valium, etc).
Avatar n tn I had a relative in the hospital who was malnourished, and his blood work gave a false reading that his dilantin levels were too high. Is this a common phenomenon or did I misunderstand what i was told?
Avatar m tn I also have been taking an anti depressent, paroxetine 20mg, for 6 weeks. Could all this stuff I am taking be the cause for such increase in a short period of time? Last exam was on Dec of 2008 but I gave blood on Jaunary, blood services would have notified me if enzymes where high. So in about 1 month this has changed. Could it be hepatitis C or B? Please advice.
Avatar m tn 5 MG (Norvasc) and the other medication is Paroxetine HCL 20 MG. I take them daily. Every time I saw my doctor my BP was still high (150s / 90s) and he was surprised and suggested I try the 24 hour BP monitor. I did that and the result was interesting, 98% of time, my BP was under 140/90 and only 4 readings were high. I have also done two EKGs, Chest X-ray, different Blood tests, and chest MRI and the results for all are normal.
Avatar f tn And like some people have stated (everyone is different though), starting an anti-depressant may help you as well if anxiety/depression are one of the reasons you started using in the first place. But in any case, keep in mind - high anxiety is your brain trying to tell you to 'fix' things by going back to the pills. As your body adjusts to life without your drug, the anxiety will lesson. It is just part of the process and it does get better.
Avatar m tn Being awoken from vivid dreams (not nightmares, mostly just vivid) somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning after going to bed around 10.00 to 10.30 the previous night. The symptoms on being awoken by the dream include – high pulse rate, hot, thirsty and griping in the stomach causing flatulence. It then takes me about half an hour to “calm down”. On returning to sleep the same thing happens again (different dreams) approximately every hour until it is time for me to get up.
Avatar m tn Regarding your question on which of your medications may cause weight gain, it is probably paroxetine (Paxil). However, it may also be a combination of medication(s), chronic depression, changes in appetite, and lack of exercise due to depression and/or osteoarthritis.
372880 tn?1332883087 I have read about seizure risk associated w/ tramadol esp @ high mg single doses. I have never read any literature supporting that there seizure risk from stopping cold turkey-have you? I have safely quit CT in the past- there is misconception that this is risky on the forum.
Avatar n tn 2 to 1 month for someone not being introduced with a new drug. Could be shorter for your husband.
Avatar n tn Pls explain the difference between Paroxetine and Citalopram, and reoccurrence of side affects having stopped Paroxetine suddenly and returning back to it after 3 weeks. Is it logical that I go thru' all the side affects with Paroxetine once again? TY for your help. Kind regards, S.
1577148 tn?1296159773 Now i also take paroxetine 20mg 1xday and metoprolol 50mg 2xday for it. I also take Diovan 300mg 1xday for high blood pressure.My resting heart rate at this time is 59, before weight loss it was 75 to 85. and 95 to 105 walking before weight loss.Thank You.
Avatar n tn I suffer from Severe Anxiety and can't function without paroxetine, I have been weaned off once and I was not too bad for 2 months but the Anxiety did return and I couldn't eat or function at all, lost a stone before I went back onto paroxetine. I was trying for a baby, I will wait for a while now. BUT I want kids however I can't do it without meds i'm affraid, None of my Drs seem to know what's safe and what's not and they don't want to make any comments about it yet.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! If you have high blood pressure, I am not sure why bisystolic is being withdrawn—maybe due to low pulse—but 63 is manageable—not dangerously low. Normally you can take it with Xanax, but it is contraindicated with fluoxetine (Prozac), paroxetine (Paxil). There are no bisystolic withdrawal symptoms as such but because you are not taking Xanax, the symptoms of anxiety can go up. Also a high BP can make you feel unwell, heavy headed and anxious.
Avatar n tn I am on 20mg paroxetine at the moment i have been on it for 7 years, I was off it for 6 months and after 3 months of that time i went straight back into severe health anxiety. I was trying for a bay, that's why i came off. I know i will want to try again in the future can anyone tell me if they have had babies on anti depressants ? what type as mine is an ssri and works perfectly! was their baby healthy also did you need to go for extra scans and check ups.
Avatar f tn I was on the generic for Paxil ( Paroxetine HCL 20 mg) for several years, and felt like it was no longer helping me. So I told my new doctor that I'd like to try something else because I was tired of feeling tired, and sleeping so much. I wanted something that would give me enough motivation to want to exercise and be more active. He suggested I try Venlafaxine and started me on 37.5 mg/day. this was five days ago when I took the first pill. I think this dose might actually be too high for me??
1852502 tn?1319493482 its like ive lost my safe zone , ive tried citalopram and paroxetine... no effect whats so ever and also diazepam they dont work no matter how high the dose .
Avatar f tn Your FT4 is pretty high.... Are you feeling any hyper symptoms? Everything else looks pretty good. Still have hair loss?
1577148 tn?1296159773 Hello i have been on Metoprolol 50mg two times a day for a racing heart from anxiety and for high blood pressure.I also take 300mgs diovan for blood pressure,and 20mg paroxetine one time a day for panic attacks.My starting weight was 326 pounds. I have had gastric sleeve surgery on November 20th 2014 and have lost 55 pounds and still losing around 3 pounds a week. my goal weight is 150 pounds. I have noticed that my resting heart rate ( laying down in bed )has slowed down to 59 from 75.
Avatar n tn After prolonged stress & depression based on imagining my mother's death. I've nearly lost her 3 times, twice w/cancer & now progressive Alzheimers. Subsequently I've been diagnosed with GAD. I was given Effexor0.75mg. I began feeling great, stopped feeling constantly anxious, depressed, stressed & did not have anymore acute feelings of sadness nor joy. Just been feeling cool & stable.
486038 tn?1300066967 The reason my reaction was so severe could be because I had been on the Zoloft for 14 years and the doctor did not taper it down and started the Paroxetine at too high of a dose the very next day! How long have you been on this medicine?
1035021 tn?1296824307 2 weeks ago I made the most stupid thing in my life by taking for the fisrt time a complete bottle of pure DEXTROMETORPHAN when I'm taking TRAMADOL daily since 5 years ago, that day I ended in the hospital by a respiratory crisis, tachycardia and high blood pressure, after that I'm having like night panic attacks and high blood pressure moments that I "control" with an special med (CAPTROPIL AND PAROXETINE). I'm afraid everything is in my mind but I can't control it sometimes.
Avatar f tn I was given Paroxetine for depression/anxiety over a year ago. I didn't take it however. Tried talk therapy for 6 weeks instead. I feel now, however, that I need to go on meds. I was just wondering if someone can tell me what to expect after taking paroxetine. Does it really work? How long does it take it to work? And are there any noticeable changes at all the first few weeks. Before, I did take one pill when I was given the meds.