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1825362 tn?1317886753 Does anyone have any experience or knowledge regarding peg interferon and pancreatitis. I appreciate any response..... and thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn 1st U/S didn't show anything in specific but showed my bile looked dense/muddy (not confirmed by following U/Ses). Then I had an MRI/MRCP which showed up pancreatitis. I was hospitalized and as usual, put on food abstinence and received IV Fluids only... After a week in, things seemed to have calmed, hyperamylasemia/uria was also going away, as well as pain. I was let go and went back with a strict nonfat diet which I followed.
Avatar n tn I had an ERCP a little more than 2 years ago and that was followed by a severe cases of pancreatitis. I was in ICU for 9 days. I never had pancreatitis before that. Anyway, ever since then, I have an "attack" anywhere from once a month to twice a week. I have been hospitalized 4 times since June 2000. I have had a CT scan, an endoscopic ultrasound, an MRCP. They were all normal.
Avatar n tn I am bipolar and am currently on Wellbutrin 300mg (reduced from 400mg for extreme diaphoresis), Depakote 750mg (recently upped from 500mg because of increased manic symptoms with the reduction of the Wellbutrin) and just put on Zoloft 50mg (because the Wellbutrin was decreased). I have been on this combo for 5 weeks.
Avatar n tn I was admitted into the hospital for pain between my breast and was told by the admitting physician that I was suffering from pancreatitis and then my PCP told me that it was not pancreatitis but a severe case of GERD and put me on Prilosec. For the past 2 years I have been diagnosed with severe depression and am taking 200mg Zoloft daily.
Avatar n tn I also forgot to mention that six months after that I came down with pancreatitis, had my gall bladder removed with no signs of what caused the pancreatitis. I also ended up with a total thyroidectomy one year after this nightmare started. Why?? My body seems to be going haywire, and it's out of control. I cannot work, sometimes cannot drive. One dr. even put me on Seroquel which made me hallucinate!! They thought I was just crazy.
Avatar m tn i was in the hospital due to constant upchuck for 2 days and continued pain in stomach all over but mostly on the right and upper right also back pain--dx as pancreatitis. now gi doc says he sees that my bile duct is clogged and my liver doesn't look right. all they keep asking is am i a drinker, i don't drink at all except an occational (one) on a holiday. just had a ton of blood work done and am going on mon. for an mri of the pancreas etc.
Avatar n tn However, I am currently taking zoloft and usually have diarrhea when taking zoloft. Additionally, I had a stillbirth at 20 weeks in late March (due to trisomy 13). I am concerned about the elevated liver enzymes and wonder what they might indicate, especially with the other symptoms. Also, could the ab pain be related? I do have a visit scheduled with a Gastro doc in 2 weeks. Thank you.
2085202 tn?1373203340 Can anxiety cause this stomach and abdominal pain? Can anxiety or being on Zoloft have changed the color of my stool? If it's pancratitus is that curable? I heard of a person dying of that.Please any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the pain seems definitively worse when I take certain medicines - such as Zoloft, which I tried for a week; but it is also much worse when I sit down. I also tried darvocet at one point, and that seemed to make it worse. It is almost constant, and extremely annoying. Sometimes adjusting my posture offers slight and temporary relief. I am a smoker, 31 years old.
Avatar n tn Lustral is otherwise known as Zoloft. I did a medication search for Zoloft and colitis.
Avatar n tn Due to her history with the tics, he suggested we try her on a low dose of Zoloft 25mg. She is to take 1/2 a pill each morning for two weeks and then 1 pill after that for the remaining. I am to see him in one month. My question is: Should I put my 10 year old daughter on the medication Zoloft? I do agree that my daughter does experience anxiety. I'm only wanting to do what is best for her.
Avatar f tn Thankfully, neither of the passing out episodes resulted in a wreck! My husband had been taking Zoloft since he was 24 and I convinced him to quit taking it about a month ago. I have heard many of stories of people taking Zoloft for so many years and it eventually just fries their brain.
Avatar f tn Finally, my GI said it was anxiety and prescribed me zoloft. After being on zoloft for 5 years and symptoms not going away and becoming more severe I weaned myself of zoloft to see if it helped, which it didn't. In the meantime I've been on every heartburn and omeprazole out there. I started dexilant this summer and thought I saw brief relief, but to no avail it has quit helping my constant hunger like pains. I've had another upper GI scope to test for celiac and it came back fine.
Avatar n tn If anyone has had similar SX I would welcome hearing about it. I will note that I am taking 100 mg of zoloft and on occasion advil for the SX. Thanks in advance for any input and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Avatar m tn Thoughts of dying from cancer is on my mind most days. Throughout the years I've seen specialist and had test to check for all sorts of diseases and cancers, all negative. All that was ever found is that I have a rare benign condition, however recently it was linked to pancreatic cancer. After reading the article I have become obsessed with dying of pancreatic cancer. My doctors and gastro doctor all tell me that pancrease is fine, CT 2.5 year ago and MRI confirmed it recently.
1825362 tn?1317886753 Diagnosed in 2004 genotype 1a stage 2 grade 2 at that time by biopsy. I am told by hepatologist I am between stage late 2 and 3 now. I also have pancreatitis. I also take ativan for anziety... oxycodone for back and neck pain and flomax for prostatitis all daily. I do not smoke or drink. I contracted the hep c in 1978. I have not yet taken therapy.
