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Avatar n tn I've always had a hypersensitivity to any drug that could affect my CNS, meaning it usually made me too high (SSRIs & Steroids included). Long Story Short: Tried to go back on Paroxetine 6 months ago. Quit after a week...couldn't "come back down." Have had extremley low libido, lack of empathy, some confusion, difficulty thinking through problems, and have been devoid of many emotions like guilt, remorse, love, etc. Have been atypically charismatic.
Avatar n tn I've read that typical doses are 200 mg/day. If I was close to the max dose of paroxetine, won't I need a high dose of clomipramine?
Avatar n tn I try very VERY hard to keep my weight at a place that makes me happy. I am going on Paroxetine starting today (i have been on it before and went off it for a couple of years). I AM TERRIFIED OF GAINING WEIGHT WHILE ON IT.. i have read many forums that say this medication causes weight gain.. but if i look out for my weight and keep exersising and keep eating right.. is it true that i WILL DEFINATLEY gain weight?? even if my caloric intake does NOT change???? I dont want to gain weight...
1035021 tn?1296824307 Two weeks ago I stupidly tried a bottle of DXM (the pure formula with no combinations) and I ended in the hospital with something close to a respiratory depression, tachycardia, high blood pressure and panic, I felt I was going to die. After that my general doctor send me for blood analysis and everything was ok but the blood pressure and she told me that was due to the remainings of the DXM.
Avatar m tn its not like you can get high off it and i am not into getting high. No. My doctor not telling me cut my paroxetine in half per month from 40 to 20 by breaking the pill in half. So i pick up the bottle from pharmacy not looking at the rx. So after 15 days i look in my bottle and say, what the hell? I mean several times in the last ten years she had no problem giving me an early script of clonazepam(its a benzo like xanax, ativan, valium, etc).
Avatar m tn I would like to give you a brief history of my medical issues within the past 6 years and get some advice. Back when I was 19, I got a very bad flu that I never experienced in my life before. I was sick for two weeks and even after I got better, I felt my hands and legs were numb and I felt general weakness. Since then, I started experiencing pressure and pain on the left side of my chest. This was something new to me.
Avatar f tn Im sure its just a matter of time till I get some relief, this is a hard one to get thru, even coming off at such a low dose it hasnt been easy. I wish it would just go away, I,ve paid my dues to methadone, & still see very little relief.
Avatar m tn Being awoken from vivid dreams (not nightmares, mostly just vivid) somewhere between 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning after going to bed around 10.00 to 10.30 the previous night. The symptoms on being awoken by the dream include – high pulse rate, hot, thirsty and griping in the stomach causing flatulence. It then takes me about half an hour to “calm down”. On returning to sleep the same thing happens again (different dreams) approximately every hour until it is time for me to get up.
Avatar m tn When you first posted about your insomnia, I just did not think of it in terms of restlessness, and I wish I had, because I would not have been as skeptical about your suspicion of paroxetine. Hopefully, things will continue to get better for you. I appreciate your keeping us posted. I will be thinking about you in the coming days, weeks, and months.
Avatar f tn I have no idea why this happens or what causes it, but It scares me really bad. WHen I get this way, I can tell my anxiety level rises really high and I get scared even more. I am a 42yr old Female so I thought it might be my body going through the change of life but My mom says it doesn't do this. Any help would be great.
Avatar n tn my BP is up to 177/82 but heart beat is low at 63. Sweaty, naueous and nervousness. Combination withdrawal and anxiety attack symptoms? Afraid to take my Xanax for anxiety as it will lower heart rate even more. Advice anyone? No insurance so ER not really an option unless becomes critical. Doctor pager not answering.
Avatar n tn I am on 20mg paroxetine at the moment i have been on it for 7 years, I was off it for 6 months and after 3 months of that time i went straight back into severe health anxiety. I was trying for a bay, that's why i came off. I know i will want to try again in the future can anyone tell me if they have had babies on anti depressants ? what type as mine is an ssri and works perfectly! was their baby healthy also did you need to go for extra scans and check ups.
Avatar f tn Your FT4 is pretty high.... Are you feeling any hyper symptoms? Everything else looks pretty good. Still have hair loss?
Avatar f tn I was on the generic for Paxil ( Paroxetine HCL 20 mg) for several years, and felt like it was no longer helping me. So I told my new doctor that I'd like to try something else because I was tired of feeling tired, and sleeping so much. I wanted something that would give me enough motivation to want to exercise and be more active. He suggested I try Venlafaxine and started me on 37.5 mg/day. this was five days ago when I took the first pill. I think this dose might actually be too high for me??
1035021 tn?1296824307 2 weeks ago I made the most stupid thing in my life by taking for the fisrt time a complete bottle of pure DEXTROMETORPHAN when I'm taking TRAMADOL daily since 5 years ago, that day I ended in the hospital by a respiratory crisis, tachycardia and high blood pressure, after that I'm having like night panic attacks and high blood pressure moments that I "control" with an special med (CAPTROPIL AND PAROXETINE). I'm afraid everything is in my mind but I can't control it sometimes.