Avatar n tn Dear White male, Alterations in bowel pattern (constipation some days, diarrhea on others) is a common complaint that is usually not indicative of serious problems. the history of rectal bleeding may bethe result of straining at stool (when constipated) but it could also be a sign of colon mucosal disease e.g. inflammation or tumor. Even if you were asymptomatic, you are at the age when screening for colon cancer is indicated.
1138762 tn?1281987386 then she added Zoloft for anxiety ... hasn't seemed to change anything ... made an Appt with a Gastro Doc who also just took blood, said it was fine, said i was losing weight... gave me a check up and told me to stay on the stuff the other Doc gave me and come back in a month... so the situation is ... I'm 30 when this start i was 200lbs ... now a month and a half later i'm at 205lbs ... smoker ... I'm never hungry ... stomach still feels weird ...
Avatar n tn I finally saw a Dr who told me he suspects its either Biliary Dyskinesia (which I was pre op) or Chronic pancreatitis. My blood work has always been normal. I was told chronic pancreatitis is very hard to diagnose because you can have normal blood work. He said having an ERCP done and having the sphinctor cut open will solve both problems. I hope this helps you. I know the pain makes you feel like it will never go away.
Avatar n tn I have Lupus, my meds are Dilantin 200mg BID, Neurontin 1200mg TID, Plaquenil 200mg BID, Baclofen 20mg TID, Botox Q 3 months (for spasticity in my left leg that also has a dropped foot), Zoloft 200mg QHS, Atarax 50mg Q8 prn, Imitrex 100mg po prn migraine, Lunesta 3mg QHS, Prilosec 20mg Qday and Ultram 50mg Q4prn. I have had 2 back surgeries, lumbar laminectomies on L4-L5 and L5-S1. I have been having bile duct spasms again for the past 6 months. Some of them have had me in the ER.
Avatar n tn Hi, You may want to look at some earlier posts on the board re: pancreatitis (or other pancreas-related problems). I've sporadically experienced the dull, left sided pain for over five years now. About five months ago, a week before my 28th birthday, the left-sided pain returned, this time accompanied by severe fatigue, lower back/hip/flank pain that persisted almost two weeks, floating stools, and gas pains.
5068867 tn?1363127855 Damn it's hard to type for me atm, but i'll try to focus here is everything chronologically -3 months ago i had some back pain and kidney pain, and felt really crappy due to working long hours on my computer and also EXTREMELY stressed because of work/life issues -went to doctor with host of symptoms including, urinating frequently, irregular bowel, pain in the center of back etc (i thought it was pancreatitis tbh) -leukocites in urine were high, they gave me antibiotics -after taking those, i
1940057 tn?1323799837 Supposedly, it's because of the medication but right now, I'm only taking Asacol and tapering off of Zoloft (I've never been depressed before but 23 days in the hospital can do that to you). 2. Will I be on Asacol forever? 3. Is there anybody out there with about 6 inches of their sigmoid colon left that has had an ileostomy reversal? If so, how'd it go? Do you have normal bowel movement? Is it worth it?
Avatar n tn Seroxat/Paxil 20mg, Efexor 75mg, Cipramil/Celexa 20mgs, Lustral/Zoloft 50mgs are equivalent to 20mg of Prozac liquid. The rationale for this is that Prozac has a very long half-life, which helps to minimise withdrawal problems. The liquid form permits the dose to be reduced more slowly than can be done with pills. 2. An alternative is to change to Clomipramine (Anafranil)100mgs per day. This comes in 25mg and 10mgs capsules, permitting a more gradual dose reduction than with other SSRIs.
Avatar n tn i have been clean five months the 24th of this month. after i OD'd in december i ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks with pancreatitis. gave me alot of time to think about things. withdrawls suck ass... they do, there is no changing that. but there really isn't any other way to get clean without going through the agony of withdrawl. i have seen something called the "thomas recipe" on this board and it really seems like a god/dess send.
Avatar n tn I started to wean myself off because my Zoloft is starting to kick in on Friday of last week. I changed my dosage to 1/2 of a pill. I've had some withdrawal and was wondering if anyone else has had this and how long the withdrawal lasted? Also I have a big fear about the seizure thing when stopping Xanex, is there a certain dosage that you have to be taking for that to be a bigger risk?
Avatar n tn ) There's tons of info on the net (and I mean professional experts' information - the internet harbours both good and bad sites). There are support boards and info sites specifically with regard to SSRIs generally, some to Prozac, some to Paxil etc.
Avatar n tn I am taking xanax long acting 2-4 X's a day, buspar 30 mg day and just started 100 mg of Wellbutrin today.Cannot tolerate Zoloft,etc. drugs.I am at my wits end. How could the anxiety be causing all of this to happen to my body?Family thinks it is anticipatory anxiety and I am doing all of this to myself. Sometimes i agree and hen the weakness returns and I get scared all over again. I have been on this roller coaster for close to three mo's and sometimes think no wonder you are weak, etc..
459689 tn?1276573743 I am now about 1 month into the Prozac again after some trial and error with Zoloft and I am experiencing the extreme HIGH again. I am afraid that I will go out and do an impulse buy on a Porsche or buy another bad watch. I have explained it away as my 6th midlife crisis but I wonder..... If any of you know about the above theory that xanweaner described please give me some feedback. I guess the theory is that an SSRi can release or trigger the mania, and unleash the beast.