486038 tn?1300066967 The reason my reaction was so severe could be because I had been on the Zoloft for 14 years and the doctor did not taper it down and started the Paroxetine at too high of a dose the very next day! How long have you been on this medicine?
Avatar n tn After prolonged stress & depression based on imagining my mother's death. I've nearly lost her 3 times, twice w/cancer & now progressive Alzheimers. Subsequently I've been diagnosed with GAD. I was given Effexor0.75mg. I began feeling great, stopped feeling constantly anxious, depressed, stressed & did not have anymore acute feelings of sadness nor joy. Just been feeling cool & stable.
Avatar f tn Get plenty of exercise (30 minutes at least three times a week) Eat regularly throughout the day.
Avatar n tn Couple trips to er-shaking uncontrollably, bp super high-ekg ok. Diag-anxiety reaction, high blood pressure. No longer use salt. New MD-put on Paroxetine briefly w/occ Xanax. No appetite. Diag w/hiatal hernia by barium swallow-put on Prilosec. BP still up-put on Hctz-on 19 days-mid sternal flutter/jump. stop hctz, flutter lessened a lot. Read that limb shaking is a symptom of bad parathyroid/pth problem. Occ tingles in L.Arm in diff areas.
Avatar n tn i started celaxe about 2 1/2 weeks ago and i think that now that i'm starting to get better, all the strain i had on my body is catching up with me..
Avatar n tn Depending on what you are taking it for people sometimes need to go up higher to get a therapeutic effect, I have known folks to go as high as 50 mg a day, although obviously those are both very unusual and situations where you would have to go up to that dose very gradually...
Avatar f tn It is probably not just one thing that is causing this so you should talk to your psychiatrist about other meds which will increase dopamine and also eat lots of foods high in iron and vitamin B5 until you get your levels checked, it can't hurt. A lot of people in here have RLS and a lack of iron has been shown to be responsible for many RLS cases and eating foods very high in iron especially close to bedtime has been really helpful to a lot of patients suffering from RLS. xoxo-D.
Avatar n tn I too get that shakey feeling that won't go away. I think it's because after I get really anxious my adrenaline levels remain really high for a while as it takes some time for the levels to come back down on their own. When I have been really shakey and trembly in the past, the only thing that helps to stop it is aerobic exercise or taking a long brisk walk. I agree with heartflutters, get checked out by your doctor to ease your mind. Hope this helps and that you felt well today.
Avatar n tn 32, female, average weight, normal blood pressure, smoked for ten years but quit for two, on nicorettes for two years (2mg), mother recently diagnosed with high cholesterol (9.7) which did not respond to dietary change. Dr put her on meds as a cholesterol gene "woke up" inside her. My cholesterol unknown. I am flying on Sunday (biggest phobia). Am I safe to fly or should I postpone my travels until I had further tests(this would cause problems financially and with acomodation)?
Avatar f tn ) trouble breathing 6.) anxiety issues (heart racing 7.) extreme dizziness 8.) nauseau 9.) high blood pressure We know he is diagonosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth syndrome. it runs in his family. We know most of these are not symptoms of the disease. The doctors have yet to find out what is going on and we are scared as to what it might be and that if it goes untreated it could be fatal. specially with the blood pressure and heart racing issues.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from depression and anxiety for past 8 years and on medication(paroxetine) till then and for 2 years now i have been having low BP i have taken blood test n all is well except for ESR which is quite high. i do get hand n leg pain frequently.should i go for another esr test. I do wana get pregnant but will the medication for depression affect my child.
Avatar f tn The meds I'm taking are 30mgs Remeron, 30mgs Paroxetine 150mgs Wellbutrin 3X daily and 900mgs Lithium. And I'm still having very bad days that are difficult for me to productive. Luckily I'm off work for til August; then I can work only 3.5hrs. Yeah I have house work and yard work but nothing that any one would find difficult or strenuous. Bad days mean I really do not do much of anything.
Avatar m tn are you doing this weaning/transition process under the supervision of your doctor? I hope your answer is yes. Both the paroxetine (Paxil) and the busPIRone (BuSpar/Wellbutrin) have as side effects dizziness. Since you are currently taking both these meds, I'm not surprised you're feeling some vertigo. I don't know of any way to make it stop until you have the Paxil out of your system and the BuSpar has had time to accumulate to a therapeutic level, which can take about two weeks.
Avatar n tn • less than 200 mg/dL - normal blood cholesterol • 200–239 mg/dL - borderline-high • greater than 240 mg/dL - high cholesterol I think 158 mg/dl cholesterol level is normal in your case. Do not worry about it being the cause of your anxiety. Xanthelasma occurs in high cholesterol in blood. As you already have Xanthelasma, it indicates that your cholesterol was high at some point of time. I think, now it is a good sign that your cholesterol is normal.
429949 tn?1224695179 The Meibomian Gland Dysfunction causes the Meibomian glands that produce an important part of the tear film to get clogged and or not release enough of the substance it is suposed to to stabalize the tear film. My eye lids swell up at the eye lash line in a ridge, with little white fluid filled bumps. I have to do very warm soaks for 15 to 20 min which liquifies the substance. Then I have to massage the lids to help secrete the substance.